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Publication numberUS2552819 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 15, 1951
Filing dateJul 8, 1946
Priority dateJul 8, 1946
Publication numberUS 2552819 A, US 2552819A, US-A-2552819, US2552819 A, US2552819A
InventorsLudwig Schwarzmayr
Original AssigneeLudwig Schwarzmayr
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Refrigerating device for cars
US 2552819 A
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May 15, 1951 L. scHwARzMAYR REFRIGERATING DEVICE F'OR CARS Filed July 8, 1946 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 a. frz


L. scHwARzMAYR REFRIGERATING DEVICE FOR CARS May 15, 1951 l2 sheets-sheet 2 Filed July 8, 1946 Patented May l5, 1951 uNi'iEDA STATES PATENT OFFICE v 2,552,819A REFRIGERATING DEvIcEFoRoARs Ludwig sehwarzmayr, sanFranciscacalif;

Application Julyfs,

194s, srial Noi-682,004

4 Claims. (Cl. 62%139)` My invention relates to improvements'in cars.-

One object of the invention is to provide a car with a cooling device erate.`

which is inexpensive to op- Another object is which the air pressure is reduced below the normal'atrriospheric pressureso as to increase vaporation of water providing the cooling agent for the car. Y "A further object is to for conventional cars be mounted on a car or.

provide a cooling device Which conveniently can1 removed therefrom.

. 2 air inlet 25 'of the tunnel 22'1s relatively'smalland4 The car I travels' inthe the outlet 2`6is larger. direction indicated by the arrow 21, and theair vides an insulation against cold. The Figs. 3, 4 and 5 show a of the car 3| The rubber tank 35 has flanges 38, 38 which support the casing 39 forming the sides 40, 4U and the top 4l the outside of the drains 45 are secured to the legs 44 by the screws 48, 48.

Upon the bottom 36 of 49 to which water is distributed from the perforcar is put to use so that a considerable cooling of the interior of the car is effected by the time the car is put to use.

As is shown in the drawings the inlet 58 of the tunnel 34 is relatively small and the outlet 59 is larger so that when the car travels a low air pressure zone is produced. in the tunnel 34, so as to increase vaporization of Water providing Vthe cooling means for the car.V

' The cooling device described above can be removed without dimculty when not needed. A

frame work of the g-arage and having holding toV engage the underside of the top 4| of the tunspective case and the clamps 41 removed or secured; No drawing of the elevating device is shown and it forms nopart of the invention. I claim: y

e V1. In a car, a-car body provided with an upper structure comprising a tunnel aligned with the direction of travel, Water distributing means in said tunnel arranged to distributeV water over theV bottom of the tunnel, said tunnel having a relatively small inlet and an outlet larger than said inlet to reduce the air pressure in the tunnel during movement of the car.

2. In aY car, a carY body having a top, 'a tunnel removably mounted on said top and being aligned with the direction of travel and comprising a rubber tank having a bottom of aV contour corresponding With the Vcontour of said top and forming the bottom of the tunnel, a casing arranged With respect tosaidtank to form the V roof and sides of said tunnel, and means to deliver VWater to said tank.

convenient method of mounting and dismount-V ing the tunnel is by providing a conventionalA elevating device suspended fromvthe overhead e means adapted to be inserted itothe tunnelv nel so that the tunnel may be elevated or placedA A down on top of the car as required inthe re- 3. In a. car, a car body having a top, a tunnel aligned with the direction of travel and having a relatively small inlet and an outlet larger than saidinlet and being removably mounted on said 5 top and comprising a rubber tank having a bottom 'of a contour corresponding with the contour lof said top, a casing arranged with respect tosaid tank to form the sides and top of the tunnel, said casing having members engaging 10 the sijdes of said tank to retain the tank in posi-V tionf and supporting means secured to said cas- VV ing and being releasably secured to members of said body.

-4. A car having a body provided with an upper 15 structure comprising a tunnel aligned with its direction of travelfwater distributing means in said.,tunne1 arranged to distribute Water over the bottom of said tunnel, the sides of said body chambers and being connected with the bottom 25 of said tunnel to receive Water therefrom and leading to said tank, substantially as described.


REFERENCES CITED The following references are of record in the le or! this patent: l

" UNITEDSTATES PATENTS Number Name Date 51 2,151,097 l Germonprez Mar. 2l, 1939 .2,2.4 l,843 Buddrus et al. May 13, 1941 Y vFOREIGN PATENTS Number Country Date GreatBritain Apr. 19, 1937 having spaced walls forming chambers there- 20 between, a water supply tank arranged at the

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International ClassificationB60H1/32
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European ClassificationB60H1/32B