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Publication numberUS2547541 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 3, 1951
Filing dateMar 19, 1948
Priority dateMar 19, 1948
Publication numberUS 2547541 A, US 2547541A, US-A-2547541, US2547541 A, US2547541A
InventorsRosenthal Sidney N
Original AssigneeRosenthal Sidney N
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Marking pen
US 2547541 A
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April 3, 1951 s. N. ROSENTi-IAL MARKING PEN Filed March 19, 1948 INVENTOR. 1% z. wwme 2 am away Patented Apr. 3, 1 951 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 2,547,541 TMARKING PEN Sidney N. Rosenthal, New York, N. Y. Application March 19, 1948, Serial No. 15,839

3 Claims. 15-434) l This application relates to marking pens.

My prior Patent 2,416,596 of February 25, 1947, shows a marking pen which has a barrel, a nib at one end and a felt filler or pack within the barrel. Such a pen is filled by dropping ink into the barrel, using a medicine dropper.

A primary object of the invention hereof is to provide a marking pen which may be filled with out requiring dropping of the ink into the barrel with the conventional medicine dropper.

An embodiment of the invention is disclosed in the appended drawing. In this drawing:

Fig. 1 is a longitudinal view, partly in section, showing a marking pen of the invention;

Figs. 2 and 3 are enlarged scale section views as if on lines 22 and 3--3 of Fig. l; I

Fig. 4 shows a modification.

The marking pen hereof comprises a barrel Ill having two open ends, each internally threaded. Into one end is threaded a nib holder H having a felt nib therein, the latter projecting beyond the holder at opposite ends l2l l to provide a marking point I2 at one end and to provide a felt pack engaging point M at the other.

Threaded into the opposite end of the barrel is a felt pack holder iii from which projects a long rod or stem of felt, or the like, forming a felt pack or filler for the interior for the barrel. The felt pack has an exposed portion H and another portion l8 which is encompassed within and con- I This may be as tained by a reinforcing means. shown in Figs. 1-3, a tube or sleeve 2|! of any stiff material, such as hardened plastic, which slightly compresses the felt pack so that the cross-section area of the portion I8 of the felt pack within the tube 20 is considerably less than the crosssectional area of the barrel interior to provide air passages 22 between the felt pack and the barrel. The reinforcing means may otherwise be, as shown in Fig. 4, a helically coiled Wire 120 having one end secured to the holder l6 and having a degree of resilience or resistance to compression whereby to maintain resilient butt contact between the felt pack and the nib.

The exposed portion of the felt pack I! is not so compressed, and, consequently, is of larger cross-sectional area than the portion I8, as illustrated in Fig. 3, but is, nevertheless, smaller than the barrel also to provide air passages 23 in the barrel. Perforations in the tube at 2| expose the compressed portion l8 of the felt pack to the interior of the barrel.

When it, is desired to fill the pen with marking ink, the holder I6 is threaded off the barrel Ill and the felt pack is dipped into a supply of ink,

the portion I! being the dipping point. The felt pack is permitted to saturate itself with ink and when completely saturated is returned to the barrel. Air flow around and through the felt pack is assured by the clearances 22 and 23 between the felt pack and the barrel and by the perforations 2| inthe sleeve Contact from the felt pack to the nib for ink flow is assured by the engagement of the felt pack portion ll with the exposed point M- of the nib.

Thus, the pen may be filled with ink without requiring ink to be dropped into the barrel as with a medicine dropper, as is now the case.

Tube 20 serves to rigidify the felt pack and thus prevent its collapsing in use. Otherwise, the felt pack would soon fill the barrel completely and prevent the necessary fiow of air longitudinally through the barrel for free feeding of the ink from the felt pack to the nib.

It is preferable that the felt pack portion l8 be adhesively secured in some way or other to the tube 20.

It will be noted that the engaging ends M-l I of the felt pack and the nib are so formed that a minimum of contact between these engaging portions is established. In the preferred embodiment this result is obtained by bias cutting the projecting portion ll of the felt pack. The same result, of course, could be obtained by bias cutting the portion I4 of the nib.

At 25 is shown a suitable cap to cover the nib and its holder, the cap being frictionally fitted onto the holder.

I claim:

1. A marking pen comprising a smooth bore uniform diameter barrel having open ends, a felt nib closing one of said open ends, and a unitary device removably mounted on and closing the other of said open ends and comprising a barrel closure cap at the end of and outside of said barrel, an elongated uniform diameter smooth surfaced rod-like felt pack within said barrel and secured to and carried by said cap whereby the latter provides an exposed handle for said felt pack to enable the felt pack to be pulled out of or pushed into the barrel and the nib, and an elongated tube forming part of said unitary device and telescoped around and gripping said felt pack andextending along it for the major part of its length and formed with transverse openings communicating its exterior with the felt pack in it, said tube, cap, and felt pack parts of said unitary device being intersecured against relative movement so that the unitary device is mountable on or removable from the barrel as a unit, said tube laterally spacing the pack from the barrel to insure air flow along the pack in the barrel, said tube being rigid to rigidity the pack and thus facilitate insertion of the pack into the smooth bore barrel to the point where the end of the pack engages the nib and preventing the pack from buckling in the barrel during such insertion of the pack in the barrel, the feltpack tater-16 the same .tliaiiietei' at. the tube openings as between such openings whereby the pack is clear of the barrel at such openings, said nib being separate from the pack so as to remain in the barrel during removal of the jelt pack and so as to be removable from the barrel separately from the felt pack.

2. A construction as described in claiin l wherein the tube is a, perforated elongated sleeve.

3. A construction as described in claim 1 wherein the tube is a helically coiled wire.


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