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Publication numberUS2561022 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 17, 1951
Filing dateFeb 8, 1949
Priority dateFeb 8, 1949
Publication numberUS 2561022 A, US 2561022A, US-A-2561022, US2561022 A, US2561022A
InventorsJones Ethel C
Original AssigneeJones Ethel C
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Refreshment plate
US 2561022 A
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July 17 195 11 E. c. JONES REFRESHMENT PLATE Filed Feb. 8, 1949 E LHEI E. James mwzww AT TOR NEYS Reissued July 17, 1 951 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE REFRESHMENT PLATE Ethel C. Jones, Chicago, Ill.

Application February 8, 1949, Serial No. 75,278

' 2 Claims. l

This invention relates to serving'devices, and has to do with a plate for refreshments and intended for individual use.

It is known to provide serving trays having a central depression or well for reception of a glass or container of a beverage, this well being surrounded by a shelffor reception of comestibles. In the known serving trays referred to, the bottom of the well is disposed above the supporting surfaces of the tray, when the latter is placed upon a table or like support, and the tray is provided with restricted spaces or depressions in the shelf member and contiguous to the well. member, which frequently are difficult to clean and to maintain in a clean and sanitary condition.

My invention is directed to a refreshment plate which is free of objectionable depressions or restricted spaces and may easily be maintained in a thoroughly clean and sanitary condition. A further object of my invention is to provide a refreshment plate having a well member extending a material distance below the shelf member so as to be readily grasped in the hand and serve as a handle for holding the plate, the shelf member being provided with ribs extending thereacross providing compartments for different edibles, the ribs being connected to the shelf member and to the well member in such manner and so directed as effectively to resist objectionable twisting of the shelf member about the well member, such as might cause breakage of the plate, such as might otherwise occur in washing and wiping of the plate after use thereof. Further objects and advantages of my invention will appear from the detail description.

In the drawings:

Figure 1 is a plan view of a refreshment plate embodying my invention; and

Figure 2 is a sectional view taken substantially on line 2-2 of Figure 1, this view showing in dotted lines a second plate stacked upon the lower plate shown in section.

The refreshment plate of my invention may be formed of any suitable material, though I preferably form it of a suitable thermosetting plastic molded to form the plate as a unitary structure. The plate comprises an annular shelf I provided centrally with a concentric well member 2 of circular cross section and tapering downward. This well member 2 is provided, at the upper end thereof, with a circumferential head or extension 3 projecting above the upper face of shelf member I. The shelf member I is provided with an upwardly extending circumferential rim or flange 4 of appropriate height.

It will be noted that the upper face of shelf member I is flat or planar throughout the full extent thereof between extension 3 and flange 4. Likewise, the under face of shelf member I is fiat or planar throughout its full extent. A plurality of ribs 5, of substantially V-shape in cross section, extend from the extension 3 across the upper face of shelf member I to the flange 14 thereof, these ribs being secured to, conveniently formed integral with, the extension 3, shelf member I and flange 4. As is shown more clearly in Figure 1, the ribs 5, at their inner ends, are substantially tangent to the extension 3 of well member 2 and are arched or curved lengthwise. Accordingly, these ribs effectively re-enforce the structure as a whole and are placed under compression when the shelf member I is subjected to stresses tending to twist it about the well member 2. Since, under the conditions stated, the ribs 5 act under compression, in large part, in resisting twisting of the shelf I about. .well member '2, they are highly eflicient for that purpose. That renders it practicable to have the plate of lighter construction than would otherwise be permissible.

It will be noted that the well member 2 extends a considerable distance below shelf member I. This extended well member is adapted to be grasped in the hand and provides a handle for holding the plate. As will be understood, the well member 2 is intended to receive a glass or other container for a beverage, and the compartments of the shelf member, between the ribs 5, are intended for reception of suitable edibles. It will further be noted that the Well member 2, which is, of course, open at its upper end, is closed at its lower end by a flat wall 6. This wall provides a flat surface of substantial area suitable for supporting the plate upon a table or like flat surface. The plate is, therefore, well adapted to be either held in the hand or supported upon a table or like structure. It will also be noted that both the shelf member I and the well member 2 are free of all depressions or restricted spaces such as would render it difficult to maintain the plate in a thoroughly clean and sanitary condition. Accordingly, this plate lends itself well to cleaning, as by washing in a suitable detergent solution, and can be maintained in a thoroughly clean and sanitary condition with facility and expedition.

In Figure 2 I have indicated, in dotted lines, an upper plate 10 stacked upon the plate p shown in section in full lines. The downward taper of well member 2 of the plate is such that it snugly receives the well member 2 of an upper plate, such as the plate 10 stacked thereon. The well members 2 of the stacked plates thus cooperate to maintain them in coaxial relation and assure a firm stack, effectively guarding against slippage or displacement of the plates of the stack.

It will be understood that changes in detail may be resorted to without departing from the 1. As a new article of manufacture, a refresh? ment plate for individual use, said plate being formed of a plastic and comprising a shelf .member fiat throughout its extent and havingan upwardly extending peripheral flange, a downwardly tapering well member extending a'material distance below said shelf member and flange and having at its upper end a peripheral extension projecting above the upper face of said shelfmember; said well] member being closed at itslower end by a wall'providing a flat supportingsurface, and reinforcing ribs extending fromr'said extension tangent thereto across/the pper'fa'ce 0f said'sheif to said flange-said ribs being integral with said extension and shelf and flange and'curved lengthwise and defining between them compartments for edibles.

2. As a new article of manufacture, a refreshment plate for individual use, said plate being formed of a plastic and comprising a shelf member flat throughout its-extent. and having an upwardly extending peripheral. flange, a down.- wardly tapering well member extending a. material distance below said shelf member and flange and having at its upperend a peripheral extension projecting above the upper face. ,of said shelf member, said well member being closed at its lower end by a wall providing a flat supporting surface, and reinforcing ribs extending from said extension tangent thereto across the upper face ofv said shelfto said flange, .said ribs being integral with saidext'ensiongand shelf and flange and of substantially uniform width and curved lengthwise and defining between them compartments for edibles.


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