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Publication numberUS2545500 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 20, 1951
Filing dateAug 4, 1948
Priority dateAug 4, 1948
Publication numberUS 2545500 A, US 2545500A, US-A-2545500, US2545500 A, US2545500A
InventorsNicholls Jr James Shane, Stanley Alexander J
Original AssigneeInd Tape Corp
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US 2545500 A
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March 1951 A. J. STANLEY ETAL DISPENSER Filed Aug. 4, 1948 Patented Mar. 20, 1951 DISPENSER Alexander J. Stanley, North Brunswick Township, Middlesex County, and James Shane Nicholls, Jr., Kingston, N. J assignors to Industrial Tape Corporation, a corporation of New Jersey Application August 4, 1948, Serial No. 42,446

4'Claims. 1 I This invention relates to a tape supporting, cutting and dispensing device particularly suitable for holding and facilitating the dispensing of rolls of normally tacky and pressure-sensitive adhesive tape.

It is a purpose of the invention to provide an improved tape holder, cutter and dispenser that is compact, attractive in appearance, economical to manufacture, and simple and adequate in operation. It is a further object of the invention to provide a dispenser that permits ready insertion and removal of the tape roll without weakening of materials used economically in dispenser structures. A still further object of the invention is the provision of compact dispensers the main portions of which may be bent from one and the same size of blank to any desired roll size.

Other objects and advantages will be apparent from the following description of one practical embodiment of this invention, particularly when considered in connection with the drawing wherein:

Fig. 1 is a side elevation of a tape holder, cutter and dispenser constructed in accordance with the invention and illustrates its use as a holder of tape rolls prior to removal of the tape;

Fig. 2 is a front plan view of the device shown in Fig. 1;

Fig. 3 is a plan view of the blank used to form the body section of the dispenser;

Fig. 4 is an exploded, partial perspective view illustrating insertion of the roll and closing of the dispenser by attachment of the knife unit to the body unit thereof;

Fig. 5 is an enlarged section through line 55 of Fig. 1 showing the double tongue and groove interlocking arrangement utilized to anchor the knife section of the dispenser to its body section and to secure its walls in fixed relation to each other.

Referring more particularly to the figures and drawing it will be apparent that a tape holder, cutter and dispenser made in accordance with the invention can be stamped out with a minimum of waste from a narrow rectangular strip of fiat sheet metal and then formed into shape in subsequent operations. The dispenser has a body section if! and a frontal knife section II constituting a bridge.

The body section consists of opposed parallel side walls l2 and l2a joined together at the rear and spaced by a narrow bridge section [3 bent at a 90 angle to the side walls at lines l4 and Ma, respectively. Each side wall is struck inwardly at its center to provide an inwardly projecting tubular core or roll support I5 of proper diameter to fit within the core C upon which is wound the tape T to be cut and dispensed. The side sections are cut low near their front ends so as to permit insertion of a finger to grasp tape in position for dispensing. To hold the sides of the dis penser in parallel relation and to secure the roll thereby in rotatable fixed position a removable frontal knife section I I is attached rigidly to the front ends l6 and lfia of the side sections I2 and {2a by suitable anchoring means. This frontal knife section II consists of a standard ll which is bent at right angles near its upper end to provide a platform l8 ending in a knife l9, preferably serrated as illustrated.

The double tongue and groove interlocking arrangement joining the frontal knife section to the body section of the device consists of opposed frontward extensions of the side sections bent forward reversely to form slots 2|] and 2911 directed outwardly and of coacting sideward extensions of the frontal knife section bent backward reversely to form slots 2| and 2 la directed inwardly. This arrangement is shown best in Figs. 4 and 5. The forwardly bent tongue 22 of each side wall fits into the slot 21 of the corresponding side of the frontal knife section and the backwardly bent tongue 23 of the frontal knife section on each side in turn fits into the groove 20 of the corresponding side wall. A very rigid structure, secured by four layers of metal (see Fig. 5), is thus provided. A shoulder 24 on the standard portion of the frontal knife section acts as a stop to prevent sliding of that section downwardly beyond a certain point. In cases where it is desired to prevent release of the knife section from the body section permanently or temporarily, the tongues may be crimped after insertion, for instance at 25, so as to provide a secured dispenser-roll structure. The same body section [0 may be used for tape of different width merely by varying the position of bent lines I4 and [4a when stamping that section out and by substituting a frontal knife section II of the desired size.

The manner in which the dispensing unit may be utilized is believed apparent from the above description, but will be summarized briefly below:

After stamping out and bending. the body section assumes the position illustrated in Fig. 4. At this stage its walls are spread apart, a tape roll T on its core C is inserted between the roll supports, the side sections l2 and Ma are bent toward each other and the frontal knife section II is slid downwardly against the side sections I2 and In until halted by the shoulder 24. The

dispenser is now as illustrated in Figs. 1 and 2 and in condition for use. It is prevented from collapsing by the roll and roll supports and from spreading apart by the frontal knife section. Tape may be withdrawn from the roll, out across the knife 19, and the remaining tape and anchored to. the platform 18 to provide ,tape ready for use. After a roll of-tape has been used up, it may be replaced readily by simply removing the" frontal knife section I l, taking out the old roll of... tape, entering a new one, and re-establishing the" frontal knife section in its old position.

The dispenser stands readily on any flatsuh face and may be made compactenough'.to perinit, carrying it about ready forfuseTwithdutguiidiief, bulk. Many variations of the invention in addition to the embodiment describedabove by way of example only, will occur to those skilled in the art and are considered embodied within thein ventive concept.

The claims are;

l. Anew/165 for dispensingadhesive tape from the f roll, comprising opposedf inherently spread-f able side portions ap artflfrom each other, roll supporting me'ansj depiending from and arranged between said vsideportionsi, tongue and groove n'ieansfon said side portions, anda frontallremovable section sp aoed"f1oni said roll supporting ea'ns inc1udin" 'a kn'ife and lateral tongue andj'g oqye' means; opposed to and cooperating with said firstmentioned tongue and groove means arid adapted to hold theelements of said device inffiiiedpos'ition to; each otherwhen positioned thereon .and gp eve t spreading .of said otherwise spreadablefside portions .in use.

2. A device for dispensing adhesivev tape from the roll, comprising'a body portion including inhere tly spreadable side wa1ls, .a bridge portion spa e them, I roll supporting rn-efans depending m and'ariangQ}btween said side 'portion ateral tongue. and groove means located onsaid side vallsfaway from saidbridge' portion f andspaced'from the center of said rollfsup'port n'e an jb t cfi.,- ubsta ially. r a er, than theuadiusfof any'l'roll that can beheld. li im nd ai'emovah elb i s or io chid: ing tongue and groove means, opposed .to and. qfiipe tet ile thjsaidfirsementi ned ne el 'i I ftoprevent' spr eading. o f'said side a s. i.

3. A device for dispensing adhesive tape from the roll, comprising a body portion comprising inherently spreadable side walls including cutout means for a finger space, a bridge portion spacing said side walls, lateral slide means based on a tongue and groove portion located on said side walls, away from said bridge portion spaced from the center. of-Isa id roll-supportinglmeans by a distance substantially greater than the radius of a ny roll that can be held therein, and a removable bridge portion including a knife and lateral tongue and groove means slidable on said slide means. and including stop members to prevent spr 31mg? of sja'i d sidewalls in use.

4., A .d evice for ,dispensing adhesive tape from the roll comprisingabody portion comprising inherently spreadableside walls including cutouts for" finger Staten narrow bridge portion spacing said,side w alls, roll supporting means depending from and arranged between said side portions adapted .to hold a rolLof tapein positionsoas to preventfapproachment of said side walls, tongue.

and'groove 'rnealnslocatedlaterally on. said. side walls away fromsaid.bridge portion spaced from the center of said roll supporting means by a distancesubstantially greater than the radius 'of any tn thatcanbe held therein, and aremovable bridge portion' slidable ,on said tongue. and

groove means, including a knife, and including also lateral tongue arid, glfo0ye, means opposed to 4 :and, groove, means.

i rs ms ne 9ni h i nt qndi we. gee- Y ets. edaw tl sai 19 supporting means to .lock said device rigidly and prevent relat ve movement of said sidewalls in use..

LE AND R- STANLEY- JAMES cH L sc FERENC S. C T D The followingreferences, are ,of record-in the file of, this patent;


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