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Publication numberUS2568521 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 18, 1951
Filing dateMay 25, 1948
Priority dateMay 25, 1948
Publication numberUS 2568521 A, US 2568521A, US-A-2568521, US2568521 A, US2568521A
InventorsSr Roy Stauch
Original AssigneeSr Roy Stauch
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Floor drain and primer
US 2568521 A
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Sept. 18, 1951 R. STAUCH, SR

FLOOR DRAIN AND PRIMER Filed May 25, 1948 Ill Patented Sept. 18, 1951 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE FLOOR DRAIN AND PRIMER Roy Stauch, Sn, Portland, Oreg.

Application May 25, 1948, Serial No. 29,020

1 Claim.

This invention relates generally to plumbing and particularly to a floor drain and primer therefor.

The main object of this invention is to provide a floor drain with a priming connection and to so construct the drain in a manner that it can be more easily installed and when installed, presents a smooth and tightly sealed outlet which can be mounted on a riser pipe of the desired length before the pipe is placed in position.

I accomplish these and other objects in the manner set forth in the following specification as illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in which Fig. 1 is a vertical section through the drain.

Fig. 2 is a plan of the drain.

Fig. 3 is a fragmentary section taken along the line 3-3 in Fig. 2.

Fig. 4. is a transverse section taken along the line 44 in Fig. 1.

Like numbers of reference refer to the same or similar parts throughout the several views.

Referring in detail. to the drawing, there is shown an elbow I into which extends the riser pipe I l to which the drain is to be attached. The

length of the pipe II will vary with the position of the elbow below the floor line I2.

Referring particularly to the floor drain, it consists of a square plate l3 having a circular recess H which receives the perforated plate l5 whose hinge lug l6 occupies a slot l1 and is held by the pin I8 whose ends 19 are bent down and under the bottom 20 of the slot 11.

Under the plate [5 is formed a catch basin 2| whose sloping side 22 extends to the flange 23 whose opening 24 is substantially the same as the inside diameter of the riser pipe H.

A tubular extension 25 extends downwardly from the flange 23 and is spaced from the pipe II to allow space for lead or other packing 26. It will be noted that the packing 26 extends into the space between the top of the pipe I I and the under side of the flange 23. By this arrangement, the joint may be made in an inverted position and the union between the riser pipe I l and the flange 23 will be smooth and not inclined to catch pieces of fiber or other materials.

There is also incorporated in the drain a 2 primer pipe 21 which is threaded into a vertical extension 28 of the side 22. It is desirable to have the primer pipe 21 discharge along the top side of the flange 23.

It can be seen from the foregoing that much time is saved in the installation of my floor drain and that the connection thus made is much better than when made by the parts now in common use.

I claim:

A floor drain comprising a square plate having a circular opening therein, a funnel-shaped body integral with said plate and communicating with said opening, said opening having a counter-bore formed therein, a perforated strainer plate occupying said counter-bore having a radial lug extending therefrom, said plate having a channel-shaped boss on its under side opening into said counter-bore and into said funnel-shaped body, said lug occupying said channel shaped boss and having a hinge pin passing through said lug and boss, a tubular extension depending from said funnel-shaped body, an inturned flange extending inwardly around the lower end of said funnel, a soil pipe extending upwardly into said tubular extension and spaced from said extension and flange, a lead packing between said soil pipe and the interior of said tubular extension and the under side of said flange, said flange having a central opening equalling the inside diameter of the soil pipe, said funnel-shaped body having an outwardly extending vertical sided boss and a primer pipe threaded into the vertical side of said boss.


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U.S. Classification210/163
International ClassificationE03F5/04
Cooperative ClassificationE03F2005/0413, E03F5/0407
European ClassificationE03F5/04D