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Publication numberUS2549419 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 17, 1951
Filing dateNov 15, 1946
Priority dateNov 15, 1946
Publication numberUS 2549419 A, US 2549419A, US-A-2549419, US2549419 A, US2549419A
InventorsCallahan John X J
Original AssigneeCallahan John X J
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Multiplex laminated poster
US 2549419 A
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April 1951 J. x. J. CALLAHAN 2,549,419

MULTIPLEX LAMINATED POSTER Filed Nov. 15 1946 [mentor (JOHN X. J. CALL AHA/V Patented Apr. 17, 1951 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE MULTIPLEX LAMINATED POSTER John X. J. Callahan, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Application November 15, 1946, Serial No. 709,909

1 Claim 1 This invention relates to a novel construction of poster for use in advertising and has particular reference to a laminated construction of poster formed of a plurality of superposed adhesively connected plies each adapted to contain an advertisement and which are individually removable for successively exposing the advertisements of the individual plies.

Many large concerns utilize cardboard easels for the purpose of advertising their commodities and: which are placed in stores or elsewhere where the commodity is sold and for calling attention to the commodity at a time when it is most likely to be purchased, In order for such advertisements to attract attention, they must be changed frequently not only to change the" message made by the poster, but to maintain the advertisements in fresh and unfaded condition and also so that the advertisements will conform to messages appropriate to certain seasons of the year. These posters are usually lithographed in several colors and are very expensive. Also, the cardboard of which said posters or easels are conventionally formed are expensive, bulky and difiicult to handle and ship and are generally dis-.

tributed by salesmen to retailers in their territories. For the reasons aforementioned, the posters have to be frequently replaced which is not only extremely expensive but which requires considerable of the salesmans time in transporting and distributing the posters and in removing and disposing of the obsolete ones which are generally discarded at a total loss.

Accordingly, it is a primary object of the present invention to provide a single poster having a plurality of plies each carrying a fresh and seasonal message and which plies can be periodically removed by a salesman in making his regular rounds so as to display a new, fresh and more appropriate advertising message, and which will eliminate constant transportation of the posters and which will substantially reduce the disposal problem to the mere disposal of a single sheet from each poster or easel, to thereby save considerable time and expense in handling as well as to greatly reduce the cost of the poster or advertisements over a period of time.

Various other objects and advantages of the invention will hereinafter become more fully apparent from the following description of the drawings, illustrating a preferred embodiment thereof, and wherein: A

Figure 1 is a front elevational view of a poster or easel constructed in accordance with the preferred embodiment of the invention and show- Figures 2 and 3 are sectional views taken substantially along planes as indicated by the lines 2--2 and 33, respectively, of Figure 1.

Referring more specifically to the drawing, the.

advertising poster in its entirety is designated generally 5 and comprises an easel, designated generally 6, which includes a base board 1 and a stand 8 which is hingedly connected at 9 to the back surface of the board 1. may be of any desired shape and the stand 8 preferably includes a bottom substantially flat edge In which i disposed slightly above the level of the bottom edge of the board 1. The stand 8 also comprises upwardly converging edges II and I2, the former of which is disposed behind and vertically along the central portion of the board I and retained adjacent thereto by a hinge member 9, which may be any number, and each of which include an elongated flexible member having one end suitably secured to the back surface of the board I and its opposite end secured to a side of the stand 8 andradjacent the edge I2, so that the stand 8 may be folded against the back of the board 1 or disposed at substantially a right angle thereto. When the stand 8 is disposed in its last mentioned position, substantially at a right angle to the board 1, as illustrated in Figures 2 and 3, the bottom edge ill will rest on any suitable supporting surface and the inner edge of the bottom surface of the board i will also engage said surface for supporting the easel 6 in an upright, opposite position and with the board 1 disposed at an incline, as best illustrated in Figure 2. The parts I and 8 of the easel 6 may be formed of any suitable material, preferably cardboard.

A plurality of plies l3, l4, I5 and I6 of paper or other suitable material are disposed against the other, forward side of the board 1 in superposed relationship relatively to one another. Each of said plies contains indicia H on the outer side thereof which may be applied thereto in any suitable manner as by printing or lithographing and which may be in various colors and include pictures or other illustrations in addition to a written message identifying a manufacturer and/or a commodity or commodities sold by him and which indicia ll may be designed and drafted to conform to the particular season of the year when it is to be used. The sheets 13, M, l5 and I5 each has an adhesive coating I8 applied to the inner or back sides thereof and The board 1 l by means of which said sheets are secured in superimposed relationship and also by means of which the bottom-most sheet I6 is fastened to the front surface of the board 1. Each adhesive coating I8 is preferably of a type which will leave no more than a slight transparent film on the sheet, previously disposed therebeneath, when removed.

While four sheets containing the advertising matter I! have been illustrated, it will be readily I.

obvious that any number of sheets may be utilized and that an entire new group of sheets may be applied to the board 1 after all the sheets of a previous group have been removed therefrom.

In an advertising poster 5 as thus disclosed and previously described, it will be readily apparent that a salesman in making his periodic visits to retailers where the posters 5 are displayed, may strip off the outermost sheet for displaying a new advertising message on the sheet, which is disposed therebeneath, and thus will be required to dispose of only a single sheet instead of an entire poster, and will be required to carry none of the advertisements for distribution except at infrequent periods when an entire group of the sheets are replaced, so that not only a considerable amount of time of the salesman is saved but considerable expense is avoided in the production of the posters or advertising mediums 5.

Various modifications and changes are contemplated and may obviously be resorted to,

without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention as hereinafter defined by the appended claim.

I claim:

An advertising device comprising a plurality of superposed sheets each having an outer side bearing advertising indicia and an inner or back side containing an adhesive coating completely covering said back side, said sheets being secured together by the adhesive coatings and the innermost sheet being adapted to be removably secured to a rigid base member by the adhesive coating thereof, said adhesive coatings permitting the sheets to be detached one by one from the outermost to the innermost, and said adhesive coatings each being of a type which when detached from the outer side of the sheet disposed therebehind will leave only a transparent film on the indicia bearing outer side thereof.


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