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Publication numberUS2546859 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 27, 1951
Filing dateFeb 25, 1946
Priority dateFeb 25, 1946
Publication numberUS 2546859 A, US 2546859A, US-A-2546859, US2546859 A, US2546859A
InventorsInnes Leroy E
Original AssigneeInnes Leroy E
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Wrist watch guard
US 2546859 A
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March 27, 1951 l.. E. lNNEs 2,546,859

WRIST WATCH GUARD Filed Feb. 25, 1946 Patented Mar. 27, 1951 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE WRIST WATCH GUARD Leroy E. Innes, Poplar Bluff, Mo.

Application February 25, 1946, Serial No. 650,031

2 Claims.

My invention relates to a guard for wrist watches and is intended to hold the watch sufficiently spaced from the skin of the wearer to preventl moisture to pass from his wrist to the Watch, thereby protecting the watch from rusting, corroding, staining and other undesirable effects.

This guard is a two-piece aiair which will fit any wrist strap and consists of the guard proper, which is preferably a metal plate, through which the strap is drawn, and a pad, preferably of cork, cemented or in any other manner secured on the guard plate between the same and the back of the watch.

These and other advantages will be made clear from the following description aided by the attached drawing, which shows one embodiment of the invention.

Like numerals in the different views relate to the same details of the invention, and in which:

Figure 1 represents a top plan view of the guard with the Watch in position attached to a portion of a wrist band;

Figure 2 is a side elevational view of Fig. l;

Figure 3 illustrates a top plan view of the guard alone; and

Figure 4 illustrates a transverse sectional View along the plane of line 4-4 of Fig. 3.

In the drawing an ordinary Wrist watch is denoted by numeral I0. The watch is in the usual manner carried on a wrist band I2 fastened to the end loops II of the watch.

The guard proper consists of a plate I3 of nonmagnetic, electrically non-conductive metal or plastic, which is slightly bent to conform to the curvature of the wearers wrist. An aperture I4 is provided at each end of the plate for accommodating the wrist band, while its extremities I 5 are bent down to follow the direction of the wrist band, see Fig. 2. Both side edges I6 and I1 are preferably arcuate, the edge I1 being composed of two arcs meeting in the middle to provide a nick or bay I8, which coincides with the position of the winding stem and knob I9 in order to facilitate Winding when the watch is in place, see Fig. 3.

On the'upper side of the guard plate I3 is provided a pad 20, made of some non-magnetic, elastic material, such as cork, felt or the like, which is pasted, cemented, or in any other manner fastened on the guard plate I3. The same is rectangular in shape and need not be as large as the plate as seen in Fig. 3.

The guard will fit any kind of wrist watch and requires no adjustment.

It will be evident that when a watch is provided with a guard of this kind and prevented from contacting with the skin by the cork and nonmagnetic, non-corrosive plate, no moisture can reach the watch, nor can the movements be affected by magnetic or electric currents.

It is to be understood that the invention as here disclosed is not limited to the `details herein described and shown, but that the same may be varied without departing from the spirit of the invention as defined by the subjoined claims.

I claim:

1. A guard for a wrist watch provided with a holding strap; said guard comprising a plate of non-magnetic, non-corrosive material bent to conform to the curvature of a persons wrist, each end of said plate having an elongated slot through which the strap extends whereby the plate is removably attached to the strap, and a yieldable, non-magnetic pad secured on the upper side of said plate and against which the watch is resting, said plate being longer and wider than the watch.

2. A guard for a wrist watch provided with a holding strap; said guard comprising la plate of non-magnetic, non-corrosive material bent to conform to the curvature of a persons wrist, and adapted for removable attachment to said strap beneath the watch, a cork pad secured on the upper side of said plate and against which the watch is resting, said plate being longer and wider than the watch and terminating with slotted, down-bent edges at each end for slidable engagement with said strap, its side edges being arcuate, one side edge being nicked in the middle to accommodate the winding knob of the watch.


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