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Publication numberUS2564518 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 14, 1951
Filing dateMay 16, 1947
Priority dateMay 16, 1947
Publication numberUS 2564518 A, US 2564518A, US-A-2564518, US2564518 A, US2564518A
InventorsGlenn E Bedinger
Original AssigneeGlenn E Bedinger
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US 2564518 A
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G. E. BEDINGEIR Patented Aug. 14, 1951 OFFICE DISPENSE'R Glenn E. Bedinger, Coral Gables, Fla. Appliction May 16, 1947, Serial'No. 748,550

This invention relates 130 a dispensing device for sheet material and more partitzularly to a device for holding and dis'pensing time tablesprograms or the like in an eiir or railroad Station, hotel, theatre, or other place where it is'desired to dispense information.

Numerous types of dispensers have losen employedin the past for Various products including sheet material with information thereon.

However the devices of the prior art have had inhernt deficiencies such as complexity of structure and unpleasing appearance, and the spring members associated with said devices have often been unsatisfactory in various ways.

Accordingly, it is an objct of the pr6sent invention to provide a simple and inexpensive dispenser of few parts and requiring a minimum f labor in its manufacture and which is attractive and convenient to use.

Another and more particular object of the invention is the provision of a spring member of improved characteristics designed particularly for use in combination with a relatively inflexible fixed member as a, dispenser of sheet material, such as time tables o1 the like. Although the spring member of the present invention is described in combination with a, dispenser, it is obvious that its applications are not limited to this use but that it may be employed in numerous other combinations.

Another object of the present invention is the provision 01 a spring mernber, in association with a dispenser er the 1ike, having a relatively wide range of operation in order that the capacity of the. clevice may be relatively large; a further object is the provision of a spring member capable of numerous oscillations without acquiring a fixed sei 01 becoming weakenea or otherwise incapable of efiective operation.

Another object is the provision of a spring member, f01 a dispenser 01- the like, which possesses a fiexibility suitable 130 the material being dispensed in Order that too greao effort Will not have to be expended in removing the sheet material, thus subjecting itto tearing nor wil1 the sheet material be held so loosely that it is easi1y disorganized or scattered.

Further objects and advantages of this invention will be apparent from the following specificatioii taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, wherein:

The single figure of the drawing is a perspective view of the dispenser.

With reference to the drawings, the dispenser comprises a base I0 130 which is attached an up- 2 Claims. (C1. 211-51) 2 standing relatively inflexible member or support H 'having a foot I2,a relatively thin upright bo'd3' portion I3, and a pair of curved arms or guiqles I4.

Said base I0 has a beve1'ecl edge I5 on its forward portion for' the reception 015 a name plate or the like I6 attached by any suitable means, such as screw fasteners l l. Also attached t0 saicl base is a receptacle I8 in the form of a" hollow sleeve member which may be used t0 dispense courtesy items, such as cigarettes, chewing gum, toothpicks, or the like, by the users of the dispenser. Said receptacle is positioned adjacent the side edge of the support H so as to frictionally engage the same and assists in mailltaining the rigidity of said support.

Attached to the base I0 and the support II by screw fastem'ngs or other means 20 is a spring member er follower 22. Said spring member has a, foot 23, a first curved portion 24, a second curved portion 25, a third curved portion 26 and a fourth curved portion 21.

Said spring is of relatively thin flexible sheet material and. is designed withstand a maximum amount of use through a, relatively large range of operation without substantial diminution of strength o1 failure caused by a relatively large bending moment.

In the spring of the present invention, it is noted that there are three arcs or bends about which -loending moments may occur. These arcs extend over substantially all of the free portion of the spring so that the bending stress is not concentrated. in any one portion thereof, the arrangemen of the arcs resulting in longer life 0f the spring. Furthermore, because the bending takes place about three arcs of the spring, il; is apparent that the flexibility of the spring will be greater and its range o1 operation and 1ife correspondingly increased. By varying the radius of the arcs of the spring it is possible to vary the force required to produce a movement of the free end of the spring.

The upper curved portion 21 of the spring 22 has no bending moments about it but serves merely as a. finger hold for use in grasping the free end of the spring as when placing a pack of sheet material in the dispenser, and also provides a rounded surface ofiering 1ittle resistance to the passage of sheet material.

The arms I4 on the support H in addition to having a pleasing appearance serve as guides between which the sheet material is received, in order to maintain the same in a relatively for the material to be dispensed having a. re1atively thin upright body portion with a foot portion at the 1ower end thereof secured' to sai'd" base and a.t its upper end arms;turneddown to form guides, a spring member having its 10wer extremity attached to base and to tIie-ffiot portion of said support, die upper portion of said spxingbeing; curved to adapt itto bear againstthe;material to-:be dispensedy and a;- hollowsleeve having its lower end attached to thebase and' with one side in frictional engagemenir with a side edge of the support to assist in maintaining; the rigidity of. said support.

2LA dispenser for sheet materiaL comprising a; base; an upstanding relatively infiexible mem-- her attached thereto, and a spring member attached 130 the*base and the-upstanding mernber,

said spring member having a first arcuate section of relatively sma1l radius a second arcuate section of a larger radius thar 1 said first arcuate section, a third arcuate section having a larger radius than said first and said second arcuate sections, 211- fourth arcuate section providing a band hold for the free end of said spring, and a hollow s1eeve attached '00 said base and positioned in frictiona l engagement With a side edge of saidupstanding relatively inflexible member to assist in maihtaining the' rigidity of said member.


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