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Publication numberUS2563761 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 7, 1951
Filing dateSep 20, 1945
Priority dateSep 20, 1945
Publication numberUS 2563761 A, US 2563761A, US-A-2563761, US2563761 A, US2563761A
InventorsWilliam A Uline
Original AssigneeBendix Aviat Corp
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Socket connector having an indented solder wall
US 2563761 A
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w. A. ULINE 2,563,761



Patented Aug. 7, 1951 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE SOCKET CONNECTOR HAVING AN INDENTED SOLDER WALL William A. Uline, Sidney, N. Y., assignor to Bendix Aviation Corporation, South Bend, Ind., a corporation of Delaware Application September 20, 1945, Serial No. 617,561

are three in number, but there may be more or fewer of them, whenever an advantage is gained thereby. In this solder well the end of the connee-tor is automatically centered by the indentaadapted to uses similar to those described in my tions.

copending applications Serial Numbers 611,372 In the manufacture of the connector several and 611,374 and my Patent No. 2,521,056, issued longitudinal slots I5 are milled in the wall of the September 5, 1950, but are particularly adapted tube between the indentations l2 and the end IE to manufacture in small sizes, for instance in of the tube. This stage of manufacture is indisizes having a diameter of about 0.1 inch or less. cated in Fig. 3. Thereafter the strips ll between In such sizes the making of socket type connecthe slots are bowed inwardly as shown in Fig. l, tors of the kinds heretofore known is difficult, exand the socket is heat treated. The outer end I6 pensive, and not too satisfactory. of the socket may thus be made larger than the It is an object of this invention to make elecpin it is to receive without affecting the firmness trical connectors of the socket type that are of the electrical connection. After the heat treatadapted to satisfactory methods of manufacture, ment the socket may be silver plated, a plating of are useful in all sizes, but that are particularly .0003 to .0004 inch thickness being satisfactory adapted for manufacture in small sizes. for most purposes.

The objects of the invention are accomplished The construction prior to the bowing of the generally speaking by a connector all the essenstrips is shown in Fig. 3. If burrs are formed by tial parts of which are integrally formed from a milling the slots they should be removed, but some tube by simple operations -that can be performed interior surface roughness is not objectionable. with facility even upon tubes of small sizes. Strip spring tension is set in a die prior to heat The above and further objects and novel featreatment. The tension should be set so that tures of the invention will more fully appear from 2iabout A; pound to 2 pounds pull is required to the following detailed description when the same withdraw a #16 or 20 pin from a socket. The is read in connection with the accompanying pressure increases with the size of the pin and the drawings. It is to be expressly understood, howcontacts. ever, that the drawings are for the purpose of The pins employed may be of any satisfactory illustration only and are not intended as a defitype, for instance such as are disclosed in my conition of the limits of the invention, reference for pending application Serial No. 611,374. this latter purpose being had primarily to the ap- When so constructed the socket of Fig. 1 is pended claim. c pable of furnishing strong support and exten- In the drawings, wherein like reference charsive contact areas to a pin connector, so that the acters refer to like parts throughout the several resistance of the connection is favorably low, a views, condition difficult to obtain in sockets of such Fig. 1 is a plan view of a socket type connector small size. The soc et gives a long, easy acting of a preferred type; spring that is practically incapable of being over- Fig. 2 is a full scale plan view of a small size stressed and destroyed. connector of the type shown in Fig. 1; 40 A particular advantage of the invention is in Fig. 3 is a vertical section through a semithat t Sp ng fi e s 0r strips are suppo ed at finished connector f the type shown in Fig, 1 both ends, which contributes firm contact with a constructed according. to the principles of the inum of ass a d Weight. Another advanvention. tage is a novel method of making novel connec- In a preferred embodiment of the invention, as tors in small sizes. shown in Fig. 1 and Fig. 3, a length of tubing Ill Although only one embodiment of the p sent that is preferably made of beryllium copper is invention is herein illustrated and described, it is swaged inwardly at points 120 degrees apart at a be expressly understood that the same is not suflicient distance from the end of the tube to limited thereto- Various Changes ay be made form a solder well, and the end of the well is therein, p cularly in the design and arrangemilled as at H to admit the end of a conductor t of the pa s i st without d part n such as copper wire, and solder. The swaging from the spirit and scope of the invention, as will should be such that no light shows through the o e pparent to those skilled in the art. tube. In the figure of the drawing the swaged What is claimed is: indentations are indicated by the numeral l2 and An electrical connector consisting of a metal WILLIAM A; ULINE.

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