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Publication numberUS2545042 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 13, 1951
Filing dateMay 13, 1946
Priority dateMay 13, 1946
Publication numberUS 2545042 A, US 2545042A, US-A-2545042, US2545042 A, US2545042A
InventorsJr Albert L Negus
Original AssigneeJr Albert L Negus
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Disk dispenser
US 2545042 A
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March 13, 1951 A. 1. NEGus, JR

DISK DISPENSER Filed May l5, 1946 www IN V EN TOR.

4; and after loading of the cartridge I6, it is insertible longitudinally within the casing I0, one end of which is open at 25 and adapted to be closed by the cover II of the cartridge I5 while the opposite end has a pair of downwardly and outwardly directed prongs 2E spaced apart to form a finger slot 21, as shown in Figs. 2, 3 and 5, for removing the disks 20. The cover plate II of the cartridge I is preferably provided with a spring clip 28 adapted to coact with the inner wall of the casing IU, and clearly shown in Fig, 3, to retain the cartridge i8 in` position within its housing, and the lower ends of the inturned edges I3 of the mounting plate I2 are pinched at 29, thereby providing a stop for the flanges l I of the casing Ill when inserted vertically within the plate I2. The casing I0, mounting plate I2 and cartridge l5 may all be readily formed separately of sheet metal with the aid of punches and dies, and the weight 2I may be formed in any convenient manner and should be of suiiicient heft to compress the disks 20 and constantly urge the same downwardly toward the dispensing slot 3U between the prongs 26 and the main body of the casing I when the unit is loaded and assembled in operative position as in Fig. 3.

To load and assemble the improved sanitary dispenser, the casing I0 is rst removed from the mounting plate I2 in an obvious manner by vertical upward movement and thecartridge IB is similarly removed from within its housing I0. The end flap 3l ofA the disk confining merchandizing carton 24 is then opened; andv with the lweight 2l at the end adjacent the cover plate I1, .the loading trough of the cartridge I is inserted longitudinally within the carton 24, as shown in Fig. 1, with the walls I8, 'I 9 ofthe trough sliding 'between the adjacent inner side walls of the carton and the disks 29 conned therein. With the trough of the cartridge I5 inserted in this manner approximately the full length of the carton 24, 4the heretofore closed end flap 32 may be opened and pressure exerted in any convenient manner, .as by a finger, upon the end disks to urge the 4disks 24 toward the cover end of the cartridge I6 :during longitudinal removal of the cartridge. With the cartridge I6 thus loaded with the iiat disks 20, the disk-laden trough is next inserted :longitudinally within the casing I0 through its open end 25 until the cover Il closes the end 25 --with the spring 28 coacting with the wall of the casing I0. Finally, the casing I0, housing the l.cartridge I6, disks 20 and weight 2l, is mounted ,for operation on the plate I2 by inserting the :flanges II of the casing vertically downward within the cooperating grooves formed by the inturneil edges I3 ofthe mounting plate. AWith the dispenser thus loaded and assembled, [the 'weight 2|, with its grooves 23 cooperating with the inturned edges 22 of the cartridge trough, constantly compresses and urges the disks 20 downwardly toward the lower dispensing slot 39 from which they may be removed one at a f`time in an obvious manner by merely placing a l nger in the slot 21 against the lower surface of l the bottom disk and pulling the disk through the downwardly and outwardly directed dispensing slot 30. Obviously, as each bottom disk is removed, another disk is automatically lowered into position against the prongs 26 by reason of the action of the weight 2I, and when all of the disks 20 have been exhausted from within the housing 4 I0, the unit may be readily relled as hereinabove described.

From the foregoing detailed description, it will be apparent that my present invention provides an improved dispenser for flat articles such as filter disks which is simple, compact and durable inconstruction, and which may be readily loaded with the articles to be dispensed in a novel and convenient manner. The dispensing assemblage may be conveniently located for ready access by either securing the mounting plate I2 to a portable bracket or supporting member or directly to the wall or article of furniture in the dairy. The various parts may be economically manufactured of sheet metal or the like andk may be rapidly assembled by a novice to provide a sanitary dispensing receptacle. With the improved dispenser, a relatively large number of disks may be neatly conned for ready use, and the weight 2I assures automatic feeding of the disks to the dispensing siot 30. The casing I0 and cartridge I6 may be made of various lengths to accommodate one or more cartons 0f disks oi' any standard size, and dispensers embodying the invention have proven highly eiiicientV and satisfactory in actual use.

1t should be understood that it is not desired or intended to limit this invention to the exact details of construction, or to the precise method of loading or mode of use and operation, herein shown and described, for various mouinca'ions Within tne scope of the appended claims, may occur to persons skilled in the artto which this invention pertains; and the term filter disk as used herein is meant to include similar articles adapted to be stacked in a like manner.`

I claim;

A niter disk dispenser comprising, a casing having dispensing and finger siots at one end thereof, means for supporting said casing in approximately upright position with said slots at the lower casing end, means forming a, trough insertable within and removable from said casing for loading the same with lter disks, the side walls of said trough having inturned edges,

Vand a weight having grooves cooperable with the inturned edges of said trough for guiding movement of said weight within said trough whereby said weight is adapted to constantly urge the disks housed within said casing toward said dispensing slot.


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