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Publication numberUS2547399 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 3, 1951
Filing dateDec 24, 1947
Priority dateDec 24, 1947
Publication numberUS 2547399 A, US 2547399A, US-A-2547399, US2547399 A, US2547399A
InventorsLeveridge Walter J
Original AssigneeBell Telephone Labor Inc
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Winding mechanism for tight winding paper tape on spools
US 2547399 A
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Patented Apr. 3, 1951 WINDING MCHANISM FOR TIGHT WIND- ING PAPER TAPE N SPOOLS Walter J. Leveridge, Tuckahoe, N. Y., assignor to Bell yTelephone Laboratories, Incorporated, New York, N. Y., a corporation of New York Application December 24, 1947, Serial No. 793,587

4 Claims.

This invention relates to winding machines and more specically to a mechanism for winding a paper ribbon or tape on a rotating spool.

In connection with the manufacture of a cer- .tain type of electrical condenser for example, it is customary to apply a coat of metal directly to one or both sides of a dielectric in the form of a ribbon or tape of insulating material to serve as the electrode for the condenser, the metal coating being applied to the dielectric in a vacuum chamber as the dielectric tape is transferred from a magazine spool to a receiving spool both also placed in the vacuum chamber.

In the transfer operation according to the method used previous to this invention it was not feasible to put the dielectric paper tape under sufficient tension so as to Wind the dielectric tight on the receiving spool without avoiding the breaking of the latter during the metallizing operation with the result that a manual winding operation Was required for the tightening of the dielectric on the receiving spool when removed from the vacuum chamber with the consequent tearing off or otherwise damaging of a considerable length of the metal coated dielectric.

The object of the present invention is the provision of a simple mechanism whereby metalcoated insulating material in the form of a ribbon or tape is wound uniformly tight on a receiving spool during the metallizing operation of the insulating material.

In thedrawing,

Fig. 1 is a side elevation shown with a number of operating parts with portions broken away; and

Fig. 2 is a front elevation view shown with the mechanism in position following the winding of a few turns of the metallized dielectric on the receiving spool preparatory to the starting operation of its supporting motor shaft.

According to the construction of the paper ribbon Winding machine of this invention a receiving spool I2 is keyed to one end of a motor shaft I0 which is supported at this end in a bearing Illy secured to a mounting plate II. A shaft or pivot I4 is journaled at both ends in bearing portions I5 and I6 formed with a spacer bar Il, the bearing portion I5 being in the form of a disc secured to the mounting plate II by a plurality of screws I8.

movement thereon in the manner of the flaps of 2 a hinge a pair of duplex formed arms or supports I9 and 29 held in spaced relation at their free ends by spacer members 2i and 22, respectively. A spindle 24 is mounted for rotary movement on the duplex formed arms IS with one end of the shaft/projecting beyond one of the arms for securely receiving a pinion 25 held in position thereon as by a nut 26 and on this shaft is mounted for rotary movement therewith a roller 2l. Similarly, on the duplex formed arms 20 is rotatably mounted a spindle 28 on which is keyed a roller 29 of a diameter slightly greater than ythat of the diameter of roller 2l, while on the end of spindle 28 which projects beyond one of the duplex arms 20 is keyed a pinion 30 operatively connected to pinion 2'5 by a gear 3l mounted as on ball bearings 3'2 tted on the projecting end of shaft I4 as shown in Fig. l.

A coiled spring having a left wound portion 33 and a right wound portion 34 is tted over the periphery of a sleeve 35 on shaft I4 with one end of each iportion 33 and 34 bearing against the spacer bar of duplex formed arms I9, while the semiloop 40 formed by the adjacently disposed ends of the left and right wound portions of the spring abut against the spacer bar of duplex formed armsZ as best seen in Fig. 2

'so as to press their respective rollers 21 and 29 in contact withthe metallized paper ribbon on the receiving spool I2 While permitting the movement of the hinged arms I9 and 26 from the position shown in full line to the position shown in dotted line in Fig. 2 during the pile-up of the paper ribbon on the receiving spool I 2.

In the operation of the metallized paper ribbon winding mechanism of this invention, the ribbon I3 from the magazine spool, not shown, is wound substantially 180 degrees around `the roller 21 with its end anchored on the receiving spool i2 on which it is Wound tightly a small number of turns manually prior to the starting of the motor shaft I0. The operation of receiving spool I2 and the consequent movement of the paper tape I3 and therefore the rotation of roller 21 is effective to rotate the roller 29 through the intermediary gear 3|. Roller 29 because of its greater diameter and therefore its greater peripherall speed in contact with the paper on the receiving spool exerts a continuous tensioning effect on the succeeding convolutions of the paper to the completion of the winding operation when the rollers 2l and 29 reach the position indicated in dotted line in Fig. 2 moving to that position against the tension of spring elements 33-34 such movement being effected by the pile-up of the paper tape on the receiving spool as above mentioned.

What is claimed is:

l. In a mechanism for Winding condenser die electric material in the form of a tape tightly ori a spool, said mechanism comprising a motor shaft, a`r'ec'eivispoolmounted for rdtationwith said shaft' a pivot mounted in parallelfand spaced relation to said motor shaft, a pair of supports hinged on said pivot, a pair of rollers of different f diameter mounted for rotationfonrsaid-supports, resilient means tensioned against .-,saidl--sifpprts for urging said rollers in frictional contact with the tape during the Windinglopiation therx'eo on said receiving spool to causetl'rerlleroffthe large diameter to exert a continuous pulling action on the tape to cause the'latt-erfto Windtight on said spool. y

2. In a mechanism for Winding a tapetightfon a receiving spool, said'lmechanism comprising a motor shaft for actuating rsaid receiving 1 spool, 'a roller engaged an angular: distance of substantially half its circumference bythe tap'e'priorto the `vvi'nding of the latter fon'said spool,d another r'oller frictionally engaging the tape `von said spool, the last-mentioned roller having a-greater periph- Yeralspeed than the nist-'mentioned roller -forexerting 'a continuous pulling actiononthetapato causeY thev latterY to'wind 'tight onfsaid receiving `spool during the `operation oftheiattenbys'aid motor shaft, and afgearing'mechanism actuated by the movementof -the firsternentionedroller y, connecting with the second-mentioned roller.

3. "In a mechanism for Winding condenserfdielectric material in the form ofra tape--tightly on ra' spool, saidmechanismcomprisingva'mounting, :a motor shaft for actuating saidfspool-supported :at one end by said mounting," aypivot, a support `secured to said mounting 'havingrbearing portions for receiving saidpvot, a pair of duplex for-med supports vhinged. on said pivot, a drivingroller iss actuated by the movement of the tape mounted on one of said supports, a driven roller operatively connected to said driving roller mounted on the other of said supports and operating at a greater peripheral speed than said driving roller, spring means tensioned against said supports for .urging said"rollers aganstthe tape during the Winding ofithe latter on said spool to cause said .driven roller to exert a continuous frictional pull- Sing action on the successive convolutions of the -tapejonsaid-spool.

ifi. AInfa-tape''Winding mechanism a motor operated shaft, a spool keyed on said shaft for re- 'ceivingfthe-tap'e; apair of independently movable f'supportsfaroller mounted on one of said sup- Eports engagedl bythe tape a distance of substantiallyfhalffa turnoffits periphery prior to Winding on said receiving spool, another roller mounted onth'e'y other of said supports having a greater periphery than the rSt-mentoned rollers fric- Vtionaily engagin'grthe tape wound on `said spool, Vmeans vactuated vby thel rst-mentioned roller'io'r actuating thesecond-mentioned roller upon the -movementoi'the tape by the rotation .of said spoolv as eie'cted by. said motor shaft tocause the second-mentioned roller to vexert a continuous .pullingaction on the succeeding convolutions fof the' tape during the Winding ofV the latterlonisai'd lreceiving spool.


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