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Publication numberUS2560681 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 17, 1951
Filing dateJun 16, 1949
Priority dateJun 16, 1949
Publication numberUS 2560681 A, US 2560681A, US-A-2560681, US2560681 A, US2560681A
InventorsBerkowitz Harry
Original AssigneeElizabeth Neufeld
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Carrier for perfumed or other odoriferous material
US 2560681 A
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Filed June 16, 1949 Patented July 17, 19151 CARRIER FOR PERFUMED OR OTHER ODORIFER'OUS MATERIAL Harry Berkowitz, New York, N. Y., assignor of one-half t Elizabeth Neufeld, New York, N. Y.

Application June 16, 1949, Serial N 0. 99,492

3 Claims.

The present invention relates to articles which may take the form of a clasp, clip, pin, plug or the like, for holding perfumed or other material, diffusing an odor or generally volatile in its nature.

The principal object of this invention is to provide articles of the character mentioned, of novel and improved construction, to hold a scented pellet or tiny wad of absorbent material to be wetted with odoriferous or volatile liquids, as perfume, toilet water, medicated, disinfectant or similar solutions.

Another object thereof is to provide novel and improved items of the type set forth, which are easy to prepare for use, simple to attach or set wherever desired, reasonably cheap to manufacture and eicient in carrying out the purposes for which they are designed.

A further object is to provide novel and improved holding devices for scented pellets and the like, which may be made in decorative fashion as articles of adornment or as a part of such. Also such articles may be worn hidden in the hair of the wearer, or attached to undergarments, when used to carry perfume. Or else, they may be set for instance into a hole in a wall or other suitable socket, or clipped onto a bed rail, when used to carry medicated or disinfectant solutions. Y

Other objects and advantages will become apparent as this disclosure proceeds.

In the accompanying drawings forming part of this specification, similar characters of reference indicate corresponding parts in all the views.

Fig. 1 is a perspective view showing a preferred embodiment of this invention. A cover member included herein, is shown swung open Fig. 2 is a top view of Fig. 1, minus said cover member.

Fig. 3 is a fragmentary section taken at line 3-3 in Fig. l, drawn to a slightly enlarged scale.

Fig. 4 is a magnified View of the showing in Fig. 3, the cover being shown closed Fig. 5 is a view similar to that of Fig. 2, showing a modified construction.

Fig. 6 is a section taken at line 6-5 in Fig. 5.

As shown in the drawings, it is practical to start with a pin or clasp of the type akin to a bobby pin i5, and mount or build-in a suitable means to hold a cotton or felt wad I6, between the tines il' and i8, as the bight i9 of said pin.

In the embodiment illustrated in Figs. l through 4, such wad-holding means is a receptacle designated generally by the numeral 2-0. Comparatively short tine portions at the bight I9, serve as the side walls of such receptacle, while said bight and the knuckle 2l of the cover member 22, serve as the end walls. A bottom member 23 is soldered, welded or otherwise suitably secured along the bottom edges of said tine portions and the bight. Either or both the cover 22 and the bottom member 23, are perforated, as at 2li and 25. The numeral '26 denotes an axis pin through the knuckle 2|; said pin being supported by the tines.

The Width of the strip stock of which the pin I5 is made, being extremely small, it is no problem that the size of the knuckle 2| serves as a wall of the receptacle 20, when bobby pins common on the market, are used. The tines Il and I8, or either of them, may be crimped as the tine I8 is here shown, and said tines may be in c-ontact or apart,4 and of any desired length as required use may dictate. The receptacle 26 may hold an absorbent wad l5 to be saturated with perfume or other liquid desired, or else into such receptacle may be placed a scented pellet or odoriferous crystals, for example. When the cover 22' is positioned to close the receptacle, the prong 22' frictionally engages the bight I9.

In the modified embodiment illustrated in the Figs. 5 and 6, a receptacle or holding means for a wad 3| is provided for, by mounting a hollow rivet or any eyelet or the like, within the bight and between the tines 28 and 29, of the pin 30; the flanges of said eyelet or hollow rivet being in engagement with the body of said pin. It is desired that the notation eyelet shall be deemed to include other forms thereof, as a hollow rivet, a grommet, or the like.

The articles shown may be made of any desired size and of any suitable materials, as metals, plastics and the like.

This invention is capable of numerous forms and various applications without departing from the essential features herein disclosed. It is therefore intended and desired that the embodiments shown herein shall be deemed illustrative and not restrictive and that the patent shall cover all patentable novelty herein set forth; reference being had to the following claims rather than to the specific description herein to indicate the scope of this invention.

I claim:

l. In an article of the character described, an elongated member bent to form a bight and a pair of tines; said tines being spaced from each other in the region of the bight and a wad-supporting element mounted on said member between the tines in the region of the bight, said supporting the tines and a cover for said receptacle hav'" ing a knuckle about said pin; said'cover being,r

swingable about the axis line of said pinyto posi'- tions to cover and uncovei` saidreceptacle.

3. An article as deiined'in 'claim f2, whereini the bight and knuckle are th end Walls',` and the tines at the bight region, the 'side wall's'of the receptacle, and wherein the supporting element is spaced from the cover and is the bottom of said receptacle; said receptacle having an opening in one of its components.


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