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Publication numberUS2559559 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 3, 1951
Filing dateJan 2, 1947
Priority dateJan 2, 1947
Publication numberUS 2559559 A, US 2559559A, US-A-2559559, US2559559 A, US2559559A
InventorsIsenberg Stanley
Original AssigneeIsenberg Stanley
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Spray head
US 2559559 A
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S. ISENBERG July 3, 1951 SPRAY HEAD Filed Jan. 2, 1947 Illlrl/ muni FIG. 2

INVENTOR STANLEY ISENBERG AT ORNEY Patented July 3, 1951 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE SPRAY HEAD Stanley Isenberg, Chicago, Ill. Application January 2, 1947, Serial No. 719,865

This invention relates to spray heads of the type commonly used in the home, in barber shops and in beauty parlors for head or hair washing.

Spray heads of this type are conventionally constructed of rubber and include a generally dome-shaped hollow body portion having a central water inlet at the top for attachment to a rubber hose. A perforated spray plate closes the wide opening at the bottom. A liaring skirt depends peripherally from the body portion all around the spray plate. Such a spray head may be grasped manually, when operated, and moved over or along the head to spray water thereon.

2 Claims. (Cl. 299-145) The edge of the skirt prevents splashing and connes the water spray to the area encompassed by the skirt.

Reference is made to my copending application Serial No. 667,607, led May 16, '1946, for a disclosure of a spray head devoid of a depending skirt but provided with adjusting means for selectively changing the delivery of water from a substantially columnar stream tol a fine spray, and vice versa. The adjusting means of said head include a manually operated lever arm projecting radially past the lower rim of the spray head.

It is one of the objects of the present invention to provide a spray head including adjusting means of the type indicated together with a depending skirt slotted to permit operation of the lever arm "l of the adjusting means whereby the spray head can be adjusted to deliver either a columnar stream of water or a spray, and the spray can be confined to the area encompassed by the skirt.

Other and further objects and features of this invention will become apparent from the followign detailed description of a preferred example shown in the drawing, and from the appended claims.

In the drawing:

Figure 1 is a side elevational view of a spray head according to the present invention;

Figure 2 is a transverse cross sectional view taken along the line 2 2 of Figure 1; and

Figure 3 is an enlarged vertical cross sectional view taken along the line 3-3 of Figure 1.

A rubber spray head I6 includes a hollow generally dome-shaped main body portion II terminating in a central neck I2 pierced by an inlet opening I3 and has a metal nipple I4 sealed and frictionally retained therein and projecting therefrom. Over the projecting nipple portion a water hose I5 is fitted and held in place by annularly and constrictingly applied metal rings I6. The lower margin of the body portion II is formed with an annular external reenforcing peripherally extending rib II and an annular internal groove I8 which extends through '3609 and receives the margin of a metallic spray plate I9 described in greater detail herenbelow. The spray head I 0 is further provided with a depending outwardly flared peripheral skirt 20 pierced by a horizontal slot 2I extending generally parallel to the rib I'I slightly below the spray plate I9.

The spray plate I9 is provided with a large central aperture 25 and a number of small apertures 26 between the central aperture 25 and the outer margin of the spray plate. The internal margin of the spray plate 25 is suitably curved upwardly to align the edge thereof horizontally for cooperation with a` sheet metal circular disc 21 provided with a number of perforations 28. The disc 2'I is seated on upturned edges of the spray plate around the aperture 25. The disc has a flat arm 2S extending `therefrom pvoted to the upper side of the disc 21 by a short rivet 30 rigidly connected to the arm 29 and passing through a smalloversized hole in the disc 2l. The rivet 3l) has an integral curved operating arm 3| extending rst downwardly from the disc 21 and then radially thereof out through the slot 2I in the skirt 29. Swinging of the arm or handle 3| in a counter-clockwise direction (see Figure 2) will cause the disc. 2l to uncover the central spray plate aperture 25. The amount of returning movement of the disc 2'I is limited by a short arcuate stop member 32 extending from the arm 29 so as to strike against the inside of the main body portion I I when the disc 2l covers the aperture 25. Uncovering movement is limited bythe striking of the disc 21 against the inside of the main body portion I I. Thus, the arm 3I can perform only a limited pivotal movement about the rivet 30. The slot 2I is made sui'lciently long to accommodate this limited movement.

The body portion II is provided with an integral inverted frusta-conical water guiding portion 35 terminating in an annular fiat portion 35' of uniform thickness defining an opening 36 spaced from, aligned with and smaller than the and the screen Ml is sufficiently flexible to permit insertion of the screen 40 into the interior of said piece. The resiliency of said piece also permits the insertion of the spray plate I9 into the groove i8.

In use, the spray head lll is grasped by the operator and held within the palm, the skirt being deformed by digital pressure as required to permit escape of water between the edge of the skirt 26 and the layer of hair against which the spray head is applied.

The alignment of the orifice 36 with the aperture 25 and the smaller size of the former avoids any interference by the inner edge of the spray plate 19 (around the aperture 25) when a column of water issues from the orice 36. Thus, when columnar flow of water is effected by displacement of the disc 21 from the aperture 25, such columnar flow originates from the aperture 25. The inner margin of the guiding cone 35 being spaced from the inner margin of the spray plate I9, the whole perforated upper area of the spray plate I9 is made accessible to water flowing from the orifiice 36 when the aperture 25 is overlaid by the perforated disc 21.

The lenticular form and angular periphery of the chamber dened in the spray head between the inlet I3 and orifice 36 make possible the insertion and retention of the screen 40 which serves not only to catch solid particles but also to reduce the turbulence of the stream of water `flowing through the spray head.

In compliance with the requirements of the patent statutes I have here shown and described a preferred embodiment of my invention. It is, however, to be understood that the invention is not limited to the precise construction here shown, the same being merely illustrative of the principles of the invention. What I consider new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

l. A spray head comprising a generally domeshaped hollow body having a water inlet and having an outlet, a perforated spray plate disposed insaid outlet, said perforated spray plate having a central aperture, a perforated disc overlying a portion of the spray plate, said body having a exible skirt around said outlet, said skirt having a slot opening therethrough extending in general parallelism with the edge of said outlet adjacent the spray plate on the side thereof remote from the Water inlet, and an elongate lever member pivoted on said spray plate and having a first `Varm extending inside the chamber formed by the dome-shaped body and said spray plate and terminating in said perforated disc, said lever member including a second arm extending below said 4 spray plate and through said slot opening, for manually moving said disc into and out of registration with said spray plate aperture for selective adjustment of said spray head for delivery of Water passing therethrough either as a columnar stream or as a spray.

2. A spray head comprising a generally domeshaped hollow body having an upper water inlet and a lower water outlet adapted to receive the hereinafter mentioned perforated spray plate, said body being formed with an internal inverted frusto-conical portion originating angularly from the inside of said body and defining a central orice above said outlet, a Screen seated in said hollow body with its edge inserted into the angle formed by said frusto-conical portion with said inside of the main body, a perforated spray plate seated in said outlet and having an aperture aligned with but spaced from and larger than said orifice, said body having a flexible peripheral skirt around said outlet and pierced by an arcuate slot therethrough adjacent the spray plate on the side thereof remote from the water inlet, and an elongate lever member pivot-ed to said spray plate and having a first arm extending over said spray plate and terminating in a perforated disc, said lever` member including a second arm extending below said spray plate through said arcuate slot and movable from one edge of the slot to the other edge thereof in an arcuate movement centered about the pivot of the lever member to the spray plate, for manually turning the lever to move said disc into and out of registration with said spray plate aperture whereby said spray head may be selectively adjusted for delivery of water passing therethrough either as a columnar stream or as a spray.


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