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Publication numberUS2549681 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 17, 1951
Filing dateJun 30, 1947
Priority dateJan 26, 1946
Publication numberUS 2549681 A, US 2549681A, US-A-2549681, US2549681 A, US2549681A
InventorsHerbert Goldstaub Heinz
Original AssigneeHerbert Goldstaub Heinz
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Pillbox and like container of small articles
US 2549681 A
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Aprii 17, 195E H. H. GOLDSTAUB 2,549,?!

PILL BOX AND LIKE CONTAINER OF SMALL ARTICLES Filed June 50, 1947 Patented Apr. 17, 1951 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFHCE PILLBOX AND LIKE CONTAINER OF SMALL ARTICLES Heinz Herbert Goldstaub, Snaresbrook, England Application June 30, 1947, Serial No. 757,997 In Great Britain January 26, 1946 sumable rather than refillable, attractive in appearance and sufiiciently thin to be regarded as acceptable for use in a pocket or in a handbag.

The invention consists in'a pill box or the like, as referred to above, formed from two halves made of workable material, such as plastic material, or metal, or like convenient material, circular in shape, or adapted for rotation, making a snap rotatable locking fit and provided with registrable delivery openings, with or without a window through which the contents may be seen.

The invention also consists in pill boxes or the like substantially as herein described.

Referring to the accompanying diagrammatic drawings:

Figure 1 is a plan view of the inside of one half of a pill box according to one form of the invention;

Figure 2 is a plan view of the inside of the other half Figure 3 is an elevation of the pill box showing the semi-openings out of. register;

Figure 4 is an elevation showing semi-openings in register; g

Figure 5 is a sectional elevation at right angles to the position of Figure 4.

In carrying the invention into effect in the form illustrated by way of example, the pill box is formed of two circular flanged discs at and b approximately 2" in diameter, suitably formed at the periphery so that when pressed together they constitute a flat rotatable fit. Each disc is provided with a flange f which is undercut, for example .05", as shown in Figure 5. Each disc is provided on its periphery with what may be termed a semi-opening, as shown at c, that is .to say an opening which of itself is insufficient in size to permit the shaking out of a pill or whatever it is intended the box shall contain, as shown in Figure 3, but when registered with its co-part opening, as shown in Figure 4, forms an aperture of such size that its contents may readily be shaken out.

The pills or the like are inserted into the box, either during manufacture before the two halves are snapped together, or they may be inserted by any desired method through the registered aperture. After filling in this way a slight rotation of one of the halves of the box with respect to the other seals the contents by throwing the two halves of the opening out of a register as shown in Figure 3. They are readily brought into register by rotation and then a pill or the like can be abstracted by gentle shaking.

If desired, a window at canbe provided in one or both halves of the box for inspection of the contents by forming a hole of suitable diameter and covering it with transparent material 6. The two halves of the box may be as like as possible, or one may be approximately flat, and the other somewhat domed, as shown in the drawings.

I claim:

A pill box composed of two disc-like members provided with peripheral flanges, the flanges being provided with means on their meeting edges forming a detachable snap fastening between the flanges and capable of allowing relative rotation of the disc-like members, the flanges having a height less than the diameter of the pills which are receivable in the box and each flange having a semi-circular opening less than the height of the flange and smaller than the diameter of the pill but which when arranged in registration on rotation of the members provides a circular opening of a diameter greater than one of the pills to enable the passage of a pill therethrough.


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