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Publication numberUS2565899 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 28, 1951
Filing dateMar 4, 1947
Priority dateMar 4, 1947
Publication numberUS 2565899 A, US 2565899A, US-A-2565899, US2565899 A, US2565899A
InventorsWilcox Ernest A
Original AssigneeWilcox Ernest A
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Portable cleansing device for artificial dentures
US 2565899 A
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Aug. 28, 1951 E. A. wlLcox 2,565,899

PORTABLE CLEANSING DEVICE FOR ARTIFICIAL DENTURES Filed Maron 4, 1947 Eik/765254. Wfl cor INVENTOR BY M M H15 ATTORNEY j Patented Aug. 28, 1951 2,565,899 u 4. .1.. I, ,l s

v PORTABLE oLEANsmG DEVICE OR ARTIFICIAL DENrrUREs 't iErnest A .Wilcox, N.Y. ApplicationMarch 4, 1947, serial No. vaiz y5 oiainsgi (o1. '134%1'61) This invention relates to a portable cleansing device for artificial dentures.. x For cleansing purposes, itis the lusual practice to place the artificial denture or bridge-work in a cleansing solution and to allow the denture to remain in the solutionl until proper v, cleansing has taken place. The time consumed and .the

inconvenience of allowing the denture to remain in the solution are well known drawbacks to'this practice and as a. result the proper cleansing is often disregarded.

With the foregoing in mind it is the object of the present invention to provide a portable manually operable denture cleansing device which will permit one to firmly hold the plate or bridgework Within an enclosure containing a cleansing solution while manually imparting vigorous agitating-movement tothe container and ,to `the solution and to provide means *whereby the solution is brought into intimate cleansing contact with every part and crevice vof 1 the' denture. The movement of the solutioninto forcible contact with the entire surface of" the denture is most effective in keeping articial dentures properly clean and wholesome and the Vrm hold on the denture itself while the agitating operation is taking place insures perfect safety for the plate and bridge-work.

I accomplish the object of my invention by means of a denture cleansing device embodying certain improved arrangements and combinations of parts hereinafter described, set forth in the appended claims and illustratively exemplifled in the accompanying drawings, in which:

Figure 1 is a substantially longitudinal sectional view of the denture cleansing device taken on line I-I of Figure 2.

Figure 2 is a substantially transverse sectional view taken on line 2-2 of Figure 1.

Figure 3 is an elevational view of the cover piece looking into the same.

Figure 4 is a View similar to that of Figure 1 of a slightly modified construction of denture cleansing device.

Figure 5 is a top plan view of the container of Figure 4 with cover piece removed and a portion of the denture support broken away, and

Figure 6 is a perspective view of the base support for the adjustable denture support.

Referring to the drawings and particularly to Figures 1 to 3, inclusive, I0 denotes a cup shaped container having its inner wall threaded as at I I to receive an adjustable exteriorly threaded denture support I2. The support I2 comprises a ring having an integral cross web I3 spanning the interioruo'fcntainer In. The nng'llz is ad'- justable along the threads II to accommodate the denture or bridge-work A to be cleaned.A ,The denture is rested upon. the support I2, as illustrated in Figure. ll'and a cover I4 placed on 'the container I0 after filling the same with the proper amountof cleansing fluid. The lcover I4 consists of a disc-shaped'top having a depending annular skirt I5whi ch -is beveled inwardly on its inner wall to forma seat I6. A cross web IvI lis disposed integral with the top and is of a depth short of vthe lopen end of the cover.` The open end portion of the container I0 is outwardly beveled, as at I8 to form a complementary seat for vthe cover seat I6, as illustrated in Figure 3'. When the device 1is grasped between the fingers of thefuser, the pressure thus applied will causev sealing contact of'seats I6' andv I8, to establish a leak `proof joint between cover` and container, whereby the liquid cleansing content will Ynot leak to,v the outside as the container is rapidly shaken by hand to perform the cleansing operation. lReferririgmow to the modified embodiment illustrated in Figures 4j to 6, .the`container520 isla pfshaped member. with a beveled lip 2I at Yits upper end anda cover'22 withibeveledde'! pending skirt 23 to form a seat with the lip 2| and an interiorly disposed cross piece 24 to press down upon the denture A. The denture A is supported upon an adjustable support 25 comprising a ring, cross web 26 and depending interlorly threaded hub 21. The hub 21 is screwed over an upstanding threaded post 28 carried upright on a disc 29, which rests upon the bottom of the container'20, and which is provided with spaced peripheral notches 30 to t over lugs 3| disposed in the lower corners of the interior of the container to prevent rotation of the disc, as illustrated in Figure 4.

To use the denture 4cleansing device, the support I2 or 25 is adjusted to the proper elevation within its container II] or 20 to accommodate the denture A to be cleansed. This'setting of the height of the denture `rest or support will remain fixed for the particular denture or can be altered when more than one denture is involved. The denture A is then placed upon the support and the cover is applied, so as to bring the cross web I1 or 24 against the denture to rmly clamp the same between the cover and support when manual pressure is applied. With the correct adjustment of the support I2v or 25 the joint between cover and container is completely sealed by the manual pressure and the cleansing operation may be started by supplying the correctV-` tively, and provide access to said space -for cleansing liquid within the containerto freely flow substantially over the entire denture to effectively cleanse the denture when theV device is vigorously shaken.

Having described my invention and the manner in which the same is operated, whatI claim and desire vto secure by Letters Patentis;

1. A` portable cleansing device for artificial denturescomprising aV liquid container and a removable cover for said container, cooperating means on said container and on said cover for providing a liquid-tight sealtherebetween, a denture supportadjustably mounted within the cony tainer, 'a denture engaging means carried by the cover for firmly holding a denture mounted on 'the denture supportV when the cover is held on the container, the denture support being adjustable toward and away from the open end of the container to accommodate 'dentures of various thickness, the denture Support and the denture engaging means being 'off an open-work character to kmake but limited contact with a denture and provide ample space, both above and below Vafflrmly held denture, between the surfaces of the denture and the inner 'surface of the cover 'and the base of the container respectively, and provide access to saidsp'aces for cleansing liquid withinthe container to freely 'pass Vover sub1 stantially the entire denture to eifectively cleanse the denture when the device is vigorously shaken.

"2. .A portable cleansing ydevice according to claiinf 1 wherein the means on the denture Vsupport within the container and the denture engaging means carried by the cover, between which the denture is held, are in the form of ribs on said respective members.

3. A portable cleansing device according to claim l wherein the adjustment of the denture support within the container is provided by a screw-threaded part on the support engaging complementary screw-threads Within the container.

4. A portable cleansing device according to claim l wherein the adjustment of the denture support within the container is provided by an externally screw-.threaded annular rim on the denture support engaging a complementary internal screw-thread on the container.

5; A portable cleansing device for artificial dentures comprising a cup-shaped vessel, a notched disc resting on the bottom thereof, a threaded center post carried by the disc, a denture supportY having a threaded portion to screw over 'fsaidpost rto 'adjust the elevation of the support in the vessel, lugs inthe vessel engagingthenotches inthe Ynotched disc to prevent rotation of the disc and the post when the support is turned to adjust its` elevation in the vessel, and a cover for the vesselto form a leakproof seal for the vessel 'and having a depende ing web vportion to engage and hold a denture supported on the support.


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