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Publication numberUS2555434 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 5, 1951
Filing dateOct 1, 1947
Priority dateOct 1, 1947
Publication numberUS 2555434 A, US 2555434A, US-A-2555434, US2555434 A, US2555434A
InventorsAnderson Beatrice E
Original AssigneeAnderson Beatrice E
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Infant's panty
US 2555434 A
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My invention relates to infants w panties and particularly to panties used for the training of infants.

An object of the invention resides in providing infants panties which will be comfortable .to wear by the infant.

. Another object of theinvention resides in providing infants. panties which will be easy and simple to launder.

An object of the invention resides in constructing the. pantieswith a body formed with legholes to provide a. crotch therebetween and in further providing a flap overlying the body and forming in conjunction therewith a pocket for the reception of replaceable absorbent material.

A still further object of the invention resides in attachingthe flap to the body atthe locality of the marginal portions of the body at theleg holes and leaving the ends of the flap free to cause the pocket to'be closed at its'sides and'open at its ends.

A further object of the invention resides in placing in the pocket a shield disposed adjacent the body of the panties.

Another object of the invention resides in dis- .posing within the pocket and between the. shield and the flap a replaceable absorbent pad.

A feature of the invention resides in constructing the shield wider than the width of the pocket to cause the shield to wrinkle and form crevices restraining flow out of the pocket.

Other objects of the invention reside in the novel combination and arrangement of parts and in the details of construction hereinafter illustrated and/or described.

In the drawings:

Fig. l is a front elevational view of a pair of ill infants panties illustrating an embodiment of my invention and with portions removed to show the construction of the same.

Fig. 2 is a developed view of one of the pads used with the panties shown in Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a developed view of the shield used with the panties.

Fig. 4 is a medial sectional view taken on line 4-4 of Fig. 1 and drawn to a greater scale.

In Fig. l, I have shown a pair of infants panties indicated by the reference numeral In. These panties consist of a bod ll having a front [2 and a back I 3 secured together along their lateral edges by means of seams M. The lowermost portions of the body I0 is provided with leg holes I5 through which the legs of the infant project. The seams l4 extend down to the marginal portion 16 of the body I!) encircling the leg holes I5.

At the uppermost portion of the panties is formed a hem ll in which is disposed an elastic band It serving to hold the panties attached to the body of the infant. Cuffs H? are secured to the marginal portions l6 of the body ill by means of scams 2% and encircle the leg holes I5.

My invention utilizes an elongated flap 22 constructed of absorbent materialand which is provided with relatively parallel edges 23 and curved edges 26. The edges 23 and 24 of this flap are reinforced with overcast stitches 25 or in any other suitable manner to prevent fraying of the material from which the flap is constructed. The edges 23 are secured to the body of the panties by means of the portions of the seams 2! which lie below the. points 2% and 2'! as illustrated in Fig. 4. By means of this construction the flap 22 becomes attached to the panties along the sides of the same and the end portions 23 of the said flap which lie above the points 26 and-2i form extensions which are free from the body it. By

closed at its sides and open at its ends.

. In conjunction with the pocket 29 a shield 23! :is employed. This shield is constructed from plastic or from other suitable waterproof material Which is sufiiciently flexible to fold and Wrinkle. A binding 32 is secured to the edge of the said shield to reinforce the same and prevent tearing or other injury to the shield. The shield 3| conforms in configuration to the flap .32 but is slightly wider than the pocket formed by said flap. When the shield 23! is inserted into the pocket 29 the same lies adjacent the body iii. Due to the fact that the said shield is wider than the pocket 29 the said shield wrinkles and forms numerous crevices which restrain flow out of the pocket 29 and through the leg holes IE.

Within the pocket 29 and between the shield 3| and flap 22 is one or more pads 33. One of these pads had been shown in Fig. 2. This pad is constructed from absorbent material such as knit fabric and is of the same configuration as the shield 3| and flap 22. This pad is provided with overcast stitches 34 at its edges which prevents the same from fraying and which strengthens the same. The pad 33 is of such dimensions that it lies smoothly within the pocket and fits the body of the infant without producing wrinkles or gathers which might irritate the infant.

In the use of the invention the panties are turned inside out which brings the flap 22 upon the exterior of the panties and which gives easy access to the pocket 29. The shield 3i is then inserted into the pocket in a manner to cause the same to substantially register with the flap 22. One or more of the pads 33 is next inserted into the pocket between the shield 3| and the flap 22. These pads are smoothly arranged Within the pocket. The panties are then turned right side in and applied to the infant in the customary manner. The elastic band !8 holds the panties in place upon the infant. After the garment has been soiled the pads and shield are removed from the pocket 29 permitting of separately cleaning and laundering these parts. Since the panties proper only consist ofthe body 10 and the flap 22 the said parts are easily washed and dried. The pads 33 being separate are likewise easily laundered.

While I have described the pads 33 as being constructed of knit fabric it can readily be comprehended that other fibrous material may be used in the construction of the same and if de- M sired disposable material which can be thrown away after use may be employed.

The advantages of the invention are manifest. Infants panties utilizing my invention are extremely comfortable and particularly in summer. With my invention any number of pads may be inserted to give the desired amount of absorption and pads of any character may be employed. With my invention the Waterproof shield is within the panty so that the shield is completely covered and a neat and attractive appearance is given to the panty. By the use of the fiap illustrated a higher crotch can be provided thereby preventing accidents. In the laundering of the panties, due to the fact that the parts are separable and due to the looseness 0f the panties at the crotch the parts dry very rapidly. Due to the construction of the shield the crevices formed in the same prevent leakage along the leg holes of the panties.

Changes in the specific form of my invention, as herein described, may be made within the scope of what is claimed without departing from the spirit of my invention.

Having described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to protect by Letters Patent 1. Infants panties comprising a body formed with leg holes and a crotch therebetween, a flap overlying the crotch and secured to said body at the crotch along the lowermost part of the marginal portion of the body at the leg holes, said flap being free at its ends and providing a pocket between said body and flap closed at its sides and open at its ends, a shield of waterproof material disposed in said pocket adjacent said body, said shield at the attached portion of the flap being of a width greater than the width of said pocket and confined within said pocket to cause said shield to wrinkle when disposed within said pocket, and a pad of absorbent material disposed between said shield and flap.

2. Infants panties comprising a body having a front and a back and formed with leg holes, to provide a crotch therebetw een, a flap overlying the crotch and a part of the front and back of the body and having marginal portions extending alon the marginal portions of the body along the bottoms and sides of the leg holes, cuffs encircling said leg holes and embracing the marginal portions of the body and the marginal portions of the fiap at the leg holes, and stitches securing said cuffs to said body and said flap to the body at the locality of the leg holes, said flap being free from the body above the leg holes to provide a pocket between said body and flap closed at its sides and open at its ends for the reception of replaceable absorbent material.


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