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Publication numberUS2550954 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 1, 1951
Filing dateMar 17, 1947
Priority dateMar 17, 1947
Publication numberUS 2550954 A, US 2550954A, US-A-2550954, US2550954 A, US2550954A
InventorsBenedict Lloyd D
Original AssigneeCatherine Marcella Campion, Grace Beata Cheevers, Marie Isadora Malone
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Combination sheet-containing frame and beneficiating reagent receptacle
US 2550954 A
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May 1, 1951 D. BENEDICT COMBINATION SHEET-CONTAINING FRAME AND BENEFICIATING REAGENT RECEPTACLE Filed March 17, 1947 \\u\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\N\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\-\\\\\\\\\\\\\k IN V EN TOR.

BY I} B l atentecl May 1 195i ooMerNarrlonzsnss'r-ooN'rAmINe FnAii/Isi AND BENEFICIATING REAGENT RECEP- TACLE Isadora Mal6ne,' Catherine I and Grace BeatE-Cheever'sf Chia nership Application 1947: seiiai 6; (o1. 31'2 352 l controvene and counteract' any undesirable odors thatprevafl within the treatedspace.

ln addition tojthe above function, thereis another functionperformed efliciently by this cabi-I neti By providing the face of the cabinet with a rr men is possible to mount therein'any desir :ablebbjectuseful for its aestheticfcultur'al or utilitarian value. For instance, it has been found quite highly useful to mount within said frame of the cabinet, a mirror, picture or any other display of various kinds. V I

Itfmayf also be desirable, to utilizea' portion of the face of the cabinet enclosed by the frame to display thereon some pertinent message advertising the wares of a manufacturer. The balance oftheface" may have a mirror, picture or anything else desired.

When the improved type of cabinet is used then this'matter can be very conveniently and readily changed and removed by an authorized person; Unauthorized or mischievous persons are deterred and even prevented in their attempts to tamper with contents. I

Furthermore, the construction of the cabinet is so designed and devised that noone can tamper with the interior of the frame or of the reagent holding receptacle unless a special key is provided to unlock the entire cabinet assembly.

It therefore is one object of this invention to. provide a cabinet with a receptacle for a reagent" that capable 'of beneficiatiii'g' the atmosphere within the treated space. v V I 7 Another object of this inventioniis' top'rov'ide' a means whereby advertising messages and other notices can be displayed conspicuously in an'attractive but'useful manner.

A still further object of this invention isto provide a means whereby the said display orotherl exhibit is securely fastened behind a'pane' of glass neither' of which can be tampered with by the public unless they are destroyed.

iili n ri v n i s o" r; d nieri he b' t efi eet r p acle satee b il a d e' veniently opened, charged andclosed effectively againsttamperingby malicious individuals'of the publici I h u 'Ilhesefland otherobiects, adaptations; variations ai1d,"m0difications of the runaamntar co underlying-the principles of this inventionfcan.

ireflectiveie wri lucid? and definite description given hereinb'elow' and as, iurther sh9wn and illustra't'd'iii the "annexed paftfof" this disclosure.

as reser e '0? of t m n 'e' plic'ation's to which this invention can be readily adapted.

partly broken} away andin section showing" one" ofthe many applications.

Figure 2 is asectiojntakenaiong lines 2 2 o'f its integral side extension bent inwardly to-the' tents-bf th receptac e" aiia frafne intact and free herei'iil'desijgna tedike par'tsfin the different views of the drawings." Theirnpr'mfed of s acker bas wise 'tr'eated metallic sheet, plastic, etc:

itsouter edge and preferabl of} the distan 'e' 'of "the *tvfofsidefs and all {ofthe bottom m; s" jmmastandmg anw nwarmy d1: rect'ediiafige I2.- I uke rim 1 4 about of the'outer erimetei' of orfluie said paelgiiifg m eenage into'a straight df e id is fies. cleared; fi i 1 r o'i' tt thing i 1d backing H],

be; eadily discernedandidevised'by one 'skilled' I t considered under any-cork: essed i 'r' implied as a limitation of- H A V l nu-or the p inciples"un erl i g this 'i'nve'nt'on ut libiildf be considered purely" type 'ofa displa'y cabinet cdnsi'sts |0 which may be madeof any" suitab materj1s1 sech -ss "a galv nizedfor other 'bs a'ntiaily most" H Though ses the f an e n2 extends;

metastasis- 12. are

3 wise, if it is desired, the receptacle I 8 may be attached to the lower end of the backing II]. If used in this manner it may be utilized as a shelf by a slight chan e in contour.

Near the upper part of the longitudinal edges of said backing ID, are two outstanding substantially semicircular tab-like extensions l6 that are folded at right angles to the base In. A curved receptacle l8 of such form and shape as to fit between the said tab-like extensions I6 is provided to hold the air beneficiating reagent. A number of perforations or openings are placed therein to provide the reagent access to the air so that it can perform its function of beneficiating the atmosphere. The end walls 22 of the receptacle 18 are in close juxtaposition with the said tab-like extensions it. A retaining wall 24 extends transversely across the back of the receptacle is to form a hollow between itself and the curved front wall portions to retain therein the reagent in position and to prevent it from pouring down along the base face It} into the cavity provided for display purposes beneath the receptacle I8. The receptacle I3 is held in place and juxtaposition between the said tab-like extensions 16 by rivets 26 or some other means which also acts as a shaft about which the receptacle can swing into an open or closed position as shown in detail in Figure 2. The

rotatable hinge 26 is so placed in position on the tab-like extension l6 that entry is permitted to remove or replace the contents of the cavity below the receptacle [8.

For sake of convenience, it is preferred that the receptacle IB is so pivoted about the axis 26 that it center of gravity automatically forces it into an open position when the restraining bolt and nut lock means 28 is removed. This action facilitates easier removal of the advertising matter and contents from the interior of the display cavity and the receptacle IS.

A long bolt 28 is inserted transversely thru holes 30 bored in the walls of the outer tab-like extensions l6 and the end walls 22 of the receptacle I8. A capped nut 32 of a lock design having therein three holes to receive a similarly shaped pronged key, engages the threads of the bolt 28 and fastened tightly into place by means of such key. It looks the receptacle in place to prevent pilfering and unauthorized tampering of the contentsof the receptacle as well as of the contents held in the cavity space beneath the said receptacle. For illustrative purposes, the drawings show a round nut having in its face three holes; Into these fits a pronged key of substantially similar spatial arrangement which grips the nut and then it can be readily fastened tight. It is obvious that other types of closures can be used, but it has been found that this particular type is effective for the general purpose of preventing substantially tampering of the contents by unauthorized persons.

The cavity 14 provided by the inturned flanges 12 contains sufiicient space to retain therein placards, pictures, mirrors, glass, etc. that may be desired to be placed on exhibition. A pane of glass 34 is retained between the inturned flanges l2. Any other suitable material such as any of the transparent plastics, like polystyrene, acetates, methacrylates, etc. may also be used in place of glass to provide a non-breakable surface. Between the backing l0, and the glass 34 is inserted a, message or placard 36, or a mirror 38, or a picture 40, or anything else of somewhat similar nature that one may wish to display to ell) the general public or within the home. A spacer (not shown) may be used if the displayed material is very thin. It is obvious that these inserts such as the placard, pictures, advertising, etc. can be readily removed by opening the receptacle l8, and swinging it about the pivoted hinge 26. When the receptacle is replaced in the closed position, the contents of the receptacle and of the cavity below the receptacle are firmly locked against intruders by the tightened lock nut 32.

Though not forming a part of this invention, the reagent that is used in the beneficiation of the atmosphere may consist of the various chlorinated aliphatic and aromatic compounds or other well known materials such as toluene, naphthalenes, activated charcoals, etc. It is preferred to use these in tablet form to permit a larger active surface area.

It is quite obvious that it is possible to vary considerably the details, modifications, extensions and variations of this invention as well as of the specific illustrations given above and embodying this invention, without departing from the spirit and scope of the fundamental concepts underlying the principles of this invention as described herein and defined in the hereunto appended claims.

I claim:

1. A cabinet for displaying information and treatin air, comprising a flat backing, one end and substantial portions of the longitudinal edges thereof having an inturned flange, an opening in said flange at its uppermost portion whereby sheet-like material may be inserted into and retained therebetween, tab-like projections extending outwardly from said backing near uppermost portions of said longitudinal edges and in juxtaposition to said openings, a receptacle for air beneficiating reagents suspended across the top of said openings between said tab-like extensions, a means for pivotally mounting said receptacle between said tabs and a means to lock the said receptacle against the flat backing, whereby the said sheet-like material is held within the flange and simultaneously the receptacle is closed.

2. In the combination of claim 1, wherein the said flanges along the perimeter of said sheet terminates substantially about the bottom of the ends of said mounted receptacle, the said receptacle pivotally mounted between said outwardly extending projections, the said receptacle when open permits the sheets to slide past it into the recesses formed by said inturned flang and when closed its lowermost edge rests on top of the opening of said flange and said sheets inserted therebetween.

3. In the combination of claim 1, wherein the face of said receptacle is a container having apertures therein and is mounted in close parallel juxtaposition with said backing.

4. A combination deodorizer and advertising message display cabinet suitable for use in public areas and being substantially tamp-erproof comprising a flat backing sheet, tab-like projections extending outwardly at right angles to said backing sheet about the uppermost portions of the 1ongitudinal edges of said backing sheet, an outward- 1y projecting but inwardly facing flange forming a perimeter about the balance of said edges of said fiat backing sheet, a transparent sheet and advertising message engaged by said flange-like perimeter, a receptacle mounted between said tabs directly over the opening of said flange and across the face of said backing sheet, a means to receptacle.

5. In the combination of claim 4, wherein the said tab-like extensions and perimeter are an integral unit with said backing sheet.

6. In the combination of claim 4 wherein the bottom of the said receptacle has an upwardly extending transverse rear wall.

7. In the combination of claim 4, wherein the said receptacle is axially mounted within t-he said tab-like extensions the said axial mounting being offset to center of said receptacle whereby is can open automatically to receive a chargg of air treating reagent when the lock is remoiked.

8. A combined display and deodorizing cabinet comprising a backing sheet having inwardly disposed flange-like members about substantial portions of the edges of said sheet, onejor more transparent sheets engaged by said flangelike members, a display mounted betweensaid 20 2.

transparent sheet and said backing sheet, interal tab-like projections extending forwardly from said backing on the edges near the open end, a receptacle for air beneficiation reagents mounted directly across the opening of said space enclosed between the outstanding flange-like members, a means to mount said receptacle and a means to lock the said receptacle whereby the contents of said receptacle and said sheets held between saidf'outstanding flanges are rendered substantially tamperproof.


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