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Publication numberUS2553676 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 22, 1951
Filing dateJul 20, 1946
Priority dateSep 5, 1945
Publication numberUS 2553676 A, US 2553676A, US-A-2553676, US2553676 A, US2553676A
InventorsJacob Roos Francois
Original AssigneeJacob Roos Francois
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Memo pad device for attachment to wrist watch straps, bracelets, and the like
US 2553676 A
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May 22, l F. J. Roos 2,553,676


THE LIKE Francois Jacob Roos, Arcadia, Pretoria, Transvaal, Union of- South Africa Application July 20, 1946; Serial No. 68532.30 In the Union of South Africa September 5,1945

3 Claims, l l

This invention relates toy a memo pad device, which is of such a nature that it may conveniently be secured, either permanently or detachably, to a wrist watch strap, bracelet or the like. An object of the invention is to provide Va device of this nature, which can bev attached as described so as to-be in a convenient position for the taking down of notes and like memoranda and which, being continually in view, acts as a reminder to the wearer.

According to the invention' the memo pad device consists of a backing plate, a plurality of leaves of writing material attached thereto, as also an outer cover adapted to be detachably secured in the closed position over the leaves and further characterised in that the backing plate is adapted to be detachably or permanently secured to a wrist watch strap, bracelet or the like. The memo pad is of relatively small size and is arranged to be attached to a strap'-y or the like in a longitudinal direction, so that it is in a convenient position for the writing down of notes. by the wearer. In addition the backing plate andthe' outer cover 'of' the device are curved' to rlt theV curvature of the' wrist or other limb or member to which the d'evi'ce is' to be attached, so that it may be worn comfortably and will not be unsightly.

vThe backing plate which is preferably of' stainless metal, is inl one form lprovided with a slot at least at each end through Vvwhich the watch strap, bracelet or the like isadapted to be threaded for securing purposes. l According to another form, the backing plate is provided with a plurality of tags projecting from its sides, which tags are adapted either to be bent over so as to clasp the watch strap or the like, or to pass through the strap and bent over, so that the device as a whole is securely fastened thereto. The leaves are preferably of celluloid or similar material from which pencil marks may be readily erased, and they are hingedly attached to one end of the said backing plate by means of eyes, rings or the like. The cover member, likewise hingedly attached to the same end, is preferably formed from transparent plastic material such as that known under the trade mark names of Perspex and Plexiglas or similar transparent compositions which may be readily bent or formed to the form required and which are preferably not brittle and resist scratching. The aforementioned transparent cover member, hingedly attached to the backing plate at one end, is adapted to be attached to the backing plate at the other end, by a simple operated catch,

2 preferably of the spring type,- In a. preferred. construction this catch ts into av small notch or groove in the end of the cover member where.- by it is prevented from sideways movement. while at the same time itv is. secured in position over the leaves.

In order that the invention may be more. clearly understood and carried into practie reference. is now made to the acompanying sheet fdrawings in which like reference numerals, refer to. like parts throughout the several views.

In the drawings:

Fig. l is a fragmentary isometric view of a watch strap to which a memo pad, vconstructed according to the present invention, is secured;`

Fig. 2 is an exploded. isometricV view. ofV thememo pad shown in Fig. 1; l

Fig. 3 is a longitudinal cross-section of the memo pad shown in Fig. 1; n Y

Fig. 4 is anenlarged view of portion IfV of Fig. 3;

Fig. 5 is an underplan view ofV a modified form of backing plate; and l i A i Fig. 6 isa cross-section taken on line of Fig. 5 drawn to an enlarged scale.

Referring to the drawings,l a watch is denoted by reference numeral i andV thestrap vattachedy to the said watch I is denoted 4by referencepumeral- 2. The memo pad consists. `of a backing; plate-3', a plurality of leaves of writing mate alv 4 (of which only two are illustrated) the; transparent outer cover 5. Theleaves 4 are 19,- cated between the cover 5 and the backing plateY 3. The leaves 4 and the cover 5 are hingedly secured to the end 1 of the backing plate 3 by means of rings 6, while the clip 9, provided on the opposite end 8 of the backing plate 3, is adapted to hold the free end of said cover 5 in ready detachable fashion.

The backing plate 3 which is preferably constructed from stainless steel, is provided with a plurality of tags I0 projecting from its sides (see Fig. 2) which are capable of being bent over so as to clasp the watch strap 2 or the like (see Figs. 3, 4, 5 and 6).

The cover 5 and leaves 4 are each provided with two spaced holes I I, for engagement by the rings 6 which in turn engage in two pairs of spaced holes I2 provided in end 'I of the backing plate 3.

The clamp or clip 9 preferably consists of a substantially Z-shaped member, having a pair of outwardly extending projections I3 adapted for engagement under curved brackets or like pro- `iections I4 constructed integrally with the backing plate 3. The clip 9 is continually held in contact with the said curved brackets I4 by a tongue-like portion I5 cut out of the backing plate 3 which tongue acts after the fashion of a leaf spring. Said tongue-like projection I5 presses against the clip 9 to permit it being resiliently held in the closed and open positions.

A small counter sunk notch or groove I6 is provided in the free end of the cover 5 for engagement by the clip 9.

In the modified form of construction of the backing plate as illustrated in Figs. 5 and 6, the rings B are eliminated and eyes I'I formed by portions of the backing plate which are stamped therefrom and bent to the required shape as is clearly shown in Fig. 6.

The free ends of the leaves 4 are provided with notches I9 to provide for a vclearance for the brackets I4 and to ensure close contact of the cover 5 and said leaves with the backing plate 3, when clamped by the clip 9.

. In order to prevent sideways movement of the leaves 4 and the cover 5, the backing plate 3 is provided with a plurality of outwardly extending projections I8 which extend substantially perpendicular to the upper surface of the said backing plate 3 for locating the leaves 4 and the cover 5 in their correct positions and also for :facilitating the writing down of notes on the leaves 4 when the cover 5 is in its open position.

Due to the provision of projections I8 the free end of the cover 5 need not have the notch I6 for engagement by the clip 9 but it is desirable that the clipl 9 should engage in a countersunk impression in the cover in order to avoid the hooking of said clip onto clothes or the like.

All sharp edges and corners are rounded off to prevent the hooking of the memo pad on the clothing of the wearer.

Although the backing plate is preferably manufactured from stainless steel any other suitable metal or material could also be used.

l What I claim is:

1. A memo pad device for attachment to a wriststrap, comprising a relatively rigid backing plate having means associated therewith for attaching it to such a strap, a plurality of substantially similar leaves of memo-receiving mation overlying said leaves, a clip of relatively rigid material, associated with the other end of the backing plate, having an upright portion extending upwardly from said plate coextensively with the thickness of the leaves and with at least a portion of the thickness of the cover, and a linger, integral with the upper end of said upright portion and extending laterally therefrom to a position overlying a marginal portion of the other end of the cover whereby to hold the latter in its said closed position.

2. A memo pad device according to claim l, the clip being substantially Z-shaped, the said iinger constituting one extremity of the Z and the clip having an arm, constituting the other extremity of the'Z, and a pair of laterally outwardly and oppositely extending pintle projections; and the backing plate having spaced projections with which the said pintle projections are in pivotal engagement and a resilient tongue-like member adapted to yieldably press against said arm and thereby hold the clip with its pintle projections in such pivotal engagement with the spaced proj ectio-ns on the backing plate; the mentioned pressing of the tongue-like member against the arm of the clip serving to hold the latters finger yieldably in its said position overlying the marginal portion of the said other end of the cover.

3. A memo pad device according to claim l, the said other end of the cover having a notch formed therein, and the mentioned upright portion of the clip being positioned to extend into said notch when the cover is in closed position y to restrain the latter against sidewise movement.


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Cooperative ClassificationB42D5/006
European ClassificationB42D5/00B1A