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Publication numberUS2562418 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 31, 1951
Filing dateApr 18, 1950
Priority dateApr 18, 1950
Publication numberUS 2562418 A, US 2562418A, US-A-2562418, US2562418 A, US2562418A
InventorsEnrico John C, Enrico Stephanie F
Original AssigneeEnrico John C, Enrico Stephanie F
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Shower massage glove
US 2562418 A
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MY 3l 195 J. c. ENRico ETAL 2,562a413 SHOWER MASSAGE GLOVE Filed April 18, 1950 INVENTORS ATORN EYS Patented July l, 1 951 UNITED STATES PATENT lorries SHOWER MASSAGE GLOVE John C. Enrico and Stephanie F. Enrico,

g San Francisco, Calif.

Application April 18,1950, serial No. 156,542 1 claim'. fici. 12s-65) The present invention relates to improvements in a shower massage glove that is adapted to be used for massaging a, persons scalp and washing or rinsing the hair at the same time. It consists of theicombinations, constructions, and arrangement of parts, as hereinafter described and claimed.

An object of our invention is to provide a glove having la hand-receiving compartment; and a separate water-reception chamber adapted for conveying water through perforations on the inner or palm side4 of the glove for discharge. Moreover, the glove is made with individual fingers, allowing the free flexing of the fingers of the user. The water chamber extends into the ngers of the glove as well as into the palm area thereof.

As a further object of our invention, we provide resilient massaging projection on the fingers of the glove, thereby permitting the scalp to be thoroughly massaged by flexing the users ngers. This massaging, accompanied lby discharge of water from the water reception chamber, results in a highly efiicient massage of the scalp, and cleaning and rinsing of the hair.

Other objects and advantages will appear as the specification continues, and the novel features of our invention will be pointed out in the claim hereunto appended.

Drawing For a better understanding of our invention, reference should be had to the accompanying drawing, forming part of this application, in which:

Figure 1 is a face view of one of our shower massage gloves, looking at the inner or palm side thereof; and

Figure 2 is a longitudinal sectional view taken along the line II--II of Figure 1.

While we have shown only the preferred form of our invention, it should be understood that Various changes, or modifications, maybe made Within thescope of the annexed claim without departing from the spirit thereof.

Detailed description Referring to the drawing in detail, we provide a glove indicated generally at A, which is made of suitable water-proof material, such as rubber. This glove includes individual fingers I to 4, inclusive, and a thumb 5, all of which are hollow to allow the fingers and thumb, respectively, or the user to be telescoped thereinto.

It will be understood that the hollow interior `4of the glove defines a hand-receiving compartment B, which provides space for the fingers.` I'--4', thumb 5', palm 6 and wrist 'l ofthe users hand, the latter being designatedgenerally at C.

The back wall Il of the glove is clearly shown in 1 Figure 2 of the drawing, while the inner or palmfacing wall S is disclosed in both Figures 1 and 2. The end I [I of the glove is open to allow the hand to be inserted into or withdrawn from the glove in the conventional manner.

An outer layer 9a of resilient material, such as rubber, is provided on the inner face or palmside of the glove. This layer extends from the curved dotted line I I in Figure 1 forwardly to the tips of the fingers and thumb. Thus a waterreception chamber D is defined between the wall 9 and the layer 9a, which underlies at least part of the users palm, with this chamber extending into the thumb `and finger areas.

Perforations I2 `are fashioned in rows in the fingers I- of the glove, the thumb 5 thereof, and in the area of the palm 6. These perforations serve as outlets for water I4 contained in the chamber D (see Figure 2). As the encased hand `C is moved over a persons head, the water is discharged through the perforations I4 to Wash and rinse the persons scalp and hair.

For the purpose of supplying the water to the chamber D, we make use of a flexible tube I5, which is connected at one end to a source of water under pressure. This tube extends through the opening I0 in the wrist portion 'l of the glove, and has its inner end I6 communicating with the chamber D. A suitable coupling I'I may be provided in the tube.

Resilient massaging projections I8 are arranged in rows and protrude from the outer layer 9a of the fingers and thumb of the glove. These projections are confined more or less to the forward parts of the glove fingers and thumb, where the most effective use thereof may be employed for massaging a persons scalp. It will be observed from Figure 1 that the water outlet perforations I2 are staggered betweenadjacent projections I8. Accordingly, the scalp can be washed during the massaging thereof. These projections,

of course, stimulate the scalp. A shower-like ef- I Summary The use of our shower massage glove is summarized briefly as follows:

In applying the glove A to the wearers hand C,

This wateris discharged through the perfora-V tions l2 to wash a persons scalp and hair as the wearers hand is moved thereover. At the same time the resilient projections I8 are em-,f ployed for massaging the scalp. The water inV the chamber D is kept out of contact. with theV Wearers hand disposed in the compartment B. It will be understood that the operator can use two of our gloves, one on each hand, thus accomplishing a more thorough and rapid massaging of the scalp and washing the persons scalp and hair.

We claim:

-In a water-proof glove having a Wrist portionv and thumb and finger-receiving portions extending from the palm portion of the glove; an outer layer of resilient and water-proof material forming a part of the glove and overlying the palm side of the entire lengths of the fingers and thumb portion and extending over a portion of the palm of :the glove; the outer layer cooperating with the adjacent portion of the glove to form a waterreceiving compartment on the palm side of the glove extending from the palm out to the ends of the iinger and thumb portions of the glove;

4 and a water inlet tube extending along the interior of the wrist portion and communicating with the compartment at the end disposed nearest the wrist portion; said outer layer having rows of water outlet perforations extending from the palm portion on out to the extreme ends oi the iinger and thumb portions; said outer layer also having rows of massaging projections being disposed closel toand 'paralleling the rows of openings and 'extending continuously from the outer ends of the thumb and finger portions throughout the greater lengths of these portions; the inner ends of the rows of massaging projections stopping short of the points where the nger and thumb portions merge into the palm portion of the glove; whereby the water will issuelfrom the palm and the entire lengths of the finger and thumb portions while the effective massaging area of the glove lies in the nger and thumb portions on thfe palm side of the glove.



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