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Publication numberUS2568131 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 18, 1951
Filing dateJul 5, 1947
Priority dateJul 5, 1947
Publication numberUS 2568131 A, US 2568131A, US-A-2568131, US2568131 A, US2568131A
InventorsSamuel Segal
Original AssigneeWilson Jones Co
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US 2568131 A
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Sept. 18, 1951 s. sEGAL 2,568,131

' PORTFOLIO l Filed July 5, 1947 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 INVENTR 54mm 556m BY /9 /4 7 20 f ATTORNEY Sept. 18, 1951 s. sEGAL. 2,568,131

` PORTFOLIO A Filed July 5, 1947 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 50 Y. *Y Y Y @5 4/ 42 2@ Patented Sept. 18, L1951 I UNITED STATES PATENT "oFFIcE PORTFOLIO Samuel Segal, New York, N. Y., assignor to Wilv son-J ones Co., Chica Massachusetts go, Ill., a corporation of Application July 5,1947, Serial No. 759,106 1 Claim. (C1. 281-29) for detachably interlocking with a loose leaf More specically the invention has for binder. an object the provision of spaced and fixed keepers simultaneously adapted to be initially received within relatively enlarged openings of spaced compound slots in a loose leaf binder whereby spaced sides of rectilinear openings of the coml5 pound slots are awaiting to straddle the keepers and be arranged under overhanging lips thereof for slidably interlocking with the keepers upon shifting the binder longitudinally thereof after which liftable locking means carried by the binder automatically operates to cooperate with one of the keepers to preclude displacement of the binder relative to the portfolio. A further and specic object is concerned with automatically retractable detent means carried by the loose leaf binder and overhanging a major portion of one of the compound slots thereof and adapted to be automatically elevated on mounting the binder on the spaced keepers xedly carried by the portfolio.

Another object comprehends the utilization of a conveniently accessible manipulator for elevating one end of the tiltable detent means to permit slidable displacement of the binder relative to the portfolio preparatory to detaching the former from the portfolio.

In the accompanying drawings:

Fig. l is a plan View of a portfolio illustrating the loose leaf binder according to one embodiment of my invention attached thereto and shown fully closed.

Fig. 2 is a transverse sectional view on the line 2-2 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is an enlarged sectional view on the line 3 3 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 4 is a fragmentary and exploded View of 45 Fig. 1 exhibiting the loose leaf binder detached from the spaced keeper means attached to the portfolio.

Fig. 5 is a fragmentary view of Fig. 2 however showing the binder in an unlocked relation with one of the keeper means and awaiting to be withdrawn therefrom.

Fig. 6 is a view similar to Fig. 5 however illustrating in full lines the tiltable locking detent in itsretracted position and cooperating to prereceiving the upper'ends of the rivets or keepersy clude shiftingV of the binder` relative to the portfolio. t

Fig. 7 is a sectional View on the line 'I-'I of Fig. 6.

Fig. 8 is an elevational view of one of the rivets or keeper means.

Fig. 8a is a perspective view of one of the keeper means andan-'associated annular clamping member.

Fig. 9 is a perspective view of a portfolio and another form of binderattached thereto.

Fig. 10 is a sectional view on the line Ill-I0 of Fig. 9.

Fig. 11 is a sectional viewon the line II-II ofV Fig. 10.

Fig. l1a is a Ibottom view of the binder shown in Fig. 10 but on a smaller scale and Fig. l2 is a sectional view on the line" I 2-I2 of Fig. 11.

Advantageously fastened to the portfolio P is the relatively sturdy leather wall I 0 dening with the outside leather body II of the portfolio the storing compartment I2.

Anchored by sp-aced rivets or keeper means I4 tothe wall Il) (Figs. 2 and 4) is the leather strip or backing I5. Specifically each rivet I4 is provided with an annular flange I 6 adapted to be seated on .the leather strip I5.v About the shank of each rivet I4 and held against the compartment or pocket wall II] by head I'I of the rivet is the annular washer I8. -By the present arrangement Vit is apparent thatv the strip I5 is firmly clamped against the pocket wall IU by an annular flange I6 and a companion annular washer I8.

Integral with annular and overhanging flange I6 and extending upwardly therefrom is the reduced web lI9 (Fig. 8) having the spaced rectilinear sides 20 and defining with the overhanging lips 2| of the annular head as of the rivet I 4 spaced channels, grooves ortracks 23.

The circular head 22 of the studs or rivets Ill are smaller than the enlarged expanded and spaced circular openings 25 at corresponding ends of compound slots generally each denoted 26 and each having a reduced and rectilinear opening 2l in communication with its companion circular opening 25. Preferably the compound slots 26 are disposed in the bottom arcuate plate 28 of a conventional ring type loose leaf binder generally indicated RTB for removably holding a stack of perforated sheets of papers (not shown) and adapted as is customary to be opened and closed by operating the triggers29. Y

With the enlarged or expanded openings 25 means I4 and more particularlythe heads 22 thereof, the spaced portions 3|) constituting the rectilinear sides of the reduced openings 21 of the compound slots 25 are in alinement with spaced gaps 23, and hence the binder may be slidably and bodily displaced in the direction of the arrow 3| (Fig. 5) whereby sides 3|) of the compound slots move 4under lips 2| and `simultaneously straddle the webs or intervenors |9 of the keepers |4, thus interlocking therewith. However when the ends 32 of the restricted openings 21 are near the keeper means, the binder is locked against linear displacement due to the action of the self retractinglocking fdetent generally indicated D comprising a relatively :flat and flexible leaf spring 35 and the superimposed cold rolled and non-flexible bar 'or lever 3B provided with a fixed manipulator or button 31 normally projecting in part through opening 38 in the upper arcuate cover plate 39 of the loose leaf binder RTB.

Lever 36 is secured to one end of the leaf spring 35 by rivet 40 and the other end ofthe leaf spring 35 is anchored to the bottom wall 28 of the binder by the rivet 4|. 'Normally spring 35 holds the detent retracted, that is, substantially horizontal as shown in Figs. r6 and 7 and against the wall 28 `of .the binder to :permit the front end FE of the detent to overhang the adiacent expanded opening .2'5 .and an associated communicating reduced opening 21 `of the compound slot '26.

Upon insertion of the heads 22 of the spaced keeper means |14 'into the enlarged openings 25, one of the heads 22 automatically tilts the detent D (Fig. causing the frontend FE to be automatically raised thereby causing the other end BE thereof to 'be biased or tilted downwardly into relief opening 42 in the hollow wall 28. Or i-n other words, detent D unlocks automatically. As the binder is moved in the .direction of arrow 3| and under the lips 2| of heads 22 of the spaced keeper means, detent D automatically is urged to assume a substantially 'horizontal positionvdue to the retractive action of the lea'f spring 35. Consequently when the head 22, tilting the ydetent, clears the front end FE, the detent automatically and fully retracts and drops into 'the path of the adjacent keeper, thus -constituting a stop (Figs. -6 and 7) -precluding 'slidable -displacement of the binder relative to the portfolio, that is, the binder is locked against Aslidable -displacement and against removal from Vthe portfolio. To detach the binder from the portfolio, manipulator 31 is depressed as shown in iFig. 6 by the dash and dot line position, 'thereby elevating the forward end FE of the detent D above the elevation of the companion head 122' of the associated keeper means which Ais then vadapted to be slidably displaced to unlock from the walls 30 and eventually the heads of the spaced -keeper means arrive to be within the spaced Vopenings 25 at which time the binder may be lifted and be disengaged therefrom -or -in-other words `from the portfolio.

In the form according -to Figs. 19 :to vl2, the locking detent D' is characterized by a Vmetal leaf spring 5|] -having `end BE' secured by -rivet 5| to the outside face of the arcuate `bottom '28 of the binder and its intermediate portion thereof is disposed longitudinally Aacross :the enlarged opening 52 in the bottom wall '28 while its free end FE is normally seated on the 'spacedstop lips 53 at the junction of the 'opening 52 and the lcommunicating irectilinear opening 254 falso in the bottom wall 28. Spring xedly carries the knob or manipulator projecting through and above opening 56 in the cover 39 of the binder.

In Fig. 10, the binder may be considered locked to the portfolio as the rectilinear sides of the slot 54 are interlocked with adjacent head 22 of one of `the spaced keeper means while the head of the other keeper means is interlocked with side walls as 3|] of the opening 21 at the other lend of the plate 28, as is well understood, at which time the free end FE' of the normally depressed detent D is in line with an adjacent head 22 of the keeper means |4 and acts as a stop to preclude slidable displacement of the binder yrelative to the portfolio even though, as in the embodiment according to Figs. 1-8, the binder is interlocked with the keeper means.

To unlock detent D', the operator merely lifts manipulator 55 upwardly, causing end FE to rise appreciably above :the adjacent head 22, thus 1inlocking .part the binder :and the latter may be slidably .moved to the right relative to the 'portfolio and eventually heads A22 simultaneously reach the enlarged openings ,'25 and A52 (Fig. 11B) and the 'binder ymay 'be .lifted from the portfolio. rillnereafter upon removal of the linger pressure from manipulator 55, leaf vspring 50 retracts against l.the vstop lips 53 awaiting to :be :again raised :by one of the 'keeper means 22 when 'the binder is ,again attached to the portfolio. Of course the operator ymay unlock detent D from the ladjacent keeper by lifting 'the detent 11pvvardly -by a nger 'inserted under end opening `ful in the pocket wall 10. In other aspects lthe semsediment according to Figs. 9--12 is along the lines of the form shown in'Figs. Y1-'8 v'and in all the forms disclosed, the :middle ring `MR llwhen attaching the binder is rst lined up vwith the datum line or index means 5U for automatically positioning the spaced keepers `in alinement with the (circular openings 25 of the vcompound slots 2:6 for simultaneous and Aexpeditious reception thereby.

Briefly -recapitulating in all the forms disclosed a normally retracted Ilocking detent overhangs 'a major portion .of an elongated and compound slot 26 `for example, in Fig. 1l defined by -the communicating openings l52 and A5.4 and in 4 by the-communicating openings -25and 2H. In veach case, the detent is adapted Ito be automatically tilted-on'mounting the binder .on the spaced-keepers |14, that is, -when the llatter are received by the enlarged portions I25 of the compound slots. By such action one of the keepers tilts or elevates one end of the detent and holds .the latter elevated iuntil=corresponding ends as S2 of the narrownopenings 2-1 have reached the spacedkeepers at which time :the detent means snaps back to be in alinement with or in the path of an .adiacent keeper, thus ,acting .as stop means to prevent longitudinal displacement of .the binder relative tto .the portfolio.

Various changes may be made in details .of construction and arrangement fof kparts without departing from .the spirit of the vinvention or sacricing vany yof 1the advantages thereof `inherent therein.


In a device of -thefcharacter described, a port folio having Yspaced keepers each comprising 'a head having a web and overhanging lips, Ja lloose leaf lb'inder provided with a bottom wall and a top wall, said lbottom vwa'll having spaced :compound slots embodying relatively large openings displacement of said binder relative to said port- 5 folio, a spring detent carried by said binder and in part overhanging one of said slots the spring action of said detent movingit into engagement with the edge of one of said keepers upon longitudinal displacement of said binder relative to 10 said portfolio from the position in which said binder and portfolio are initially engaged, to hold said binder and portfolio against relative longitudinal displacement in the opposite direction, and a stud projecting from said detent through said top Wall, said stud being operable to disengage said detent from keeper, whereby said binder may be released from interengagement with said portfolio.


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International ClassificationB42F13/00
Cooperative ClassificationB42F13/0073
European ClassificationB42F13/00B14B