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Publication numberUS2544688 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 13, 1951
Filing dateNov 23, 1946
Priority dateNov 23, 1946
Publication numberUS 2544688 A, US 2544688A, US-A-2544688, US2544688 A, US2544688A
InventorsKelley Kenneth E
Original AssigneeKelley Kenneth E
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Combined clipboard and flashlight structure
US 2544688 A
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March 13, 1951 KELLEY 2,544,688

COMBINED CLIPBOARD AND FLASHLIGHT STRUCTURE Filed Nov. 23, 1946 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 jaw/ 6722 0? KenncthE KeHey 54%;

I flfi rney March 13, 1951 K. E. KELLEY COMBINED CLIPBOARD AND F'LASHLIGHT STRUCTURE 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed NOV. 25, 1946 Patented Mar. 13, 1951 COMBINED CLIPBOARD AND FLASHLIGHT STRUCTURE Kenneth E. Kelley, Niagara Falls, N. Y.

Application November 23, 1946, Serial No. 711,881

8 Claims. 1

This invention relates to portable writing equipment and particularly to registers or devices adapted for releasably holding one or more sheets of paper in such manner as to permit writing or drawing thereon while the register is being held by the writer or another person.

It is an object of the invention to provide an improvement in devices of the type above mentioned whereby their usefulness will be increased. Specifically, it isan object of the invention to provide a device of this character which is provided with means for illuminating the writing surface. A further object of the invention is to provide such an illuminating means which can be readily removed and thus be used to furnish general illumination when required.

Other objects of the invention are to provide a register of the type above mentioned which is simple, rugged, and convenient to use and which is inexpensive to manufacture.

The foregoing, and other objects which will be apparent as the invention is described, may be accomplished by a construction such as is disclosed in the following description and the accompanying drawings.

In the drawings:

Figure 1 is a perspective View of a register in accordance with the present invention;

Figure 2 is another view of the improved register according to the invention with the cover raised in the position it occupies during the use of the register for writing;

Figure 3 is a top view of the register with the lamp removed showing more clearly the lamp,

mounting means; and

Figure 4 is a view of a lamp of a style which is particularly well adapted for use with the improved register of the present invention.

As shown in the drawings and particularly in Figure 1, the register or clipboard generally is designated by the numeral 1. It comprises as major parts a back or bottom plate 2, a top plate or cover 3a and a clamping plate 3b. Plates 2 and 3b are attached or joined together by movable, flexible means, shown in the illustrated embodiment as hinge 5. Cover 3a is preferably connected to clamping plate 31) by a hinge, shown at 4. Clamping plate 31) is resiliently urged toward contact with bottom plate or back 2 by springs 6 mounted on hinge'5 and bearing against plate 2 and clamping plate 3b.

By the construction above described there is provided a resilient clamping means between plate 3b and back 2 which is adapted to securely hold one or more sheets of paper such as a pad designated by the numeral 1. Back 2 and cover 3a are preferably formed of sheet metal such as aluminum but if desired either or both may be of other suitable material such as wood, fiberboard or plastic.

Adjacent to the hinged end of cover 3a there is provided an orifice 8 which is covered by a lamp housing 9. Housing 9 comprises a body portion 9a and a projecting boss-like portion iii adapted to receive and hold securely one end of a portable lamp l3. Housing 9 is integral with cover 3a, being either formed in one piece therewith as by molding or integrally attached thereto by any convenient and suitable means such as riveting, welding, soldering or the like. Also attached in suitable manner to cover to as by rivet [2a is spring clip [2 adapted to receive and hold the other end of lamp [3.

Lamp l3 comprises a hollow body i5 adapted to contain one or more batteries (not shown), a replaceable bulb I4 mounted at one end of body [5, and a switch 16 mounted at the other end thereof. The end of body [5 carrying bulb I4 is adapted to be inserted in boss-like portion In of housing 9 so that bulb l4 projects into body portion 9a.. The inside of housing 9 is preferably provided with a reflecting surface it adapted to reflect light from bulb is in the direction desired. It is also preferred to provide in body portion 9a of lamp housing 9 an orifice 9b which by allowing escape of a small beam I of light, serves as a tell-tale or indicator warning that the lamp is on while the register is closed.

From the foregoing details of the invention it is believed that its advantages will be readily appreciated but the following short description of its manner of use will perhaps make them even clearer.

Registers of the general type to which the present invention relates are frequently used by messengers, truck drivers, deliverymen, meter readers and others who must often write on the papers or pad held therein or must have someone else write thereon. In the course of such use there are many occasions when theillumination is insufficient and recourse must be had to striking matches or using a flashlight or the headlights of a car. Obviously such expedients are inconvenient, particularly when the register must be held while writing. With the improved register of the invention this difficulty is completely overcome.

As will be seen from the drawings, when cover- 30. is raised to permit writing upon or readingfrom thepad or paper 1 held against back 2 by clamping plate 3b light from bulb l4, reflected from reflecting surface l8, will shine directly on the surface of the paper or pad. Switch 16 on lamp I 3 may be easily operated to turn the light. on or oil as needed. As shown in the drawings, lamp l3 may be'easily removed for replacement of batteries or bulbs and when so removed it may be used in the same manner as any other flash light.

3 It will be realized that many of the details of the construction illustrated may be changed without depa-rting froml-the spirit of, the present invention. Thus, for example and not'by way of limitation, the shape of the register and the precise means employed for clamping the paper or pad therein may be varied as may also, the shapes of housings 9 and lamp l3 and the means for.

mounting the latter. Therefore it is not intended that the invention shall be considered limited.

except by the scope of the appended claims.

I claim:

1. In a device of the character described: a,..

back; a cover; a clamping portion attached to said cover andback and bearingagainst said back,,whereby one or more sheets adaptedtqreceive writing or printing maybe removably held on said back; said coverhaving an opening theree through, and a lamp housing surrounding said.

opening and extending outwardly from said cover on the side away from said back and havinga lamp receiving portion; said housing further hay-- ing a light-reflecting interior surface adapted to reflect light from its interior through said opening to illuminate the inside surface of said back;.

when said cover is in raised position.

2. In a device of the character describeda a-:,

back; a cover having an openingtherethrough;

a clamping portion movably attached to said back and to said cover and bearing against saidback,

whereby .one or more sheets adaptedto receivea writing I or printing ,may be removably. held ,on said back; and a lamp housing integralwith saidcover surrounding said opening and-extending outwardly therefrom on the side awayfromq-said back .and having alamp receiving portiongsaid housingiurther having a light-reflecting interior; surface adapted to reflect light from its interior.

through said openingto illuminate the insidesurface of said back when said cover;isinraised position.

3. In ,axdevice of the character described; a

back; a cover having an opening therethrough; clamping portion hinged to saidlback and to said,.coverandbearingagainst. said back,;where1 by.- one, or, more sheets adapted .to, receive writing;

orrzprintingnmaybe removably-jheld against the inside of said back; and a lamp housingiintegral with; said -.,cover surrounding said opening; and

when said cover is in raised position.

l. In a device ofthe character describedz; a,.

back; a cover having an openin therethrough;

a clamping portion hinged to said back and to: said cover; springmeans operatlvely connected to; said clamping portion and said back andscausingv said clamping portion to bear against said back,

whereby one or .more sheets adapted to receive" writin or. printing may be removably: held against the inside'of said back and a lamp house ing ;-surrounding said opening extending ,out.;,

wardly from said ,coveron-the side away from.'=

said backanclhaving a portionadapted'to, re-

70 ab1e,- 1a mp, saidhousingiurther having "an in terio1-..surface adaptedv to, reflect'light from; its

e ve helieht-cmittmgand of a removable;: ortinterior. through said opening ,to.v illuminate the...

:1 Li, inside surface of said back when said cover is in raised position.

5.-In'a device of the character described: a back; acover having an opening therethrough; a clamping portion attached to said cover and back and bearing against said back, whereby one or more gsheets adapted to receive writin or printing may be removably held on said back; a lamp housing surrounding said opening extendingoutwardly from said cover on the side away from said ,backand having a lamp receiving portion; a removable, portable lamp having a lightemitting end and switch means; said light-emitting end extending into and being held by said lamp receiving-portion; andn-additional means attached to said cover for. holding said .lamp in saidhousing rfurther havingymeans thereinadapted tov cause light fromzsaid lamp 1to.,. illuminatethe,insidesurface of said back through. said opening whenasaid cover is. inraised position;


6.1 In a: device .of .the: character described: .a

back; aicover having .an opening therethrough;;: a clamping portion. movably .attached to said. back .andto :said cover: andzbearing .againstsaid. back,,whereby one or. moron-sheets adapted to re-..' ceive writing or printing may beremovably held. on-saidback; a removable, portable lamp mount. ed on saidkcover and having switch meansand a light/remitting end; anda lamp .housing. sur--- rounding said openin integral Withsaid. cover and extending, outwardlyv therefrom on. the side away fromsaidback; saidhousing having. a lamp receiving. portion into. which the. light-emitting end of said lampextends and-an interior lightreflectingsurface whereby light from said lamp illuminates .the; inside. surface of said back when said cover is inraisedposition.

7.1In. adevice of the character described:- a back having paper clamping means thereon; a

cover having an opening t-herethrough' movably attached to said back; a -removable, portable electric lamp .mounted on-said cover and-having switch meansand a light-emitting end,- said light-emitting end being positioned adjacent to butoutside said opening, and shielding means surrounding saidlight-emitting end on the side away from:said' back adapted to-direct' light therefrom through said opening.

8. In a device of the charactei described: a-

back having paper clamping means associated therewith; a cover movabl-y attached to said back and having an opening therethrough; a portable electric lamp removably mounted on the out-' side of saidcover; and 'means on the outside of said cover adapted to direct light fromsaid lamp through .said opening.


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