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Publication numberUS2566837 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 4, 1951
Filing dateNov 26, 1946
Priority dateNov 26, 1946
Publication numberUS 2566837 A, US 2566837A, US-A-2566837, US2566837 A, US2566837A
InventorsHuelsmeyer Walter E
Original AssigneeHuelsmeyer Walter E
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Price tag and name card holder
US 2566837 A
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Sept. 4, 1951 w, HUELSMEYER 2,566,837

PRICE TAG AND NAME CARD HOLDER Filed Nov. 26, 1946 ways.

Patented Sept. 4, 1951 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 1 Claim. 1

My invention relates to supporting racks and display brackets, an object being in this item to provide a practical and serviceable device for removably supporting such things as price tags,

'name cards and the like.

A further purpose of my invention is to provide a convenient, economical and sturdy rack for price tags, name cards and the like, such as may be practical to use in a show case, on a counter or on shelves for the marking of merchandise with removable price tags, identification names or both.

A particular purpose of my invention is to provide a price tag or name card rack shaped to define an integral piece formed to provide a front upright wall and a rear resilient or a clamping back with the back member exerting a constant clamping pressure against the rear surface of the front upright wall; and in this form of rack it will be obvious that it can be made of any desired length to suit the existing need whether it is only a few inches in length or long enough to extend the entire length of a show case or shelf or counter; it being further obvious if and when desired this rack device may be made of transparent material so that the price or name could be read through the front wall of the rack, while such a rack could be removably secured and placed by tacking or clamping or otherwise fastening the same.

I- attain the objects of my invention by the device described in this specification, defined in the claim and shown in more than one of its species in the drawings wherein:

Figure l is a perspective of a short piece of one of the forms of my rack.

Figure 2 is a perspective of a longer piece of the same form.

Figure 3 is a vertical cross section of a refrigerator meat case in which the form of my rack shown in Figure l is being supported in two Figure 4 is a front view of a portion of the refrigerator meat case showing the rack of Figure 3 in use.

Figure 5 is a perspective of a portion of a modified form of my invention shaped to provide an ample base of support without fastening down if desired.

Figure 6 is a perspective of the form shown on Figure 5 with an integral tongue strip cut out of the bottom and back portion for merchandise to rest on if desired.

I am aware of the use of price tag and name card displays of different species, but in my invention I am advancing a new teaching in this art and the advantages derived from thepresent developments in this invention have shown beyond question the practical serviceable merits of this price tag and name card rack.

In a detailed analysis of this invention the drawings will be referred to for a more comprehensive study of the same wherein:

I am providing in one integral rack body a front upright wall 2 with an integral rear clamping back member 3 curved in a manner providing a resilient forward clamping pressure of the same up against the rear surface 4 of upright front wall 2; so that when a price tag 5 is to be displayed in my rack it may merely be slipped down into the space between front wall 2. and clamping back 3 where it will be substantially gripped to hold it in place where it may be easily observed by customers.

In Figure 2 I am showing two forms of price tag, one of which 5 can be used with my rack whether or not the rack material is transparent but the second form 6 of price tag showing in dotted lines could be slipped into the same space behind the front wall 2 of a transparent rack material and be easily seen in its position of support.

Note that in Figure 3 I am showing rack I tacked in its upright position at a lower level I in a refrigerator display case 8 and showing one of the same racks secured to a bracket 9 supported on a higher level shelf Ill of the same case 8.

Note in Figure 4 the front view of the rack mounting of Figure 3.

In addition to the species of my rack shown as rack body I Figures 5 and 6 are illustrating a practical and serviceable construction of my invention wherein the form of the rack, whether the material is transparent or not, may define an upright or sloping front wall II, a flat or extended base of support l2 and the curved clamping or resilient back member IS; in which form I am providing a species of my invention which can be set upon a counter or shelf without having to be fastened down.

Note also in Figure 6 that I am showing how this same species of rack may have a little strip or tongue l4 cut out of the back portion in spaced intervals to provide an anchorage for the rack by setting a can or jar or box or the like on this tongue to hold the rack in place on display.

3 Having thus described the nature of my invention what I claim is:

A price tag and name card holder comprising a. piece of flexible sheet material having a front wall, an integral .base portion as support. means, an integral resilient backing member, in a plane intersecting said front wall, curved to normally exert .a resilient clamping pressure against the back of said front wall of the holder, the front wall being higher than the backing member, a tongue struck of the backing member and formed to lie in the same plane as the base."


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