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Publication numberUS2558680 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 26, 1951
Filing dateOct 9, 1944
Priority dateOct 9, 1944
Publication numberUS 2558680 A, US 2558680A, US-A-2558680, US2558680 A, US2558680A
InventorsGroff Angus W
Original AssigneeGroff Angus W
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Rim wash toilet
US 2558680 A
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June 26, 1951 A, Vw, GROFF 2,558,680

RIM wAsH TOILET Filed Oct. 9, 1944 Infenfoi".

17 127.8. 'fl'f" P'atentecl June 26, 195 i .ilirsfor sinrss earssr orries RIM 'WASH TOILET Angus Groff, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Application October 9, 1944*;Serial'No. 557,875

3 Claims. l

This invention relates to improvements in toilets of the rim wash type such as disclosed in United States Patents 1,670324 to Teahen et al. and 1,670,326 to Teahen in which in additionvto the fiushing action Water pressure direct from lthe water main is directed from the valve controlled opening at one end of the integral tank into the hollow rim to provide a pressure cleansing action and the principal object of the invention is-to ensure a uniform pressure 'flow of water downwarclly into the bowl from jet openings spaced around the inner side of the rim so-that the inner surface of the bowl Will be subjected to a uniform pressure jet cleansing effect.

The principal feature of the invention consists in the novel construction of the tank and toilet bowl with a hollow rim having jet openings spaced therearound through the underside thereof, said rim having a supply opening arranged centrally in line with the longitudinal axis of the bowl, which opening is connected with the pressure Water supply valve by a duct formed in the tank wall leading from the valve opening arranged adjacent to one end of the tank.

In the accompanying drawings- Figure 1 is a plan View of a rim flush type of toilet fixture.

Figure 2 is a horizontal section of a toilet fixture constructed in accordance with this invention, the section being made intermediate of the height of the hollow bowl rim.

Figure 3 is a Vertical longitudinal section taken through the line 3-3 of Figure 2.

Figure 4 is a sectional detail view of the valve for controlling the flow of pressure water to the bowl rim.

In the manufacture of direct pressure rim Wash toilets it is necessary that the pressure water inlet valve controlling the fiow of water to the hollow rim of the bowl is arranged at one end of the tank section in order to permit the use of the necessary float valve, and it has been customary to provide a water channel leading directly from the water Valve to the bowl rim so that the fiow of water was directed into the rim at a tangent to the oval rim structure.

It was found that when a pressure flow of Water was directed into the hollow rim at one side of the longitudinal axis of the bowl, although the passage may have been divided or forked and lead to two Sections of the rim, the pressure flow through the jet openings at the underside of the rim was full pressure at one side of the back and this pressure diminished 2 in the circuit around the bowl so that on the sidefarthest from the inlet a very poor cleansing effect resulted.

According to the present invention the bowl vl isprovidedwith a water inlet opening I' extendingl fromthe tank and a hollow rim 2, the

cavity 3 of which is of substantially uniform cross section. This cavity is provided with an opening 4 arranged centrally of the back and in central alignment With the longitudinal axis of the bowl, and formed in the back wall of the fixture adjacent to the bowl and communicating with the passage fi is a passage 5 which is preferably provided with a recess 6 extending beyond the opening ll.

The other end of the passage 5 is provided with an opening l leading from the tank B adjacent to one end thereof and a pressure water control valve il which may be of any suitable type and is not shown in detail as its mechanism does not form part of this invention, has its Outlet opening into the opening l. The valve 9 is connected with the fioat valve structure ll).

As shown in the detail illustrated in Figure 4 iinmediately following the fiushing of the toilet by the water from the tank entering the bowl through the opening l', which fiushing is accomplished in the usual manner by displacing the conventional flush valve W, a direct pressure flow of water flows through the Valve 9 to the passage 5 and is conveyed by said passage to the opening 4 which is,v as has been stated, in alignment with the longitudinal axis of the bowl. The water thus ilows in a direct stream into the bowl rim cavity and is divided centrally in its flow by a V-shaped projection I i extending from the inner rim Wall centrally of the inlet opening 4.

The fiow of pressure water is thus directed equally around both sides of the rim to meet at the front and the pressure is thus uniform on both sides and the downvrard jets of water through the jet openings |2 exert a uniform cleansing effect on the inner surface of the bowl.

This invention is extremely simple but it has een found in practice that following fiushing by directing the inflow of pressure water through an opening arranged in alignment with the longitudinal axis of the bowl rim and by dividing the direct inward fiow to ow uniformly around both sides, an extremely beneficial pressure washing effect is obtained which greatly enhances the value of the bowl.

What I claim as my invention is:

1. A direct pressure rim Wash toilet having an integrally moulded symmetrical tank and bowl,

said bowl having a fiushing opening therein and a'hollow perforated rim, a Valve arranged at one end of the tank and connected to an external supply to supply Water to said tank, a ball fioat controlling said valve, and a valve-Controlled passage leading from said valve and tank and opening into said hollow rim at a point midway between the ends of the tank and centrally of the major axis of the bowl Whereby the Water stream passing through said valve under pressure of the external supply under activation of said ball fioat following flushing said bowl by the water from said tank through said flushing opening is directed into said rim to flow With equal force in both direotions therearound.

2. A direct pressure rim Wash tolet having an integrally moulded tank and bowl, said bowl having a flushing opening therein and a hollow perforated rim, a valve-Controlled Water supply passage formed in the wall of the tank and leading from adjacent one end of the tank and opening centrally of the diameter of the rim, a valve directing pressure Water of an external supply system to said passage and to said tank, a ball fioat controlling said Valve and adapted to open said Valve following fiushing said bowl by water from said tank through said flushing opening, to supply a stream of Water under the pressure of the external Water system to said passage which directs the pressure Water stream into said hollow rim and ensures an equal division of flow in both directions therearound.

3. A device as claimed in claim 2 in which the pressure Water feed passage arranged in the tank wall transverse to the bowl is formed with a recess extending beyond the inlet opening to the hollow bowl rim to create turbulence in the stream fiow, and the inner Wall of the rlm is formed with a V-shaped dividng rib arranged centrally opposite said inlet opening.


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