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Publication numberUS2547779 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 3, 1951
Filing dateSep 25, 1947
Priority dateSep 25, 1947
Publication numberUS 2547779 A, US 2547779A, US-A-2547779, US2547779 A, US2547779A
InventorsWalter J Renyck
Original AssigneeWalter J Renyck
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Device for dispensing individually sealed articles or commodities
US 2547779 A
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' 1..Claim. (01. 206-56.)

This invention relates to a device fordispensing individually sealed articles or commodities and is designed more particularly for dispensing and applying-cosmetics andthe like.

One object of the invention i to provide such a device which can be carried in a ladys' handbag and will be immediately available for the purpose of touching up or repairing her cosmetic makeup.

A further object'of the invention is to provide a device of such a character that there is-no danger of the bag or its contents being stained or otherwise damaged by thecosmetic.

A further object of the invention is to provide a device comprising a holder and a plurality of individually removable sealed containers each containing a. commodity" in sufiicient' quantity for a single use.

A. further object of the inventionyis to provide such a device in which theseveral containers are protected against breakage or other injury which might cause leakage .of their contents; and from which the individual containers may be removed without danger of releasing thecont'ents thereof.

A further object of the invention isto provide such a device of simple compact construction which may be produced at low cost.

Other objects of the invention may appear as the device is described in detail.

In the accompanying drawings Fig. 1 is a perspective. view, partly broken away, of a. device embodying the invention; Fig. 2 is a. transverse section taken on the line 2-2 ofFig. 1; Fig. 3 is a perspective view of a portion of the device showing the holder open and one container partly removed; Fig. 4 is a detail view showing the removal of the outer end portion of the envelope; and Fig. 5 is a schematic view showing the applying element removed from the detached envelope and in use.

In these drawings I have illustrated one embodiment of my invention and have shown the same of a form designed primarily for dispensing and applying finger nail polish, but it is to be understood that the device as a whole, as well as the several parts thereof; may take various forms and may be used for dispensing cosmetics or other commodities or articles of various kinds.

In the preferred form the devicecomprises a plurality of envelopes each containing a small quantity of a cosmetic, such as finger nail polish,'and an element for applying the same. The envelopes may be of any suitable form and size but are preferably of flat elongateform, and when they contain a cosmetic or other commodity separate from the applyingelement they are tightly sealed. The several envelopes are secured to and are individually detachable from a holder, which is preferably of such a character that it may be closed toprotect the envelopes against injury or accidental detachment therefrom.

Inthe particular embodiment here illustrated the holder is of a type commonly'used in match books and comprises a sheet of flexible materiaLsuch as) cardboard, which is folded to pro vide' the holder with a back wall [0 and with a relatively narrow upwardly extending lower or marginal portion H which provides the holder with a trough like" lower portion. The" upper portion l2 of the sheet is foldeddownwardly to form: a closure the loweredge; of which is adapted tobe inserted within the upper edge of" the marginal portion ll.

Each envolope I3 is of a narrow width and of a length suflicient to receive? an applying element I4. Each envelope is sealed along its lateral edges and across its upper and lower ends, as indicated at l5, and the lower portion thereof constitutes a receptacle for a cosmetic l6. The cosmetic maybe of such a character that it can be attached to the end of the applying element before the latter is to be inserted in the envelope but when the cosmetic is of a loose or semi-fluid character, such as nail polish, it is inserted in the envelope, preferably during the forming of the latter, and the lower end of the applying element extends into the cosmetic so that a substantial portion of the cosmetic will adhere to and be removable with the applying element. Preferably the lower end of the applying element is provided with a brush or swab to facilitate the application of the cosmetic. As here shown the lower end of the applying device is softened, as by slitting the same, to constitute a brush ll.

Each envelope may be separately formed and separately attached to the holder in such a manner that it can be easily detached therefrom without breaking the' seal. However, I prefer that the several envelopes of each unit shall be formed in a single structure and so connected one with the other and with the holder that they may be individually detached. In the present arrangement each series of envelopes is formed by superposing two sheets of flexible material one upon the fother and then sealing the sheeln both alongl th'e several edges thereof and along vertical lines 20 spaced apart to divide the structure into a plurality of sections, each constituting an envelope. Preferably the sheets are of thermoplastic material which can be sealed one to the other by pressing a heated implement thereon along the lines to be sealed. As shown the two sheets are sealed along their upper and end edges and along a horizontal line spaced a short distance above the lower edges thereof, as best shown at IS in Fig. 2. The sheets are weakened, as by perforating or scoring the same, along a line l9 just below the sealing line l8 and also along vertical lines between adjacent envelopes. The vertical weakened lines are formed between the lateral edges of each vertical seal 20 so that each envelope may be detached from the adjacent envelope without breaking the seal of either envelope. That portion of the structure below the weakened line l9 foiins a supporting member 2| which is inserted between and firmly secured to the trough shaped portion of the cover, as by stapling or stitching as shown at 22. Thus the envelope structure as a whole is held firmly against movement with relation to the holder and by grasping the holder and a portion of the envelope structure between the thumb and finger of one hand and grasping the envelope at one end of the series by the thumb and finger of the other hand the envelope can be quickly and easily detached from the other envelopes of the series and from the supporting member 2| without breaking the seal. Consequently none of the cosmetic can escape from the attached envelope until the seal of the same has I been broken, and therefore none of the cosmetic will come in contact with the holder or with the undetached envelopes so as to stain or other- .wise mar a handbag or the contents thereof when the device is restored to the bag after detaching one of the envelopes.

When an envelope has been detached the outer end thereof is opened, preferably by tearing away the sealed outer end portion 23 thereof, and the applying element i4 is withdrawn and the cosmetic which is withdrawn with the applying element is applied, as hown in Fig. 5. When the cosmetic which is removed with the applying element has been used the latter may, if desired, be reinserted in the envelope to receive another supply of the cosmetic but ordinarily this is not necessary or desirable as the device is provided primarily'for the purpose of touching up or repairing the polish on finger nails, or other applications of cosmetic, and the supply initially removed with the applying element is sufilcient for the purpose.

It will be apparent from the foregoing disclosure that I have provided a device which is well adapted for dispensing commodities of various kinds in quantities for a single use or application, and in which each quantity of the commodity is sealed in an individually removable container which prevents leakage of a fluid or semi-fluid, such as finger nail polish, or the entrance into the envelope of moisture which would damage a commodity such as matches. It will also beapparent that the device is of a very simple compact form and or" light weight which may be carried in a pocket or ladys handbag and can be produced at low cost.

-While I have shown and described one embodiment of my invention, I wish it to be understood that I do .not desire to be limited to the details thereof as various modifications may occur to a person skilled in the art.

Having now Iully described my invention "whatlclaim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

A device for dispensing and applying 2. cosmetic comprising a holder, 2. series of elongate envelopes, each envelope being sealed along the lateral and end edges thereof, each envelope having at one end thereof a part constituting a receptacle, a semi-fluid substance enclosed in each receptacle, an elongate applying device enclosed in each envelope with one end thereof extending into the semi-fluid substance in said envelope, and means for detachably securing adjacent ends of said envelopes to said holder, said envelopes being individually detachable from said holder in a sealed condition.


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