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Publication numberUS2561687 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 24, 1951
Filing dateMar 23, 1948
Priority dateAug 14, 1946
Publication numberUS 2561687 A, US 2561687A, US-A-2561687, US2561687 A, US2561687A
InventorsCraig Helen Cosens, William E Keen
Original AssigneeCraig Helen Cosens, William E Keen
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Coin container
US 2561687 A
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July 24, 1951 H. c. CRA|G ET AL COIN CONTAINER origi hal Filed Aug. 14, 1946 Fig. 5.


' Helen Casens Craig William E. Keen INVENTORS BY -vwvm and on Patented July 24, 1951 COIN CONTAINER Helen Oosens Craig and William E. Keen, Coral Gables, Fla.

Original application August 14, 1946, Serial No.

Divided and this application March 23, 1948, Serial No. 16,598

1 Claim. 1

Our invention relates to improvements in coin containers, the instant application therefor being a division of our co-pending application, Serial No. 690,580, filed August 14, 1946.

The primary object of our invention is to provide for carrying coins on the outside of a key case out of interfering relation to keys in the case and arranged for quick easy removal for deposit in a parking meter while the case is being held in the hand instantly available for use of the keys, for instance in unlocking a car parked by the parking meter.

Another object is to provide a device of the character and for the purpose indicated which is simple in construction, inexpensive to manufacture and handy to carry in the pocket, or pocketbook.

To the accomplishment of the above, and subordinate objects presently appearing, a preferred embodiment of our invention has been illustrated in the accompanying drawing, set forth in detail in the succeedin description, and defined in the claim appended hereto.

In said drawing:

Figure 1 is a view in perspective of our invention in the preferred embodiment thereof;

Figure 2 is a view in side elevation, showing how the coins are retained in the container while a key of the key case is positioned for use;

Figure 3 is a view in side elevation with the lever swung out from between the side plates;

Figure 4 is a view in longitudinal section taken on a line 4-4 of Figure 2; and

Figure 5 is a view in transverse section taken on the line 55 of Figure 2.

Referring to the drawing by numerals, according to our invention, a coin container is provided in a key case 5 having a pair of substantially oval, side plate 6 spaced apart and connected at one end by a rivet 9 adapted to support keys l0 thereon for swinging into concealed position between said plates 6, or, projection from said end for use as shown in Figure 2.

To form the coin container, the side plates 6 have the longitudinal edges thereof bent outwardly of said plates and inwardly over the same to provide flanges I at opposite sides of said plates 6 spaced from the outer faces of said plates to provide slots 8 between the flanges of each plate in which coins l9 will fit when slipped therein from one end of the slots 8 edge to edge. The heads 2|] of the rivet 9 project into the slots 8 at one end thereof and retain the coins I9 in said slots at said end of the same.

Fitting between the side plates 6 is a lever II with a rounded outer end adapted to fit flush with the ends of said plates 6 opposite the connected ends of said plates. The lever l I is pivoted at its sides and adjacent its inner end to the side plates 6 by means of rivets M to be swung in between said plates into alignment therewith, or, out from between said plates 6 to one side thereof. At the outer end thereof, the

lever H is provided with side knobs [1 adapted to snap into openings 18 in the side plates 6 at the ends of said plates opposite the rivet connected ends, and to project through said openings so as to retain the coins I9 in said slots 8 at the ends of said slots opposite the ends in which the coins are retained by the rivet heads 20.

The lever II is hollow and open at its inner end to contain the keys I!) and acts, when swung in the manner described, out from between said plates 6 to project the keys out of the inner end of the lever and out from between said plates 6. as shown in Figure 3, which need merely be mentioned in passing.

As will be apparent, when the lever l I is swung out from between the side plates 6, as shown for instance in Figure 3, the knobs I! are withdrawn out of the openings [8 so that the coins l9 may be slid out of the ends of the slots 8 having the openings 18 therein or, may be slid into said slots at said ends to fill the described container.

The foregoing will, it is believed, sufiice to impart a clear understanding of our invention, without further explanation.

Manifestly, the invention, as described, is susceptible of modification without departing from the inventive concept, and right is herein reserved to such modifications as fall within the scope of the appended claim.

Having described our claimed as new is:

A case of the class described comprising a pair of side plates, opposed flanges on the side edges of each plate at the outer sides thereof and forming coin receiving slots at each side of the case open at each end, a pin connectin the plates to each other at one end in spaced parallel relation to each other, the ends of the pin projecting into the slots to prevent withdrawal of coins from said end of the slots, said plates at the other end of the slots having openings, a swingable member carried by the plates, and knobs carried by said member for releasably seating in and projecting throughsaid openings and constituting stops for the coins at the other ends of said slots.


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