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Publication numberUS2554340 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 22, 1951
Filing dateJul 26, 1949
Priority dateJul 26, 1949
Publication numberUS 2554340 A, US 2554340A, US-A-2554340, US2554340 A, US2554340A
InventorsHuppe Maxwell Vera
Original AssigneeHuppe Maxwell Vera
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Baby carrier
US 2554340 A
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May 22, 1951 v, MAXWELL 2,554,340

BABY CARRIER Filed July 26, 1949 ATTORNEY Patented May 22, 1951 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE BABY CARRIER Vera Hupp Maxwell, New York, N. Y.

Application July"26,' 1949, Serial No. 106,810 3 Claims. (01.. 224-45) My invention relates to baby carriers and: has for. one of its objects to provide a carrier so constructed and arranged that a baby'may be comfortably, safely andeasily transportedfrom place to. place.

A further object of my invention is to provi'deta carrier for babies which is so constructed and arranged. that the child may be carried comfortably and safely and out of contact with the person transporting the carrier.

Astill'further object of. my invention is to provide a carrier for babies which may be suspended from the shoulder. or shoulders. of the person transporting the carrier, leaving the person's arms and hands free and unencumbered.

Another object, of, the invention. is to provide a carrier for" transporting babies wherein the baby is prevented from slipping or slidingroif the? carrier; without, however, discomfort to-the:


My improved. carrier comprises abody portion or mattress upon which the child is disposed. This body portion is of suitable size and thick ness, and the carrier isso arranged that the baby is safe from injury, onlyits head" being exposed, the construction being such that the babys back is fiat and straight.

The straps by which the carrier is supported are so disposed and arranged that they may be adjusted to suit the person carrying the same to support the child in desired position.

Other and further novel features and advantages of my improved carrier will be brought out in more detail hereinafter.

In the accompanying drawings, wherein an embodiment of my invention has been illustrated;

Fig. 1 is a front elevational view of my improved carrier;

Fig. 2 is a section on an enlarged scale, taken along the line 2-2 of Fig. 1; and

Fig. 3 is a rear elevational view of the carrier.

Referring to the drawings in detail, 2 designates the body of my improved carrier. This body member or mattress may be composed of conventional mattress material so far as its padding is concerned, but it is enclosed in any suitable, thin, flexible, waterproof material 4. In other Words, this covering or enclosure may inherently be a waterproof material such as many plastics now available, or it may be a fabric coated with a thin coating of waterproof material, such as oilcloth or oilskin, for example. The mattress padding, it will be understood, is completely enclosed.

The mattress assembly in turn is enclosed in fabric enclosure. 6,.lined1or coated as shown ,at-

8" with waterproofing materiali This may be. anyof. the many waterproof. plastics available in: the open. market: or the material commonlyemployed-in making, oilcloth may be employed if desired.

I prefer to employ four pieces of the lined.

under the front cover piece; and its freeend stitched or otherwise secured to; the front cover piece, asshown at 20withpillowpadding 22- in between. The front cover piece additionally isslit' longitudinallyfrom thecut. it to the lower:

end 24 of the carrier, the-two edges of; the cover piecebeing closed when the child is in place by slide fastener 26.

It will; be. apparent that in use, the slide. fastener 26 is moved to the lower end of the carrier, so as to open the front cover piece 8, and the child disposed upon the carrier with its head exposed at the opening provided by folding back the flap I8, and resting upon the outside of the carrier immediately above the pillow padding 22. The slide fastener is then drawn to the cut l6 to close the carrier.

The child is held flat upon the carrier, and at the same time is prevented from sliding off the same because the bottom and sides of the carrier are closed, while the opening provided by folding back the flap I8 is too small for the childs body.

The carrier is transported by straps 28. There are two of these straps, preferably crossing each other, at the back of the carrier and stitched to the carrier back at the sides thereof. The straps are provided with swivels 38 adjacent the carrier sides, the ends of the straps beyond the swivels being provided with buckles or other types of adjustable connection for the attachment of the free ends of the straps to each other.

The carrier, by reason of the adjustability of the carrier straps, may be carried in the hand or supported from either one or both shoulders.

In the back covering piece I!) of the carrier I provide a pocket for napkins, etc. To provide this pocket I simply slit the cover piece transversely and insert the pocket piece 32 between 0 the mattress cover and the rear cover piece Ill. The pocket piece may be any flexible waterproof or waterproofed material. The pocket is closed by slide fastener 34.

From all of the foregoing, it will appear that I have provided a baby carrier which is novel in construction and operation. It will be apparent also that a child on the carrier is safe and comfortable and that the person transporting the carrier may have either one or both hands free if he so desires.

It is to be understood that changes may be made in the details of construction and arrangement of parts as hereinabove described without departing from the spirit and scope of my inven tion. A

'What I claim is: v

1. A carrier for children, said carrier comprising in combination a body member, an enclosure or cover therefor which is water impervious, an outer cover or enclosure of fabric, a water impervious lining therefor, a slit through the fabric outer cover, said slit being disposed in the carrier front and extending from the bottom of the carrier toward the opposite end of the carrier, the said fabric being provided with a neck opening at the upper terminal of said slit, a slide fastener for closing said slit thereby to cover a child disposed upon the body member, and a pad attached to the fabric of the carrier frontbeneath the fabric just above the neck opening, for Supporting the head of the child.

2. A carrier for children, said carrier comprising in combination, a body member, an enclosure or'cover therefor which is water impervious, an outer cover for said assembly, said outer cover being water impervious, a slit in said outer cover disposed along the longitudinal axis thereof, a

curved-slit in said outer cover adjacent the upper end of the carrier, said first named slit terminating at said curved slit, a head pad beneath the outer cover beyond said curved slit, the material bounded by the curved slit being folded back beneath the outer cover and the head pad, thereby to provide a neck opening at the upper terminal of the longitudinal slit and a head rest just beyond, and a slide fastener for closing said longitudinal slit.

3. A carrier for children, said carrier comprising in combination, a body member, a water impervious enclosure therefor, an outer fabric enclosure for said body member assembly, said outer enclosure comprising a piece of fabric covering the front of the body member, a piece of fabric covering the back of the body member, and a fabric strip across each end of the body member, said fabric pieces and strips being secured to each other, the front of the carrier being slit longitudinally for part of its length, a slide fastener for said slit, a neck opening in the outer enclosure at the upper terminal of the longitudinal slit; said longitudinal slit and the neck opening being of such proportions that with the slide fastener retracted the outer enclosure may be opened sufficiently to enable a child to be disposed in prone position upon the body member, movement of the slide fastener drawing the outer enclosure about the body and limbs of the child, the head reclining upon the outside of the outer enclosure, a head pad secured to the under side of the front piece of' the fabric enclosure, just beyond said neck opening, adjustable carrying straps attached to the carrier at the edges of the carrier rear, and a swivel connection in each of said straps.


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