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Publication numberUS2546120 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 20, 1951
Filing dateFeb 12, 1947
Priority dateFeb 12, 1947
Publication numberUS 2546120 A, US 2546120A, US-A-2546120, US2546120 A, US2546120A
InventorsBoroughs Charles M
Original AssigneeBoroughs Charles M
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Sprinkler head
US 2546120 A
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March zo, 1951 C, M, BOROUgHS 2,546,120


CharlesM.. Boroughs, Seattle, Wash.

ApplicationiFehruarylZ, 19.47; Serial No; 728,101.

SCl'aims.. (Cl. 2991-145) This; inventionL relates to"y sprinkler heads,..and.

has for. its` general ,object toprovidean improved device of this nature which willV deliver` water. in

a circular pattern and in: azmanner' to effectuate a more uniform wetting of the area under treatment than hasv been possible with prior designs of. sprinkler. heads. With presently available sprinkler heads, the ejected water. usually takes the form of a fountain or umbrella spray, and there have been also devised severaly sprinkler heads which are designed with: the expressintentlonf of projecting the delivered waterl alonga substantially' flat course. Both: types of spray have their advantages. A- fountain or umbrella deliverycanbe made to span av wide compass but. leaves; a: comparatively: dry inner ring immediately adjacentto the head: and thererisl also ai tendency for the delivered water to.; fallA in rather' large.A droplets which Visi quite. objectionable whenV watering plant life having: fragile. foliage. Also, there are many instanceswhere itiisdesirable to soak the ground about the base of a shrub or shrubs ratherthanr to apply the water upon the leaves, and the flat spray becomes a specific for this purpose., In. addition' topermitt'ing this under-foliage wateringA of shrubbery, the nat spray will better accomplish a wetting-down function where wind is present from the selfevident fact that the spray hugs the ground and is not unduly dispersed. The present invention has the further and particular object of providing a sprinkler head which is capable of delivering either the fountain or the flat type of spray, selectively, and which in addition may be employed, where desired, to deliver both a fountain and a flat spray simultaneously. l

The invention has the still further object of providing a compact sprinkler head which may be inexpensively produced and which will give long and trouble-free service to the user.

The particular design and the arrangement of parts which operate to accomplish the ends in view will become apparent in the course of the following description taken in connection with the accompanying drawing illustrating the nowpreferred embodiment of the improved sprinkler head., the invention consisting in the novel construction and in the adaptation and combination of parts hereinafter described and claimed.

In said drawing:

Figure 1 is a View taken partly in longitudinal vertical section and partly in side elevation, and portraying, fragmentarily, a water-supply hose attached t the head; and

Fig. 2 is a horizontal sectional view on line 2-2 of Fig. 1. y

Having reference to the drawing, the head of the present invention comprises a body member denoted by the numeral 3 preferably cast from brass to present a comparatively heavy base 4 and formed above this base withv acylindrical.

The open end.- ofA the chamber is groundV to: presenta bevelled valve seatz- H, and the.. valve therefor surmounts a stem i2 which.threa'dsinto.

the socket` I'Othere being receivedaboutthestem ak compression spring IS-bearing by'one of itsfendsagainst the cor of the chamber. and by itsfother end againstthe underside of the.valve;

The bevelled face I4 of the valver is.` ground: from the underside of; an externallyl threaded.

boss l5, and there is providedto'wor-k on these1 threads. a' knurledr colla-r or nut: I6.: having an'. O1. D. dimension. appreciably greater; th'an. the. diameter of the valver seat and characterized in; Above*4 their threaded boss, the valve-forming body presents: Thishead isf-recessed to-pro-VV that its undersideisi faced at:

a knuiledV head il'. duce'- a secondary water chamber i8, and giving access to this secondary chamber from the` subadjacent main water chamber 5 are a; severalty ofvertical ductsv 20 having their admission endsV circumferentially spaced in surrounding relation to the root end of the stem. Press-fitted into the open end of the chamber I8`is a disk 2l, and presented thereby is a bevelled valve seat 22 arranged to complement a second valve 23, and this second valve which, like the first-named valve, is made adjustable through rotary movement, is formed with a knurled head 24 and has a threaded stern 25 working in a threaded socket 26 bored in the body of the first-named valve. The threads of the stem 25 are made comparatively ne to obviate the need for any spring in holding the same against movement.

In using the present sprinkler head, and assuming that it is desired to produce either a flat or a fountain spray, singly, it becomes necessary only that the secondary valve be elo-sed upon its seat and the main valve opened in the degree desired, and the operator, to obtain a fountainlike delivery, need only back 01T the spraygoverning collar and the issuing water will then follow the unobstructed path of a cone describing a prolongation of the taper of the valve seat. Turning the collar down will perforce interrupt this delivery and atten out the spray in accordance with the degree to which the nut is brought into proximity to the body member 3. A regulation of the ports such as to leave only a thin crack through which the water may issue will create a ne mist Spray. If, now, it becomes desirable to augment the horizontally delivered spray with a fountain-type head spray and which is particularly desirable as a means of covering Formed inthe base: andi open to thev a wide scope while at the same time thoroughly wetting the ground throughout the area contained within the circle of the head spray, the secondary valve is opened in such degree as may be desired.

The described sprinkler head and the manner of its employment will, it is believed, be clear from the foregoing. Various departures from the embodiment which I have here elected to illustrate may obviously be resorted to without departing from the spirit of the invention, and no limitations are to be implied by reason of having particularly described such illustrated embodiment. It is my intention that the hereto annexed claims be read with the broadest scope commensurate with the language used.

What I claim is:

1. In a sprinkler head, the combination of a hollow body providing a water chamber arranged to be pressure fed from a source of water supply and having a discharge opening at the top circumscribed by a bevelled valve seat, said body presenting a nat face surrounding the valve seat, a complementing valve having a bevelled valve face closely fitting the valve seat and threadably connected with the body for moving the valve axially to open and close the discharge opening, an externally threaded boss made integral with the valve and located in concentric surmounting relation to the valve face, and a collar working on the threads of the boss and formed upon its underside with a substantially at face overlying the said at face of the hollow body and serving as a baille and arranged by adjustment of the collar downwardly upon the boss to bring said baffle into a position whereat'the same acts to variably break up and deflect an issuing stream of water travelling the path of an inverted hollow cone prescribed by the bevel of the valve seat.

2. The structure of claim l in which the said valve provides a second water chamber having a top opening circumscribed by a bevelled valve seat, and a second valve having a valve face closely fitting the last-named valve seat and providing a depending integral stem threaded into the body of the first-named valve for moving the second-named valve into and from closed position, the body of the first-named valve providing water-supply ducts giving access for pressure water from the first-named to the secondnamed water chamber.

3. The sprinkler head of claim 2 in which the first-named valve presents a head above the said externally threaded boss knurled upon its periphery to facilitate adjustment of the firstnamed valve, and in which the second-named valve is itself provided with a head likewise knurled upon its periphery to facilitate adjustment of the second-named valve.


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