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Publication numberUS2560932 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 17, 1951
Filing dateDec 2, 1948
Priority dateDec 2, 1948
Publication numberUS 2560932 A, US 2560932A, US-A-2560932, US2560932 A, US2560932A
InventorsBorowy William W, Chapman Romaine C
Original AssigneeScovill Manufacturing Co
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Snap fastener display card
US 2560932 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

July 17, 1951 R. c. CHAPMAN ETA!- SNAP FASTENER DISPLAY CARD Filed Dec. 2, 1948 INVENTOR. Romaine 6. Chapman yVVflliam W Borowy Patented July .17, 1.951

smres PATENT ormcs;

Romaine GZ- Chapman,

William. WL. Borowy; Oakville, 0011111,, assignors tov Scovill: Manu-fiacturingi Companm. Water-- bury, Gonn a. corporation of Connecticut Applicatibnhecember 2, 1948, Serial No; 633062 Claims 'llhi'sinvention relates to: a support anddisplay card for snap fastener eliementsof'thetype that can: be attached easilytn thegarments in the home;

The principal object: or this: invention is. to: pro.- vide an improved single display ca-rdi on which the complenrentatfastener elements are: unifomi-l'y arranged: and detachably snapped. through suitable openings: provided; in the card: and' also wherein: a; separate or" auxiliary bagzcon'w taining theattaching members for." securing the complementa'l fastener elements-. 120 the garment attached tolther card.

A, fii-rthen object is; to provide. improved means for." detachably securing said bag to." the: support.

card so that; the user may'removepattofi the at tacliing' members: without: tearingi'the'. bag andi'r'erattach" bag: to: the card; to prevent lessor. the attaching members.. According to: my' invention:

this. is;- convenientlyaccomplishedsby' using a set 1 of tls'iev complem'entalzsnap fastener elements;

A further objectli'sz to provideatransparent auxiliary bag; for: the. attaching members. with. a:- restricted opening which can be: temporarily closedby one set of complemental fastener elements suflici'ently' to? prevent escape of the small attaching members and at the same time be held by one set of fastener parts: to'. the-support card.

With these and. other objects inview,. the in vention consists of certain features of construc tion and parts to. be hereinafter. described and then claimed.

Referring now to the accompanying drawing.

illustratin'g; a. preferred embodiment of the invention;. wherein 1Ei'g'.- 1. is. a planview of.v the: support card. complete with. the snap fastener elements; and. an auxiliary hag; attachedtheretoz.

ZZiS aLsi'de View of'thez-samex.

Fig. 3% is" a. fragmentary cross: section viewtaken along line 3--3 oftFigs 1. and on; an: enlargedscale.

Fig. 4% is:v aface view of the: auxiliary bag}. per se}. and? showing. the upper unsealed end; spread apart ready to receive the fastener elements, and

Fig. 5 is a plan view of the support card, per se, showing the arrangement of the openings for receiving the complemental fastener elements.

This support card is designed for use in the marketing and display of a type of fastener such as disclosed in the Fenton Patent No. 2,131,347, dated September 2'7, 1938, wherein there is a socket element and a stud element requiring the same kind of attaching member for securing the complemental elements to a garment or the like.

In the drawing, the support is shown as a rec- West Cheshire, and".

t angular' piece or cardboard It, orsomes-similar relatively stilt material having a series of holes: ll, preferably arranged symmetricallyas in a. circle: and pierced therethrougtr. Ofi'to one-side of. thecircle' is: a single piercing [2 located: ad'- jacen-tn the lower right: handcornerv of the card ass-viewed in: Fig; 5 for reasonswhich will appear later.

Each set-- of complemental' fastener elements attached to the card Ii -consists of. a socket element. l 3 ha'vingspringfingers i i and a stud element l 5i having aprojecting head or stud 16'; both. elements have like circumferentially' ar ranged anvil portions H and I8 respectively. The. socket; elements li3 are arranged onone side of." the card; M." with their spring'fingers disposed inwardly toward: the face of" the card while the stud elements 85 are p0siti'o'ned againsttheoppcsitei. face of the card I'd with their projecting studs: It inserted: through: the openings or pierc ings H: and: engaged by the spring fingers IE4; of said sockets: for. detachably holding said elements upon thecard'.

As pointed out in the above referred to Ferrton patent, the complemental fastener'el'ements I 3 and: 115 are:- to be assembled to a garor" other support by like attaehihg' mem hers herein shown"- as a pronged ring It. To supply the proper: number of pronged rings l9" with the fastener'elements t3 and Won the card Hi, provision made for a container bag 211 which is preferably of a transparent material. The bag has en-opening 2'1 at one end through-wl'i'ich the pronged rings may be inserted and discharged.

bag '20 is. detachably securedtothe card by makihg use: of one set of fastener elements; as indicated at fl, which attached to-the card M1 at the offset op'ening Z; Iir assembling" the bag 20 to the: card the-stud element F5 is positioned at the' back: of the card" with the he'a'd ["6 projecting' through the opening it to. the front of'said" card. F02 The upper end of the bag- ?il adjacent the opening" IF islaid over the projecting head rs and the socket-element I3 isthenforced over said head It and self-piercing a hole through the bag 20, as shown in Fig. 3. It is to be noted that the bag-holding set of elements A also serves to maintain the open end 2| of the bag 20 sulficiently closed while the bag is attached to the card 20 so as to prevent any of the prong rings l9 from accidentally escaping therefrom.

To assure a bag of the proper strength to withstand any abnormal usage that the display card will be subjected to in shipment and counter display, it is preferably made of two pieces of rectangular shaped polyethylene material superimposed upon each other and sealed as by heatin about their edges as indicated by the fine dots 22 in Fig. 4 to produce the transparent bag 20. In cases where smaller size fastener elements and attaching pronged rings are to be mounted upon the card it is desirable-to have the'open end 2 of the bag 20 sealed inwardly from its opposite edges as indicated at 23 so as to restrict the size of said opening 2 I.

Instead of having a bag sealed inwardly from its opposite edges, as shown in Fig. 4, it is also within the purview of this'invention to provide a bag in which the open end 2| will extend across the entire width of said bag and then fold the open end of the bag upon itself before the bag is assembled to the card. When assembled to the 4 bers, said card having a series of complemental fastener elements detachably secured thereto, a separate bag for containing the attaching members, said bag having one end open for the reception and discharge of said attaching members, and one set of said fastener elements being used as a means for. detachably securing the separate bag to said support card andalso holding the open end of said bag substantially closed when attached to said support card.

5. A .display card as defined by claim 4 wherein I the open end of said bag is partially closed incard the bag will be pierced through the folded portion by the set of elements A to seal the bag in securing it to the card It].

. In the use; of this card in the home, there will be occasions where only two or three fastener elements are removed from the support card H] at a time. Thus the holding set of elements A can be readily unsnapped by the use of a thumb nail or small thin instrument and the required amount of pronged rings I9 removed from the bag, afterwhich the bag can be rescaled and reattached to the card I0 by the set. A and so on until the fastenerelements are exhausted.

It will be apparent fromthe disclosure of this invention that there is a distinct advantage in making use of one set of the fastener elements in attaching the bag to the card In, because if the bag were attached by staples, sewed on or the like, it would have to be torn open and could not be replaced, resulting in the likelihood of loss of the attaching members.

v While the form of invention herein shown and described embraces a preferred embodiment of the same, it is to be understood that the construction may be varied without departing from the spirit of the invention and the scope of what is claimed.

We claim:

1. A display card for complemental snap fastener elements having common attaching members, said card having a series of the complemental fastener elements detachably secured to the card and a separate bag containing the attaching members, at least one set of said fastener elements being used as a means for detachably securing the separate bag to said display card.

2. A display card as defined by claim 1 wherein said bag is located on the card so as not to cover up any of said snap fastener elements.

3. A display card as defined by claim 1 wherein the snap fastener elements are arranged generally symmetrically on the card and the fastener elements which secure the bag are oifset from said symmetrically arranged elements.

1 4.v A display card for complemental snap fastener elements having common attaching memfile of this patent:

wardly from its opposite edges to provide for a restricted opening, and wherein said one set of snap fastener elements passes through the bag in the vicinity of said opening.

6. A display card as defined by claim 4 wherein the open end of said bag is partially sealed inwardly from at least one side edge to provide for a restricted opening, and wherein said one set of snap fastener elements passes through thebag in the vicinity'of said opening. 1 5

7. A display card as defined by claim 4 wherein said bag is made of two sheets of a transparent polyethylene material sealed together around three of their edges. 1

8. A display card for complemental stud and socket parts of snap fasteners-and for pronged rings for attaching such parts to garmentsor the like, a group of the complemental fastener parts detachably secured together-and to the card with the socket parts on one side and; the stud parts on the other side having their studs projecting through holes in the card into engagement with the socket parts, a bag containing, the pronged rings having an opening for reception or discharge-of rings, and a pair ofsnap fastener parts securing the bag to the card, the stud part of which extends through the card and the bag adjacent the bag opening into engage ment'with the mating socket part, such pair ofsnap fastener parts serving to close the-bag opening sufliciently to prevent escape of the pronged rings. a



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