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Publication numberUS2545336 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 13, 1951
Filing dateDec 28, 1946
Priority dateDec 28, 1946
Publication numberUS 2545336 A, US 2545336A, US-A-2545336, US2545336 A, US2545336A
InventorsBinder Robert S
Original AssigneeBinder Robert S
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Combination stroller and shopping carrier
US 2545336 A
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March 13, 1951 R. s. BINDER 2,545,336


Robe/'1 5. B/nc/e/T March 13, 1951 I R. s. BlNbER 2,545,336

COMBINATION STROLLER AND SHOPPING CARRIER Filed Dec. 28, 1946 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 14 10 1/ Fig.3


Robe/'7 5 Zinc/er Fatented Mar. 13,1951

, UNITED j STATES PATENT OFFI s a f -5.2.5 3 6 comm-Arron; STROLLER'YAND SHOPPING ,..GARRIER I I Robert s. p nd rhilaa l hia, Pa. 7 Application-December 2s, 1946,"Se rial No. 7 18,933 I 29mins; {,(01. 280-36) My invention relates to childrens strollersand particularly to a combination stroller and :shopping carrier. k

Hitherto,it has been difficult for women ascompanied by a small child to engage in shopping, 'sincethey have had to lead the child while carrying an armload of'packages. Frequently, too, the child becomes impatient with. long standin and wanders off, necessitating additional searching or vigilance. V v

It is an object-of my invention to provide a wheeledconveyance which will carry a child and a load of packages, simultaneously relieving theshopper of both burdens. 1

It is a further object of my invention to provide a conveyance of the type described which is collapsible and-which may be stored in a small space, such as a closet, when not being used.

Another objectof my invention is to provide a conveyance of the above description which-can be used singly as a stroller oras a shopping carrier, the unused portion of the vehicle beingcollapsed so as to present no obstruction to the desired function.

Another object of my invention is to provide a conveyance of the above description, which when fully collapsed, may be used by children as a toy wagon.

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of my invention, completely assembled.

Fig. 2 is a perspective view of my invention, knocked down for storage.

'Fig. 3 is a side section of my invention, as shown in Fig. 1.

Fig. 4 is a fragmentary view of the seat back showing in dotted lines, the operation of the carrier compartment lock.

Fig. 5 is a fragmentary side view of one end of the pushing rail.

Fig. 6 is a fragmentary section view showing the shock-absorbers used with the seat.

- underside near the front for easy steering. The

pushing handle is a U-shaped tube l8, whose ends 18A are secured to the sides of th structure I0 wardly-extending slots in the rail walls. lower ends of the fingers 22 are connected by just ahead of the rear wheel by bolts'ISFand-are further collapsibly"secured by the mechanism.

shown in detail in Figs. 1 and 5. A steel cable 20 passes within the legs IBA of the pushing rail l8, emerging near the cross-portion [8B and extending parallel thereto. The ends of the cable 20A are secured to thetop end of fingers 22 which slide within the rail 18 and project through rear- The The snaps 28 on both sides of structure 19 serve; I

to hold the rail in the collapsed position.

The upright seat portion B, consists of a hollow;

back member 38, which has an angle edge 32.

Theback is pivotally supported upon a rod .31.

which extends between the side walls of member H1, at the rear, and further, by th handlike members 34, on both sides, the finger portions of which ride upon bolts I9. While the back 30 folds into the carriage A, its top edge 30A overlaps the front of the carriage, sections 39B being cut out for that purpose. The snap-lock 36 on the carriage from; in cooperation with the slot 36A serves to lock the back 30 in collapsed position, as shown in Fig. 2.

The seat 31 is pivotally secured to the back 30 by rod 38 which extends through the rolled seat edge 31A and into the angle edges of the sides of the seat back. The front of the seat 31 is pivotally supported by a U -shaped rod 40 Whose ends 40A are further bent to fit into shock-absorber spring compartments 42 on the inner sides of the carriage. A drop panel 44 is hinged at its top to the front of the seat 31 and its bottom is connected to the ends of a U-shaped rod 45 which pivotally secures the handlike member 34 to the seat back 30. A strong tension spring 48 connects the midpoints of rods 40 and 3! and serves to automatically erect the seat from the closed position when the snap-lock 36 is released. Armrests 50 are pivotally attached to the angle edges of the sides of the back 30, their other ends being linked to the cross-portion of th rod 40 by the pivotal link 52. A safety belt (not shown) may extend between the forward ends of the armrests, 50. When the seat portion of the vehicle Y is collapsed into the carriage A, the drop panel 44 is folded under the seat 31 by the ends of rod 46, and spring 48 becomes stretched. A pair of wing-like doors 54 are attached to the back of member 30 by spring hinges 56 which tend to keep the doors open. A piece of fabric 58 is attached to the edges 60 of the doors and also to the back 30 so as to form a compartment or bag when the doors are open, This compartment is used; to hold the packages or shopping purchases. When the compartment is empty it may be collapsed by folding the door inwardly and secur ing them by the catch shown in.Eig,.4=;. The catchconsists of a pair of vertical levers 64 and 66 joined by a link 10, which is pivoted at its midpoint to the back of member 30. A clamping handle 12 is attached to the upper end at lever 64 and projects through the angle edge rim of member 30. The lower end of lever 65 carries a clamping finger 14. Members 72 and i4 engage the top and bottom edgesor the doors 5%:- simul taneously when the handle 12 is depressed: and serves t'otlock the wing doors in their closed post-- tion.

It is: seen that the conveyance may be G015?- considerable detail, such: description: is. intended.

as being illustratit/e rather: than lizni'ting,. since: the: invention may be variously embodied, andlthei scope of the invention is tobe: determined as claimed.

Iv claim as invention..-

1-. A combination child's" stroller and shopping;

carrier comprising an open carriage having:

ground" wheel's. thereon, a; collapsible seat stru'cture having abackmnd being supported upon rename within said carriage, means. for automaticall'y extending said: seat. structure upright. v

fromzthe folded posi'tiom. means: for locking; said 4 seat structure in the folded position, means for absorbing the shocks transmitted to said seat structure, and slidable means for varying the angle of the back of said seat structure, a collapsible shopping carrier supported upon the back of said seat structure, means for locking said shopping carrier when collapsed within the back of said seat structure, automatic means for extending said shopping carrier when unlocked, a col-lapsiblepnshing rail attached to said carriage, and means for fastening said pushing rail to said carriage when collapsed.

2.; A combination childs stroller and shopping carrier comprising an open carriage having ground wheels thereon, a collapsible seat struc- 'turehavingaback, and being supported upon and ioldable within said. carriage, means for automatically extending said seat structure upright from-the folded position, and slidable means for varying the angle of theback of said seat structure, a coilapsible' shopping carrier supported upon the back of; said; seat structure, means; for locking said shopping carrier when cellapsedi within: the back of. said seat-structure, automatic means-for extending said shopping carrier: when unlocked ,v a pushing rail-attached to' said carriage amzt means: fzor -fiast'ening said pushing rai-l to'said carriage when collapsed. V RQBERT S-.= BLNDER= REFERENCES CI'EED The following: references are of record the? file" of this: patient? UNITED STATES PATENTS:

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International ClassificationB62B7/10, B62B7/00
Cooperative ClassificationB62B7/10
European ClassificationB62B7/10