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Publication numberUS2551509 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 1, 1951
Filing dateDec 17, 1947
Priority dateJan 3, 1947
Publication numberUS 2551509 A, US 2551509A, US-A-2551509, US2551509 A, US2551509A
InventorsThomas Smith Frederick
Original AssigneeM S P Luxi Products Ltd
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Baby carrier
US 2551509 A
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F. T. SMITH BABY CARRIER May L M51 Filed DeG. 17, 1947 FIG! up v ATTORNEYS Patented May l, 1951 STATES PATENT OFFICE BABY CARRIER Application December 17, 1947, Serial No. 792,116

UNITED In Great Britain January 3, 1947 1 Claim.

This invention relates to improvements in carrying cots for infants,

The object of the invention is a carrying cot for infants the sides of which will not splay out and which will retain its shape when in use.

According to the invention the cot comprises flexible sides, ends and bottom formed with pockets to receive rigid supports and an apron permanently affixed to the sides and one end and divided longitudinally, access being had to the interior through the divided apron which when in use is closed by a slide fastener to prevent the sides from splaying outwards, when the cot is being carried.

The cot is carried by two bands or straps 2l sewn or otherwise attached to the sides of the cot and may extend transversely under the bottom thereof.

The inner surface of the sides and ends of the cot may be padded or quilted,

I claim:

A carrying cot for infants, comprising a substantially rectangular body having sides, head and foot ends and a bottom composed of flexible material, a rigid base above the bottom, stiffening slats extending transversely of the base, the sides having therein in spaced relation to the head end pockets extending upwardly from the base sub- A further feature of the invention is the prostantially to the upper edges thereof, stiifening vision of extended sides and end at the head end members in said pockets extending substantially to form a wind shield. to the tops thereof, a flexible apron extending The invention will be described with reference longitudinally between the upper portions of the to the accompanying drawings: sides from the foot end and terminating adjacent Fig. 1 is a longitudinal section of the cot, 20 to said stiflening members, the apron having its Fig. 2 is a plan on line 2-2, Fig. l, lateral edges secured to the respective sides and Fig. 3 is a perspective view to a smaller scale, being divided longitudinally intermediately of its Fig. 4 is a perspective plan View. width, a slide fastener for securing together the The cot is constructed with sides, ends and dividing edges of the apron, the head end of the bottom Eil of iiexible material and is retained in body having a pocket therein exending across and position to receive an infant by transverse stiifenaround its upper edge and along the upper edges ing members 01' SldS l l 0f rigid material aiXed of the sides to the pockets therein, and a stiffening t0 a rigid base l2 adapted to lie on the flexible rod in the pocket around the upper edgeV of the material forming the bottom. Further stiffening head end and along the upper edges of the sides members i3 of rigid material are inserted in pock- 30 and extending to the stiffening members in the ets lli in the sides of the flexible material, these upwardly extending pockets in the sides and to rockets l@ beine provided at the head end, at the adjacent end of the apron and resting at its the foot end and/0r part Way alone the length. ends on the upper ends of said stiffening members The head end is provided with an extension and cooperating therewith to rigidify and thus i5 projecting above the upper edge of the sides to 35 prevent collapse of the head end of the body. form a wind shield. In order to prevent the head FREDERICK THOMAS SMITH. end from closing in, a stiifening rod I6 extends longitudinally along each side and across the REFERENCES CITED end, a pocket Il being formed in the flexible material around the head end to receive the rod I6. l'nf gtgeriferens are of record m the A mattress i8 may be provided above the rigid base l2 to receive the infant. UNITED STATES PATENTS The cot is closed by a flexible apron I9 extend- Number Name Date ing from the foot end to a point adjacent to the 1,453,942 Mills May 1, 1923 head end. The apron is formed in two parts 1,462,897 Barto July 24, 1923 divided longitudinally and permanently secured 1,523,217 J'uerges Jan. 13, 1925 along its sides to the upper edges of the sides and 1,605,473 Schneidau Nov. 2, 1926 foot end of the cot. The longitudinal divided 2,324,495 Deming July 20, 1943 edges of the apron I9 are connected together when in use by a slide fastener 20, the apron FOREIGN PATENTS thus preventing the sides of the cot from splaying Number Country Date outwardsl 653,681 Germany Aug. 11, 1938

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Cooperative ClassificationA47D13/02
European ClassificationA47D13/02