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Publication numberUS2564273 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 14, 1951
Filing dateJul 14, 1945
Priority dateJul 14, 1945
Publication numberUS 2564273 A, US 2564273A, US-A-2564273, US2564273 A, US2564273A
InventorsNeuman Norman
Original AssigneeNeuman Norman
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Electric light fixture for elongated tubular fluorescent lamps
US 2564273 A
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Aug. 14, 1951 NEUMAN ELECTRIC LIGHT FIXTURE FOR ELONGATED TUBULAR FLUORESCENT LAMPS FilSd July 14, 1945 INVENTHR M M ATTORNEY \mm I- ii I mm 2 1 H w I: m. o. g m a i 8W\ i n Patented Aug. 14, 1951 F'FICE ELECTRIC LIGHT FIXTURE FOR ELON-- GATED TUBULAR FLUORESCENT LAMPS Norman Neuman, Montreal, Quebec; Canada Application July 14, 1945, Serial No. 605,078. 1:

3 Claims.

The invention relates to improvements in electric fixtures as described in the present specification' and illustrated in the, accompanying drawings that form a part of the same.

The invention consists essentially of the novel features of construction as pointed out broadly and specifically in the claims for novelty following a description containing an explanation in detail of an acceptable form of the invention.

The objects of the invention are to devise electric fixtures that will be economical to manufacture and made of interchangeable parts thereby facilitating easy assembly of the fixture; to construct a fixture that will afford quick access to the various parts by electricians and others, and consequently speed up any repair work necessary to such fixtures; and generally to provide an electric fixture that will be durable in construction, easy to install and efficient for its purpose.

In the drawings:

Figure 1 is a side elevation of the electric fixture.

Figure 2 is a sectional plan view through the electric fixture showing the electrical connections and fittings for the fluorescent light tube.

Figure 3 is a longitudinal sectional side view of the fixture and showing the fluorescent light unit secured thereto.

Figure 4 is an enlarged end view of the fixture.

Figure 5 is an enlarged end view of one of the plates for the fixture.

Figure 6 is an enlarged fragmentary perspective View of one end of the base of the fixture and the accompanying bracket support.

Like numerals of reference indicate corresponding parts in the various figures.

Referring to the drawings, the electric fixture consists of a rectangular metal base, as indicated by the numeral I0, and a metal cover II, the ends of which are open, and a fluorescent light unit l2. The connections and fittings are the same as those in the usual fluorescent fixtures, such as transformer 13, starter l4 and porcelain socket I5, with the necessary wiring etc. The base II] has flanges or raised sides 56A and HJBextending upward therefrom and providing reinforcing therefor.

A bracket 16, having holes ll and 58 therein is fitted over each end of the base it. The body of this bracket forms a section to which the blocks 2! and '22 are fastened by means of bolts H3 extending through the holes l8, and these blocks are flush with the end of the base- The porcelain sockets l5 and 23 are fastened by any suitable means to the blocks. 2| and 22. The detachable bracket IE is provided with an inturned lip Ifi at one end Which engages with one end. of the base It]. This bracket J6, is formed-in a series of steps, one step forming the support for the socket, starter or other attachment, while another step is secured to the cover II by a bolt IE5 extending through the hole IT.

The cover l I of the fixture is cut out at either end which allows it to fit down over the porcelain socket. A circular hole 24 in the top of the cover allows the starter to be fltted to the socket in the block 2|.

The cover II has holes therein coinciding with each hole I! in the top step of each bracket support l6 allowing the cover to be detacha'bly fastened to the base.

A metal plate 25 as shown in Figure 5, having the lugs 26, fits over the open ends of the fixture, after the cover has been placed and fastened over the base. This plate 25 is secured to the fixture by the lugs 26 which turn inwardly and fit along the outside surface of the cover, fastening to same by means of projections on the sides of the cover, these projections fitting into the holes 21 and 28 in the lugs, thus holding the plate firmly to the end of the fixture. The light unit is then fitted into the porcelain sockets at each end, and the electric fixture is then ready to operate.

What I claim is:

1. In electric fixtures, an elongated base having raised sides and flat ends, bracket supports located at each end of said base and extending inwardly towards one another, said bracket supports being in the form of sheet metal members having successively raised horizontal step portions, in-turned lips formed on the outer portion of each of said bracket supports and providing a means of detachably engaging with said base, one of said horizontal step portions on each of said bracket supports providing a shelf on which the light sockets are mounted, a starter suitably mounted on one of the aforesaid horizontal step portions, and a cover being detachably secured to the upper end of said horizontal step portions of each of said bracket supports, enclosing the mounted light sockets and providing access to the same and to the starter.

2. In electric fixtures, an elongated sheet metal base having flanges extending upward at the sides thereof, a pair of sheet metal bracket supports comprising a plurality of horizontal steps, and a lip portion turned in from the end of the lowermost of said horizontal steps, the uppermost of said horizontal steps having a hole therein, a

cover, the uppermost of said horizontal steps of said bracket supports being secured to said cover and said lip portions formed on the lowermost horizontal step of said bracket support engaging the outer edges of said base, one of the said horizontal steps of each of said support brackets forming a shelf on which is mounted a socket of the fixture adapted for the reception of a fluorescent light unit, and a pair of end plates enclosing the ends of said base and a portion of the sockets of the fixture.

3. In electric fixtures, an elongated base having side flanges extending upward therefrom a pair of sheet metal bracket supports engaging said base, a cover mounted on said bracket supports, a lip portion formed on the outer end of said bracket supports, a raised horizontal step extending inward from said lip portion, and a second horizontal step raised substantially above the aforesaid horizontal step for securing each of said bracket supports to said cover, said lip portions on said bracket supports engaging the outer ends of said base, the first mentioned of said horizontal steps on each of said bracket supports forming a shelf for the securement of a fluorescent light unit, which unit is detachably fitted to suitable mounting means located on the said horizontal steps, and a pair of end plates having lugs extending inward from each end thereof, projections extending outward from the surface of said cover on each side thereof, said lugs each having a hole therein and adapted for engagement with said projections on said cover.


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