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Publication numberUS2568178 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 18, 1951
Filing dateJan 18, 1949
Priority dateJan 18, 1949
Publication numberUS 2568178 A, US 2568178A, US-A-2568178, US2568178 A, US2568178A
InventorsSamuel Widder
Original AssigneeWidder & Co J
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Adjustable photograph mount
US 2568178 A
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' Filed Jan. 18, 1949 Patented Sept. 18, 1951 Samuel Widder., New York, Y., assigner to J. Widder & Co., New York, N. Y., a'corporation of New York ApplicationJanuary 18, 1949, Serial No. 71,490

This invention relates to a novel easel or mounting for photographs adaptable to ready mounting of a photog-raph in more than one position. y

Various mounting arrangements for photographs have been proposed or used in the pas?A but have not been satisfactory due to limitatio.. of the position of the photograph or portrait in the mounting. The photographs or portraits, in

present day practice, are generally placed in pro tective transparent envelopes, which are fittec into -a relatively :stiff Ypocket having a. frame" front and a sti" rear backing which is adapted for mounting in a kdisplay easel, album or the like. This 'pocket may be cemented or glued to `the easel or sheet of the album, or alternatively,

may have its corners inserted into triangular shaped pockets provided on the easel or on a page of the album. In the latter case, the triangular pockets have hitherto been so located that it has been possible to mount the photograph in the horizontal position or in the Vertical position, but not selectively in either position. This is due to the fact that the longitudinal and lateral dimensions of the photograph and its pocket are limited to the extreme overall distance between the pocket apices. Consequently, such pocket easels have been unsatisfactory, applied as individual units or as sheets of an album, from the standpoint of adaptability to mounting of photographs in different positions. The mounting of the present invention for use as individual easels or as leaves of an album, overcomes these diiiculties of the prior art by providing a relatively stiff easel or the like which has slots with a pre-set spacing arranged to receive tabs on the pocket, the tabs being -arranged on opposite sides or on all four sides of the pocket and having the same pre-set spacing as the slots. The lateral and longitudinal dimensions of the pockets, or the photographs, are not critical with respect to the spacing of the tabs. As a result, provided the tabs on the pocket have the same spacing as the slots on the easel, the photograph may be mounted on the easel in either the horizontal or the vertical position. In other words, the position of the pocket or photograph on the easel is in no way limited by the overall lateral or longitudinal dimensions of the photograph or pocket, the only criterion being that the tab spacing is equal to the slot spacing. f course, thetabs may be on the easel and the slots on the pocket or photograph if desired.

With the foregoing in mind, it is an object of the present invention to provide a photograph 1 Claim. (Cl. l0-158) mounting which may support a photograph 'in either the horizontal or the vertical position irrespective of the relative longitudinal and lateral dimensions of the photograph or its protective pocket.

Another object is to provide such a mounting having' slots or tabs spaced a pre-set distance and arranged to receive 'correspondingly spaced tabs or slots on a photograph or its protecting pocket.

vThese and other objects, Aadvantages and `nevel features of the invention will be apparent from the following vdescription and the accompanying drawing. In the drawing: l

Fig. l is fa pla-n view of 'an album mounting sheet according to the present invention;

Fig. 2 is a. front plan view of a photograph protecting pocket according to the present invention;

Fig. 3 is a rear plan View of the pocket;

Fig. 4 shows the pocket of Fig. 2 as mounted vertically on the sheet of Fig. 1; and

Fig. 5 is a view similar to Fig. 4 showing the pocket mounted horizontally.

Referring to Fig. l, an album mounting or display sheet IIJ is illustrated as having a binding strip II provided with apertures IZ to receive binding posts, laces or other binding means of an album. Strip II is connected by a ilexible section I3 to the mounting or easel I5, which may have protectors I4 on its outer corners.

In accordance with the invention, mounting or easel I5 has segmental slots I6, I'I arranged in such a Iway that the continuation of the base lines forms a square, with two slots being located on each side of the square. Of course, more than two slots on each side may be provided, if desired, but two are usually sufficient, and the slots may have other suitable shapes. Each pair of slots has a center to center spacing equal to that of each of the other pairs. For example, slots I6, I6 on the upper and lower edges have a center to center spacing A equal to the center to center spacing A of slots II, I'I on the rightand lefthand edges.

Referring to Figs. 2 and 3, a photograph mounting pocket 2D is shown as having a frame shaped front 2I suitably cemented or otherwise secured to a backing 22. Frame 2| cooperates with the backing 22 to form a pocket to receive and protect a photograph or portrait, and may have a sheet 23 of transparent material secured thereto, or placed in the pocket, to protect the face of the photograph. Backing 22 has a slot 26 through which the photograph is inserted in pocket 20.

In accordance with the invention, backing 22 is rectangular and has a pair of parallel edges 24, 24 spaced apart a distance substantially equal to or somewhat less than the distance between the base lines of the two pairs of slots I'I, or of the two pairs of slots I6. Each edge 24 carries tabs 25, 25 equal in number to the number of slots adjacent on edge of mounting I5.. Tabs 25 have a center to center spacing A equal to the center to center spacing A of the slots of mounting I0.

With the described arrangement pocket 20 may be placed on mounting I5 in either the horizontally oriented or vertically oriented position, despite the fact that pocket 20 is considerably longer than it is wide. In the vertical mounting shown in Fig. 4, tabs 25 are engaged in slots I1, while in the horizontal mounting of Fig. 5, tabs 25 are engaged in slots I6.

This is in contrast to the usual arrangement in which the mounting has corner pockets and the photograph pocket must have dimensions equalv to the spacing of the apices of the corner pockets. With the present invention, the overall dimensions of pocket 20 are not so limited, the only limitation being the center to center -spacing of tabs 25 relative to that of slots I6 or Il. Consequently, the adaptability of the mounting arrangement is greatly increased. Alternatively, mounting I5 may have tabs and backing 22 may have correspondingly located slots.

While a specic embodiment of the invention has been shown and described in detail to illustrate the application of the principles thereto, it should be understood that the invention may be otherwise embodied without departing from such principles.

What is claimed is:

A photograph mounting arrangement cornprising, in combination, a mounting having pairs of slots each forming one side of a rectangle, the spacing between the slots of each pair being equal, and a photograph support having pairs of projecting tabs on each of two parallel sides of a rectangle, the tabs of each pair having a spacing equal to that of the space between the slots of each pair and the spacing of the pairs of tabs being substantially equal to that of two parallel pairs of slots, whereby the tabs may be inserted in the slots of either of a pair of adjacent sides of the slot rectangle so that the support may be secured to the mounting in either of two perpendicularly related positions.


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