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Publication numberUS2561691 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 24, 1951
Filing dateApr 30, 1947
Priority dateApr 30, 1947
Publication numberUS 2561691 A, US 2561691A, US-A-2561691, US2561691 A, US2561691A
InventorsGeorge E Eckert, William K Mcginty
Original AssigneeMoe Brothers Mfg Company
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Lamp support with rotatable apertured plate, including a recessed supporting hook
US 2561691 A
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July 24, 1951 E -r ETA!" 2,561,591

LAMP SUPPORT WITH ROTATABLE APERTURED PLATE INCLUDING A RECESSED SUPPORTING HOOK Filed April 30, 1947 INVENTOR5 Games: A. E a/:52? W/LA/HM k. Ma 6/7'7 W, Mia-6J4 Patented July 24, 1951 UNITED STATES asst-era 2,561,691 I it LAMP; SUPPORT. Wren norzirnmln Anea- TURED PLATE, meLUnm AnEeEssEn' SUPPORTING HOOK George E. Eckertand WilliamtKnM cGinty, Fort; Atkinson, Wisi, assignors; to. Moa- Brothers Manufacturing Company, a corporation of Wisconsin Emf At insom Wis-i.

Application April 30, 1947, Serial No. 744,976,

moiaims. (o1. 240 52.10.

His 2. primary object of the invention to provide a novel and simple lamp or-like appliance of virtually universal application. A lamp made in accordance with the present invention has a specialbase whereby it maybe permanentlymounted on a wall or elsewhere; it may serve as a pin. up lamp; itmay be set on a table or-other support; it may be manipulated by hand; or it may be clipped to the back ofv a chair or some other support of that type. It is particularly adapted for use with spot bulbs such'asare used for show window lighting and for special infra red or ultra-violet radiation.

In all positions and mountingsofthe base, the socket is adjustable to a varietyof angles and the provision of a novel and simplified pivotal connection, permitting the adjustment. of; the socket and its retention in adjusted position, is another object of the invention.

Still other objects will be apparent from the following disclosure.

In the drawings:

Fig. 1 is a view inside elevation of .a lamp em. bodying the invention. i

Fig. 2 is a view taken insection on line +2 ofrFig. l. V i

Fig.3 is a bottom plan view ofthe lamp.

Fig. 4 is a view taken in section on the. line 4 -4rof Fig. 1'.

Fig.5 is a view fragmentarily illustrating in Side elevation the lamp as it appears when clipped .to a chair back or the like.

Fig. 6wis a detail view taken in transverse section through the lamp base and swiveled mount.

The. lamp base Hlcomprises a hollow shell. It is provided near. one end with an :upwardly open.-

. a 2 by onearm ofi an: angle bracket connectedwith lamp socket l1; and having an aperture through whichathepintle l5spasses; By reason .of theclosefit:ofthe socketwithin shell [5 anditheen aa e ment of-the angl'e bracketnon pintle: bolt It, the.

. socketlisheld' against moyementrespectingthe ing slot at H (Figs. 3 and l) through which pro- .ject the tongues l2 and I 3 of standard I4, The tongues are flanged in opposite directions and preferably welded interiorly to the base as, best shownin Fig. 3. l l l The standard I4 may. comprise a single; ply sheet metal supportand it may, ifdesired be convoluted or ribbed as best shown in Figs. 1; and 4 lfor stiffening orornamentation. Near itsupper end it is provided with an aperture for the pintle li upon which the shell 16 for electricalsocket 11''. is pivoted. The shell has a slot at I8 which closely receives the sheet. metal standard I4. Within the shell a spacing sleeve l.9"is threaded on the pintlewbolt l5'and fits betweenthe interior ofi theshell and one 'sideface of the standard Hi. When other. SidfitffiCBOf the standard lid isengaged shell;

The: angleHbracket 201 further serves as: one;

plate of a friction: clutch: formaintaining the..-

shell and socketin angularly adjusted position on the pintle-bolt The compression spring 52.! threaded uponthe pintle bolt :l51and confined. betweennut ZZJand bracket 20:. urges: the bracket. into face contact with the -standard 14; whereby friction betweenthesel parts holds thesocket-and:

itsshell 'inany position of pivotalv adjustment.

Plorwardlyof the. standard 14,. there is welded. or3otherwise iastened Eto. the interior of the base It; a boss-formingmemben with a flat bearing;

surfacevat-25 through which extends a bolt. 25; Held ibiy :bolt 2am; boss-forming member; 24;.is a

mounting element 21 which preferably comprises.

of which: is preferably nearzthe'tab and the other" one: opposite: the. tab. The disk is also cut. awaytorprovide an opening at=32 adjacent which there.

istarrzinwardly turned ear 33'n to which a 1 spring clip. 101:: arm 35 vis :pivoted. by means 10f r'ivet'..36.i

Incits retracted position, the spring hook 35 lies:

substantiallyuinthe plane of the mounting elementioradiskllciand within thecavityzof the base where. itimoves around the boss24 as the amountingelement is :rotated on itsxpiVOt '26.

'Ihellamp maylbe used on a table, desk. orrother horizontalsurfaceinlthe manner shown in Fig;

1;'e: position of *the. bulb in the. socket: bein showminzbroken lines; 1

Eornuseiinsome-temporary wall position as a: pineupi lamp, thewdisk 21 is: rotated slightly clockwiseeirom the-position,-shownain Fig. 3 to bIEiIIgIIthESkEYhOIGSIOt 3| to the vertical center.

line... Thereupon suchslot may be-engaged with: anyl-sui-table screw; nail. or-other hanger.-

.Forrrpermanentmounting, the=keyhole slot 30:

may: bra-engaged: over th'ezheadi of a screwcor nail, 01?:l3h'eu1ik'e; Rotation of the entire base and lamp respecting .diSktZTfOI :1801degrees from the:

positionlshown lin .Eigt: 1 will. expose :theetab 1191f permanent attachment of the disk 21 to the wall and the entire lamp is then rotated back tothe relative position shown in Fig. 3,.whe'reupon the mounting disk and both nails used in the mounting thereof will be wholly concealed.

For hanging the lamp from a chair back or any other similar support, the operator simply pivots the spring hook 35 outwardly about the rivet 36 which connects it to flange 33. In this position the spring hook 35 may readily be engaged over any such object as rail 38 (Fig. thereby to support the disk 21, with respect to which the lamp base [0 and lamp are pivotally adjustable to the desired position.

However the lamp is supported or mounted, the shell and socket are pivotally adjustable on the standard M to any desired position respecting the base. The electrical connections do not interfere with such adjustment inasmuch as the cord 40 leading to socket I! does not pass through the standard but directly enters shell I61 through a'suitable opening provided therein at .39.

The lamp as disclosed is not only light and conveniently adjustable, but is well adapted to be held in the hand for manipulation of the rays emanating from a bulb mounted in the socket thereof. It is further to be noted that the pivotal adjustment of the socket shell respecting the standard is upon an axis substantially at right angles to the axis upon which the standard is pivotally adjustable respecting the mounting element 21. Appropriate manipulation of the parts about these axes at right angles to each other enables the socket to be given substantially universal adjustment respecting the mounting element whether such mounting element is suspended or permanently fixed to the wall, or whether it is hooked to a support as shown in Fig. 5. r 1

While the invention has been disclosed with reference to its preferred embodiment in a portable lamp it will be understood that various features of the invention are not limited .to lamp usage.

We claim:

1. In a device of the character described, the combination with a hollow base having elongated side margins and a boss mounted within said base in a central location between such mar.- gins and within the hollow thereof, of a mounting element provided with a pivotal connection to said boss and having at least one mounting aperture, and a tab provided with a second aperture and located at such a distance from thepivotal connection aforesaid that it is normally housed within said base but may be positioned.

by relative rotation of the mounting element in. its-own plane respecting the baseto project beyond one of the margins of the base, the basebeing elongated in one direction from the boss,-v whereby to be adapted to receive and house the tab when the element is rotated to alignthe tab withgthe directionof elongation of the base.

2. The. combination set forth in claim 1 in further combination with a spring hook pivotedl to'the mounting element upon an axis generally" radial with respect to'the aforesaid pivotal con-- nection, said hook being movableupon its said pivot between a 'retractedposition in which said;

hook lies substantially in theplane of said ele-'- ment and an operative position in .which saidv hook..projects. from: the plane of i said" element said hook being adapted in its said retracted position to lie within the cavity of said base for movement with said element about the pivotal connection of said element with said boss.

3. In a device of the character described, the

combination with a lamp base and a lamp socket mounted thereon, of a boss disposed within the base and provided with a transverse bearing surface, a mounting element disposed beneath the lamp in engagement with the said boss surface base and provided with a fastener securing it to the boss and providing pivotal connection thereto, said element comprising a disk in said base, said base being provided with a cavity about said pivotal'connection, a flange mounted on the disk and projecting into the cavity, the disk having I an opening to which said flange is contiguous,

and a spring hook pivoted to the flange upon an axis including the disk pivot and normally disposed in the opening of the disk and within the cavit of the base'for movement with said disk about said pivotal connection, said hook being movable pivotally respecting the disk to a position of projection therefrom for engagement with suitable support. 7 i

4. The combination set forth in claim 3-in further combination with a pivotal connection between the lamp socket and base upon a differ.- ent axis from the axis of said pivotal connection between the base and disk, the combined efiect of thepi-votal adjustments on the respective axes affording universality of adjustment of said socket respecting said disk. I

5. The combination with a base and a lamp socket, of a socket support comprising a hollow shell provided with a slot, said lamp socket being disposed within the shell and said base having a standard extending through said slot into the shell and provided with a pintle spanning the standard and the shell and upon which the shell is hingedly movable respecting the base.

6. The combination set forth in claim 5 in which the lamp socket is provided with a bracket having an aperture through which such pintle extends and whereby said socket is retained within the shell.

7. In a device'of the character described. the combination with an apertured standard and a pintle extending transversely therethrough, of a shell having a slot into which said standard projects, said shell having apertures engaged on said pintle for pivotal movement respecting the standard.

8. The combination set forth in claim 7 in which said pintle is embraced b a spacing sleeve fitted between said shell and one side of said standard and a spring encircling said pintle .between said shell and the other side of said stand .ard.

9. The combination set forth in claim '7 in which said pintle is embraced by a spacing sleeve fitted between said shelland one side of said standard and a spring encircling said pintle'between said shell and the other side of said standard, together with a socket member within said shell and fitted thereto for movement with the shell about the pintle, said socket member having 1, bracket with an aperture through which said pintle extends, said bracket being interposed between said spring and said standard, and the bracket member and standard having coacting friction faces. L I

10. In a lamp, the combination with a slotted base, of a sheet metalstandard having tongues projecting throughthe slot and oppositely flanged and provided with connection interiorly to said base, a shell having a socket receiving portion and provided elsewhere with a slot into which said standard extends, a pintle spanning the shell and traversing the standard whereby to provide a pivotal connection between the shell and standard, and a socket within the shell provided with an apertured connector through which said pintle extends whereby said pintle holds said socket within the socket receiving portion of the shell.

11. The combination set forth in claim in which said pintle is encircled by a spacing sleeve between the standard and one side of the shell and a compression spring between the standard and the other side of the shell.

12. The combination set forth in claim 10 in which said pintle is encircled by a, spacing sleeve between the standard and one side of the shell and a compression spring between the standard and the other side of the shell, said bracket being interposed between the spring and the standard, and the bracket and standard having complementary friction bearing faces urged into operative friction engagement by the compression of the spring.

13. In a lamp of the character described, the combination with an elongated base comprising a shell having marginal flanges downwardly directed and provided, intermediate the sides of the base and closer to one end than the other thereof, with a mounting boss, of a, disk provided with a fastener connecting it to the boss substantially midway between the sides of the base, said disk having a tab projecting radially to a distance sufficiently great to project from the end of the base closest to the boss when the tab is rotated into registry with such last mentioned end, the tab being provided with a mounting aperture adapted in the position last mentioned to project from the last mentioned end and in another position to be housed within the base, a standard connected with the base at the end thereof most remote from the boss, at pintle bolt extending through the standard in a direction transversely of the base, a slotted shell in which the end of the standard is disposed, said shell having portions engaged on said bolt for pivotal movement respecting the standard, a lamp socket in said shell and means for resisting free pivotal movement of said shell respecting said standard, whereby to maintain said shell and socket in adadjusted position respecting the standard.

14. The combination set forth in claim 13 in which the means for resisting pivotal movement of the shell respecting the standard comprises a thrust-sleeve confined between the standard and one interior side of the shell and through which said pintle bolt extends and a spring encircling said bolt and confined between the shell and the standard whereby to maintain frictional pressure between the standard and the end of the sleeve.


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