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Publication numberUS2545342 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 13, 1951
Filing dateJun 18, 1948
Priority dateJun 18, 1948
Publication numberUS 2545342 A, US 2545342A, US-A-2545342, US2545342 A, US2545342A
InventorsRomeo Choquette Henry Arthur
Original AssigneeRomeo Choquette Henry Arthur
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Toilet article
US 2545342 A
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TOILET ARTICLE H. A. R. CHOQUETTE Filed June 18, 1948 mnnnnnnnnnnmmnammnnnmmumnmn mmm/man mmmmmnmmmnmmmmDumm/mmann March 13, 1951 Pase-med4 Mar. is, 1951 STATE TOILET ARTICLE Henry Arthur Romeo Choquette, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Application June 18, 1948, Serial No. 33,881

1 Claim.

My invention is an improved toilet article; and more particulariy a holderadapted to mount and retain a collapsible tube of tooth paste or shaving cream and deliver the contents of tube; and. likewise to serve as a container for the storage of a tooth brush, shaving brush, razor or other implement of the kind.

An object of the invention is to provide a holder or container adapted to receive articles for toilet use and carrying members by which the collap-y sible tube therein can be easily and gradually compressed to discharge the contents bit by bit as needed till the tube is entirely empty.

Another object is to provide a holderor container so constructed that the tube can easily be inserted and afterwards removed and replaced, and with the operating members so disposed that the operation is easy and certain and always gives the desired results.

A further object is to provide an article of this nature which is simple and inexpensive, but strong and durable, and fully capable of giving eiiioient service.

The nature of the invention is made clear in the following description, and the novel features are pointed out in the appended claim. But this disclosure is by way of example only and changes may be made in various ways without departing from the principle underlying the improvement.

On the drawings,

Figure i is a front view, partly in section, of a holder according to my invention.

Figure 2 is a longitudinal section on line 2-2 of Figure l; and

Figure 3 is a horizontal section on line --ll of Figure l.

The article comprises a casing I, of wood, metal or other material, having front, back and sides, and a closed bottom 2 With an aperture 3. The casing is intended to receive a collapsible tube 4 filled with tooth paste, shaving cream, etc., and is large enough inside to give room for the insertion of Aa razor, shaving brush, tooth brush, or other toilet article, or severalr of this kind, which the owner may wish to store therein. The tube 4 has a neck 5 which is pushed through the opening 3 in the bottom, and the neck is closed as usual by a screw cap 6. The aperture 3 may be large enough for the passage of the cap also, and the enlargedshoulder of the tube adjacent the neck 3 enables the tube toV rest on the bottom or support 3 in upright and inverted position.

Within the casing and near the back is a slightly inclined channel-shaped partition mem- 2 l ber 'l which engages the tube 4. This partition is secured in stationary position by any suitable means. It extends from the top to the bottom of the casing and the sides are bent over outward along the edges to form anges 8. In these flanges are apertures 9. The flanges 8 thus constitute a` rack to serve a purpose now to be described.

The casing mounts a shaft I0 which carries lo gear means or wheels II adjacent each rack 8 to mesh with the apertures 9. The shaft I0 projects at both ends through the opposite sides of the casing o1' holder, with knobs or disks I2 on its outerends; and carries between the gears a roller of hard rubber or the like I3, in position to press upon the tube 4. The shaft I0 can move up and down in slots Ill in the sides of the casing, these slots being parallel to the racks 8. The slotted Jsides thus constitute a guide for the shaft I0.

Hence, when a tube 4 has been inserted into the casing, the neck is pushed through the open-k ing 3 Vin the bottom and the body of the tube is laid in the channel or seat i. The roller is raised, the upper ends of the slots Id being high enough to permit the end of the tube to clear the roller. By turning the knobs I2, the roller I3 can be fed downward, compressing the tube against the member 'l to force out some of the contents whenever they are required.

The top of the tube is closed by a cap I5 hinged at the rear edge I6 and having a rim Il. A perforated lug I8 enables the casing to be hung up on a wall or other support, and the casing also has legs I9. When the tube is to be used, the cap 6 is taken ofi and the knobs I2 turned till enough of the contents have been expelled for the purpose. The brush is then rubbed across the neck 3, and the cap replaced. The casing can be hung up when the knobs are rotated, or laid down on the back to make the bottom more accessible. The member l is secured at its sides y and lower end by lugs '2l which penetrate the sides and bottom of the casing and are bent over 45 outside to make them fast.

Having described my invention, what I believe to be new is:

A holder for toilet articles comprising a casing closed at its sides and having a bottom with an 50 opening therein adjacent the middle, the upperend of the casing having a `cap hinged thereto adjacent theI back along one edge, a wide member constituting a channel shaped seat `having one:

end behind said opening inthe bottom and theother end adjacent'the hinged edge of the cap,

having lugs penetrating the casing at the bottoniv and sides to secure the member in position.


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