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Publication numberUS2560241 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 10, 1951
Filing dateNov 14, 1949
Priority dateNov 14, 1949
Publication numberUS 2560241 A, US 2560241A, US-A-2560241, US2560241 A, US2560241A
InventorsPangburn Kenneth R, Skomars Emanuel T
Original AssigneePangburn Kenneth R, Skomars Emanuel T
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Tape applicator
US 2560241 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

y 10, 1951 K. R. PANGBURN ET AL 2,560,241

TAPE APPLICATOR Filed Nov. 14, 1949 INVENTOR K. R PANGBURN ET. SKoMARs B Y KMKW Patented July 10, 1951 UNITED STATES, PATENT. OFFICE V Kenneth R. Pangburn and Emanuel T. Skomars, Duluth, Minn.

Application November 14, 1949, Serial No. 127,093

This invention relates to a device for use in applying and dispensing tape which has adhesive material .on one side thereof.

Many devices have been made and patented for applying tapes, such as cellophane tape and the like, however, most of these devices are too bulky, too expensive to manufacture and sell, or are not eificient in their operation. 'It is one. of our principal objects to provide a simple and inexpensive device, which may be secured to or made a part of a holder for tapes, whereby tape may be dispensed from a tape holder and applied to its ultimate locationin onefeas'y operation. I

Another. object is to provide :a tape dispenser and applicator whichcan be operated with one hand.

A more specific object is to provide a tape ap-' plicator comprising a rigid stem on a tape holder and a spring biased tape applicator finger to cooperate in applying tape as desired.

Another object is to provide means for holding or looking the end of the tape in place so that it will be ready for the next application.

Another object is to provide a cutter by means of which the tape may be severed as desired.

These and other objects and advantages will become more apparent as the description of our invention proceeds.

In the accompanying drawing forming a part of this application:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view showing one form of our invention.

Fig. 2 is a side elevational view of the device shown in Fig. l as it would appear when in use for applying tape to a flat surface.

Fig. 3 is a side elevational view of my invention installed on a conventional tape holder.

In the drawing the reference numeral l indicates a suitable holder for containing a roll of tape, such as cellophane tape or the like, the holder of course, having a suitable opening through one edge thereof through which tape may be pulled, or dispensed.

We install a relatively rigid, preferably flat, stem or lug 2 on the holder I, it being deemed apparent that the stem may be fixed to the holder as by welding, soldering, riveting or the like, or, it may be formed integral with the holder, as desired. The lug 2 is mounted so as to extend outwardly from the holder adjacent the place or opening where the tape will be taken from the holder.

Between the lug 2 and the place where tape will come off of the tape roll, we install a fiat 2 Claims. (Cl. 21633) applicator finger 3, the finger being normally biased away from the lug 2, as shown in Fig. 1. The outer end of the finger 3 is arched or bent upwardly as at 4 to form the pressure foot or tip of the finger, the outer end of the finger 3 extending beyond the outer end of the lug 2 as shown. If desired the finger may be of spring steel as shown, or it may be of rigid material and biased by a suitable spring.

Adjacent the outer end of the lug, a frame or look 5 is mounted, the ends thereof being fixed to the lug 2, and the remaining portions thereof extending around the ends of, and under, the finger 3, preferably in slightly spaced relation to the end of the finger as shown, the purpose of which will become apparent.

The finger 3, being spring biased away from the lug 2, will normally engage and be held by the frameor lock 5.

In operation, the roll of tape to be dispensed is mounted in the holder I so that tape 6 may be pulled from the roll and threaded through the frame 5 between the finger 3 and the frame, as shown in Fig. 2, with the sticky side of the tape being away from the finger and against the portion of the frame extending across the finger. It is deemed obvious that with the tape thus mounted, and the finger 3 biased against the frame, the tape will be locked in place by being held against and stuck to the frame.

With the outer end of the tape 6 extending beyond the frame 5, as it normally will, the said end may readily be stuck to a surface, on which it is desired to apply tape, by using the arcuate pressure tip 4 of the applicator finger and pressing the tape firmly against the surface, the lug or stem 2 serving to reenforce and hold the finger to apply the pressure. If a length of tape is required, continued pressure may be maintained on the tape against the surface with the arched pressure tip thereby releasing the tape from its locked condition as the finger 3 is moved away from. the frame, and the entire holder 1 may be moved away from the outer end of the tape which has already been securely stuck to the surface. This operation will pull more tape from the roll of tape and stick it fast to the surface to any desired length, as illustrated in Fig. 2 of the drawing.

The outer end of the pressure tip 4 is preferably sharpened or toothed to serve as a cutter whereby the tape may be severed when a sufficient length has been laid or applied. To cut the tape on", all that is required is to tip the holder up until the cutter is in engagement with the tape, twist the cutter against one edge of the tape to start the cut, and the tape will be neatly and quickly cut off to the desired length. The instant the tape is cut ofi the pressure applied to the finger 3 is released and it is immediately moved to force the tape into contact with the frame 5 and lock it there.

When the tape is thus cut off, a short length of tape always extends outwardly ofthe frame 5, that is, the tape is not cut ofi closely adjacent the frame. This provides for ease in starting the application of strips of tape to a surface as above described.

In Fig. 3 we have shown how our tape applicator may be installed on a con-ventional tape holder 1. The lug 8 may have an extension!) whereby it may be SBCUIBdTtO the holder] asby soldering, riveting, or the like. The finger I may be carried by the lug, as shown, in the same manner as in the above described. Of course, the frame 11 corresponds to the frame in function. If desired-the original cutter [2 of "the holder 'Tmay be covered by an extension 13 of the lug 8 'whic'hiisbent to enclose the cutter as shown, thereby. eliminating the danger of scratchesor cuts being received therefrom.

It is deemed-apparent that any suitable tape r'oll holdermay be employed with our tape applicator, as the relatively rigid 'lug and spring biased applicator finger may readily be installed on a .h'older-by one skilled in the art after he is familiar with our disclosure.

Having'thus described our invention, what we blaim -is:

1..-In combination with a holder having an opening for-dispensing tape from. a roll of tape carried thereby, a relatively rigid lug extending outwardly from said holder adjacent said opening, an applicator finger carried adjacent said lug=in substantial alinement therewith and extending beyond same slightly, said finger being spring biased away from said lug and having an upwardly arched end forming a pressure tip, a tape lock carried adjacent the outer end of said lug and overlapping the edges of said finger to retain same in normal position away from said lug and to lock tape in position intermediate said lock and said applicator finger.

' 2. Incombination with a-holder for .dispensing tape from a roll of tape carried thereby, a rigid v.lug on said holder, an applicator finger between said open portion and said lug and extending be- .yond the latter, said finger being of spring metal REFERENCES CITED 'The following references are of record in the file ofzthis'patent:

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U.S. Classification156/577
International ClassificationB65H35/00
Cooperative ClassificationB65H35/0033
European ClassificationB65H35/00B2B2