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Publication numberUS2553923 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 22, 1951
Filing dateSep 11, 1948
Priority dateSep 11, 1948
Publication numberUS 2553923 A, US 2553923A, US-A-2553923, US2553923 A, US2553923A
InventorsLambert Ralph E
Original AssigneeLambert Ralph E
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Wrapping paper comprising single face corrugated board and integral fly webs
US 2553923 A
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May 22, 1951 2,553,923




Applicationseptember 11, 1948,- Serial No. 48,828

(!. ace-.59)

4 Claims.

This inventionrelates-flora -roll; of wrapping paper comprising single face corrugated board and integral fly webs.

The wrapping material stockused in the roll may be of the general order; ofthat. disclosed in Morton-Patent No. 1,148,115, which includes. a so called single face corrugatedboard in which the facing-sheet is extended laterally beyond therends of the corrugations to provide end closures when thematerial is used to wrap anarticleiforshipment. As disclosed in the Morton patent, the material is virtually limited by practical considerations to the wrapping of one single article for which it is designed. There has been a demand for a wrapper of the above nature which can be supplied in roll form.

The present invention seeks to provide a roll of wrapping material of substantial length, from which sections can be separated as needed, the sale of the material in roll form being made practicable by reason of the fact that the material as rolled is so folded as to be substantially of uniform thickness throughout its width and length. This objective is achieved by folding the free margins of the fly web upon the back of the composite material so that such margins neither project from the corrugated board in the roll nor are they folded on to the face thereof. For use, the direction of fold of the fly web margins is reversed from the position in which such margins are folded in the roll.

The invention will be better understood and its objectives more fully explained in connection with the following disclosure, wherein Fig. 1 is a view in perspective of a completed roll embodying the invention as it appears when mounted for use.

Fig. 2 is a view in perspective showing a section of the material which has been severed from the material of the roll and is spread out for the purpose of Wrapping anobject which has been deposited thereon.

Fig. 3 is an enlarged fragmentary detail view showing in perspective a slightly modified embodiment of the invention.

Fig. 4 is a View in perspective showing a package resulting from the completion of the wrapping operation initiated in Fig. 2.

The basic material from which my completed roll is made comprises a strip 5 of corrugated stock which extends longitudinally of a facing web 6, the side marginal portions 1, 8 of which project laterally from the corrugated strip 5 and are known as fly sheets. The corrugated strip 5 is adhesively fastened to the web 6 in the customary manner in which; single f ace 00171111- gated boardisv made. The resulting product-is, as clearly shown--in-Figs. 2 and 3, materially thicker at-itscenter; due'to 'the'corrugated ma.- terial 5, than it is along its flyleaf-marginsfl and 8, where only a single 1013' of paper web isused.

In consequence; ,ifthe material :thus --made is rolled up,-the central portion of the resultingroll will be relatively-bulky, while -the .endsof. the

'roll, made-upofthethinnerflysheet margins 1 and 8,..Wi11-b61005621116..willla9kfiub5tanq and will be easily damaged.

Accordingly, I fold the fly sheet margins I and 8 onto the back of the web 6 to underlie the corrugated strip 5. The fold lines are indicated at 9 and I0 and are immediately adjacent the borders of such strip. The width of the fly sheet marginal portions 1 and 8 is preferably such that they approximately meet along the center line of web 6 at the back thereof, although the width of the fly sheet margins may be increased or decreased according to the requirements.

The resulting product shown in Fig. 1 may readily be rolled to make up the roll shown at I2, all portions of which, from side to side of the web of material wound therein, contain substantially the same amount of stock so that the roll is of uniform density or substance from end to end. Such a roll not only requires materially less shippin space but is not subject to damage in dropping and is readily torn or cut into desired lengths for use. When a given piece of the material has been out to desired length, the fly sheet margins thereof are unfolded to the position shown in Fig. 2, the article I I is placed thereon, and the article is wrapped to comprise the package shown at IS in Fig. 4. The wrapping may involve either folding the corrugated material over the article and later tucking in the fly sheet margins, or it may involve folding the fly sheet margins over the article and subsequently rolling the article up within the central part of the web which includes the corrugated board 5. These possible modes of use will be familiar to those skilled in the art and, having no relation to the present invention, are not illustrated, the resultin package being substantially the same in either case, as shown in Fig. 4.

The web 6 may comprise more than one ply. If a second ply is used, its width is preferably limited to the width of the corrugated strip 5 as indicated in Fig. 3 where a ply M of backing paper intervenes between the corrugated strip 5 and the web '6, without other rchange. The score or fold line lll upon which the fly sheet margin 8 is folded reversely for the purposes of the roll l2 and is folded upwardly for the purpose of wrapping, remains the same in Fig. 3 as in the construction of Fig. 2.

In any case, the roll of the present invention solves the problem of providing wrapping material of the corrugated type in a form for general use. The roll is easily made and easily shipped and easily handled by the user.

I claim:

1. As a new article of manufacture, a cylindrical roll of wrapping material, said roll having a uniform number of plies substantially throughout its length and width and comprising a corrugated protective strip, and a backing web adhesively connected therewith and having free fly sheet margins folded directly upon the backing web on the opposite face thereof from that which is connected with said corrugated strip, said margins being adapted to be unfolded for use, its initial direction of fold being opposite to the direction in which the margins project when in use, the lines of fold of said margins being at the ends of the roll, and the said backing web and fly sheet margins and corrugated strip being rolled unitarily in cylindrical form with the inwardly folded fly sheet margins on the inside.

2. The roll of wrapping material defined in claim 1 in which the fly sheet margins of said backing web are in proximity on the back side of the web intermediate the ends of the roll.

3. The roll of wrapping material defined in claim 1 in which a second ply of wrapping material intervenes between the corrugated strip and the web of wrapping material first mentioned and is adhesively attached to both to provide the adhesive connection therebetween, said second ply having substantially the width of said corrugated strip.

4. As a new article of manufacture, a cylindrical roll of wrapping material comprising (a, packing web of substantial thickness and a backing web in adhesive face connection with the packing web and having free fly sheet margins folded directly upon the backing web on the opposite face thereof from that with which the packing web is connected, the said margins being adapted to be unfolded for use, and the lines of fold of said margins being exposed at the ends of the roll.


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