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Publication numberUS2569928 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 2, 1951
Filing dateOct 3, 1949
Priority dateOct 3, 1949
Publication numberUS 2569928 A, US 2569928A, US-A-2569928, US2569928 A, US2569928A
InventorsCarlos Gonzalez
Original AssigneeCarlos Gonzalez
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Apparatus for filling tubular receptacles with plural materials
US 2569928 A
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A T TOR/V5 Y Oct. 2, 1951 c. ONZALEZ 2,559,923

APPARATUS FOR F ING TUBULAR RECEPTACLES WITH PLURAL MATERIALS 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed Oct. 5, 1949 R. Y mz flw 7 M A 0 X 6 0 6m 0 m Patented Oct. 2, 1 951 APPARATUS FOR FILLING TUBULAR RECEP- TACLES WITH PLURAL MATERIALS Carlos Gonzalez, Ciudad Trujillo, Dominican Republic Application October 3, 1949, Serial No. 119,227

2 Claims. 1

My invention relates to apparatus for filling tubular receptacles with plural materials, and particularly to apparatus and a method intended and adapted for filling collapsible tubes with toothpaste or other like fluid or paste material of two or more flavors, or fragrances, or colors, or compositions, or paste or like material having other various properties, so that as the tube is collapsed to dispense the'material, the materials of different properties or characteristics will be successively dispensed.

An object of this invention is toprovide apparatus and a method such that plural materials of paste or like fluent characteristics can be filled or loaded" into a cylindrical tubular container or package or carton asan elongated column, with two or more materials having various properties arranged in layers so that as the material is dispensed the paste-or other material will come out asa single color or flavor or odor foreach particular layer, and the color or flavor or odor, or other characteristics, will be varied as each layer ofmaterial'is dispensed.

Another object of this invention is to provide apparatus and a method by which the plural or various materials, as for example materials of difierent colors, or'flavors, or odors, or the like, will be assembledin a column consisting of longitudinally disposed layers or the materials of different characteristics, and then the column is fille'd into the container or package or carton bysmoving'the column endwise iria single operation and at asingle filling station, with the material maintained at'a substantially uniform density, or at its original density, throughout the severallayers. 1

Still another object is to provide means or apparatus and a method or process by which" the plural materials are suppliedto the column 13.

erally,- and valves controlling the supplies will be closedwhen. the oolumnof two or more layers isbeing -moved endwise into the cylindrical tubularcontainer'or package or carton.

fitill-another purpose is' to provide means bywhiehoperation of theparts is synchronized to eaten and cut on the supply of material at properintervals, and-to fillthe columnintothe tubular receptacle after the supply has" been closed off.

With the above and other obj ectsin view, some of which will be a pparentto-those skilled in the art, and othersof which "are inherent in the construction and useand ;-functioning of the apparatus and the-carrying out of;t he-steps of; my

method, myi'nvention embraces certain novel .fea-

tures of construction and combinations and arrangeinents of parts which will be hereinafter set forth in connection with the drawings and then more particularly pointed out in the claims.

In the drawings: 7

Figure 1 is a view in top plan, and partly in longitudinal section, illustrating an embodiment of apparatus capable of carrying out the method of my invention.

Fig. .2 is a longitudinal sectional view through the apparatus as illustrated in Figure 1.

Fig. 3 is a longitudinal sectional View through a collapsible tube containing plural materials as filled thereinto by the apparatus and according to the method of my invention. 7

Collapsible tubes and similar receptacles are now widely used to contain toothpaste, cold cream,and many other paste or like fluent materials; but, it is present practice to fill each col lapsible' tube with a single material, so that all of the material as now dispensed from a collapsible tube is of the same taste and appearance and odor, and all of the material as'dispensed from any one tube will be of exactly the same characteristics as all other parts of the material.

My present invention contemplates that a single collapsible tube be filled with paste or like fluent material with a plurality of layers throughout the length of the tube, various layers being of different taste, appearance, odor, or other characteristics, so that as the material is dispensed from the tube the user will find novel and pleasant variations appealing to the taste, the eye, or the nose. In some instances, and for some purposes, it may be found desirable to fill a collapsible tube with fluent dispensable material, such as toothpaste, in which each layer of material will differ in taste and appearance and odor, or in any one or any two ofthese'characteristics. For example, it has been found that children who otherwise might'find day after day and week after week use of toothpaste of a single taste or color or odor monotonous, by carrying out my present invention, it is possible to fill a collapsible tube with a plurality of materials so that as the material is dispensed from the tube, thechild or other user will have the taste and theappe a'rance and the odor, or some of thesepvaried from elongated material-receiving and filling cylinder 7 2 extending longitudinally thereon and terminating at one end in a tapered nozzle or nipple adapted 'to enter the open end of a collapsible tube when the tube is fitted endwise thereagainst. This material-receiving and filling cylinder 2 is made of an internal diameter and of a length to accumulate material suitable to the diameter and the length of a particular collapsible tube or other member being filled. An elongated filling or pressure piston 4 is fitted for reciprocating movement through the" end of the cylinder 2 away from the tapered nozzle or nipple 3, and a stufiing box or gland 5 is possibly carried by the cylinder around the piston. This filling or pressure piston 4 has a piston-rod or stem 6 extending outwardly therefrom, and the pistonrod or stem 6 is provided at its outer end'with a bearing or other portion 1 fitted on the cross head or rod 8.

A drive shaft 9 is rotatably mounted transversely across the supporting frame structure I, and has a pinion l therein meshing with drive pinion I on power shaft l2 operated by an electric motor or other suitable source of power.

Operatinggears l3 and I4 are independently rotatably mounted on opposite sides of the supporting frame structure so that each operating gear has one face thereof substantially in the clear, and drive shaft pinions I5 and I6 on the drive shaft 9 mesh with the teeth of these operating gears l3 and I4 so that the gears are revolved by power derived from the motor or other unit connected with power shaft l2.

Operating gears I3 and I4 have eccentric pins and H3 extending outwardly from the free faces of these operating gears, and each spaced an equal distance outwardly from the center of rotation of the operating gears; and, pitman rods [9 and connected on these eccentric pins l7 and i8 have bearings 2| and 22 at their free ends swingably mounted on the cross head or rod 1.

With the arrangement and construction of the parts as set forth, when power is supplied through power shaft l2, operating gears l3 and I4 will be revolved at uniform speed, and with the eccentric pins I! and I8 travelling substantially together, so that through pitman rods l9 and 20 the cross head or rod 8 will be moved toward and away from the supporting frame structure. Through piston rod or stem 5, piston 4 will be reciprocated in the material-receiving and filling cylinder 2, and it has been found that the timing and gearing proportion substantially as illustrated accomplishes a smooth and desirable actuation of the parts with the inner and outer strokes of the piston 4 at desirably and suitably spaced intervals.

My invention contemplates and requires that the paste or like fluent material be introduced laterally into the open bore of the materialreceiving and filling cylinder 2, intermediate the nozzle or nipple 3 and the inner end of the filling or pressure piston 4, and with this purpose in mind I provide a plurality of paste material 'der 45. r

injection tubes 23, 24, 25, 25, 21 and 28, having their discharge ends communicating with openings 29, 30, 3|, 32, 33, and 34, opening in a lateral manner and in longitudinally spaced series into the hollow center of the cylinder 2. These paste material injection tubes can be connected to receive paste or other material from hoppers or tanks or other containers. Also, it will be appreciated that the supply ofpaste or other fluent material from the tanks or containers to the several injection tubes 23, 24, 25, 2B, 21 and 28 can be controlled by valves or other suitable means. Since containers and valves are old and well-known in many arts, no attempt is here made to illustrate particular constructions or embodiments.

The paste or other fluent material will be supplied to flow, by gravity or under pressure,

through the several paste material supplying openings and into the opening of the materialreceiving and filling cylinder 2, when the piston 4 is on its out stroke, and it is the intention that the paste or fiuent material shall substantially tapered nozzle or nipple and filling or pressure.

piston 4 moves inwardly or to the left-hand side, the paste or fluent material will be expelled from the inside of the cylinder 2 and into the open interior of the collapsible tube or container, with the several layers of paste or material in sub-.

stantially the arrangement as accumulated in the end of the material-receiving and filling cylinder 2, and without agitation or mixing of the layers.

When pressure is exerted within the cylinderl by movement of pressure piston 4, it is essential that the paste material supplying openings29, 30, 3|, 32, 33 and 34 be closed against discharge of material due to back pressure; and, I have here illustrated one construction of parts that may be employed in this connection.

A slidable gate or valve member 35 is slidably mounted on the frame or supporting structure, and this gate or valve member has a gate finger 36 projecting in position to he slid across and to be withdrawn from the area of the several paste material supply openings. Thus, when the slidable gate or valve member 35 is .moved in one direction the gate fingers 36 close each and all A substantially triangular or bell-crank valve operating lever 31 is swingably mounted on the supporting frame structure. by a. suitable pivot screw, or other member 38, and a screw or otherpivot member carried by the slidable gate or valve member 35 is receivedin an elongated slot on one end of the triangular or bell-crank valve operating lever. A valve operating link 4| swingably mounted on the cross head or-rod 8 is extended inwardly adjacent to the third corner of the triangular or bell-crank valve operating lever 31, and a pivot screw or other suitable member. carried by the bell-crank lever is slidably re-.

ceived in elongated slot 43in the outer end of the valve operating link 4|. 'This elongated slot' 43 is angularly offset, adjacent to the outer end, substantially as at, in

provision of a shoul 1 An inclined cam surface is provided at 43 on the lower side of valve operating link 4|, and a cam roller 41 is disposed in position to be engaged by the inclined cam face 46, upon inward movement of the valve operating link 4|, so that this valve link is swung up to raise the shou1der45 above the pivot screw 42. i

By this arrangement of valve or cut-ofi or gate parts, as the filling or pressure piston 4 starts its inward movement, the cross head or rod 8 moves the valve operating link 4| endwise toward the left, and shoulder 45 engages with screw or pin 42 thus swinging the lever 31 around its pivot at 38, and accordingly moving the slidable gate or valve member 35 so that the gate fingers 36 thereof close each of the paste material supply openings 29, 30, 3|, 32, 33 and 34.

A paste tube or other container will have been placed with the open end thereof upon the tapered nozzle or nipple 3, and as the movement of piston 4 continues toward the left, the material will be expelled or extruded from the nozzle end of the cylinder 2 and will be forced into the collapsible tube or container. Since the pressure by piston 4 is disposed evenly upon the column of material accumulated within the cylinder 2, in the several layers, the material will be pushed out of the cylinder without stirring or agitation and without disturbing the layered arrangement.

My present invention relates particularly to means for accumulating and filling a layered material, and in Fig. 3 of the drawings I have illustrated a collapsible tube filled in accordance with the purpose of my invention. The end of the tube through which the material is filled can be closed by any suitable means or apparatus, and a closure cap of any desired or suitable character can be applied by hand or by suitable mechamsm.

In Fig. 3, the collapsible tube is generally indicated at 4B, and the several layers of material are indicated at 49, 50, 52, 53, and 54. Where color is depended upon to give eye-appeal and to distinguish the different layers of material as these are dispensed, the various layers might be, from left to right, red, yellow, blue, green, orange and brown. Where taste is desired to be varied in the several layers, the layers might be wintergreen, vanilla, mint, lime, orange, chocolate, lemon, almond, or other desired flavors. Where the sense of smell is desired to be affected by the different layers, the materials as supplied to accumulate the layers can be scented with different odors as may be desired.

Thus, with the use of my improved apparatus and in accordance with the steps of my new method or process, it is possible to fill a single container, such as a collapsible tube, with a plurality of layers of paste or like fluent material having different characteristics that will appeal to the taste, sight or smell of the user. In the present instance I have shown six paste material supplying openings communicating laterally with the inside of cylinder 2, and it will be appreciated that a greater or lesser number of paste or material supply openings can be provided. In some instances, as for example in filling toothpaste tubes, it may be found desirable to have only two different pastes or materials in the single tube, and it might be desirable that one end of the tube contain paste flavored with wintergreen, with appropriate odor, and with a pinkish or other color, while the other end would be filled with toothpaste flavored in mint and appropriately carrying any odor and color found suitable or desirable.

While the invention has been particularly described as used in the filling of collapsible tubes, and in handling toothpaste and like materials,

it is conceivable that ice cream or candy or other materials might be effectively accumulated in a cylinder of apparatus made on a larger scale than required for a collapsible tube, and that such materials accumulated in layers can be effectively and efficiently fed and pressed into a tubular or cylindrical container or carton or other package, with the several layers as accumulated in the cylinder being retained in the layered arrangement within the container or package.

The apparatus as here illustrated is well adapted for carrying out the procedure of my method, which broadly consists in the method of filling tubular receptacles where a pressure piston is used Within a material accumulating cylinder, which consists in supplying at least two materials laterally to the cylinder to accumulate the materials in layered arrangement and then forcing the layered material endwise from the cylinder into a tubular receptacle.

Further, it will be seen that in the use of my apparatus and in the carrying out of my method, I accomplish a new article of manufacture, namely an elongated collapsible paste material containing and dispensing tube havin a plurality of layers of paste of different characteristics in sequence throughout the filled length of the tube.

Although I have stressed differences in flavor, color and odor, in the different materials as contained in the tube, it will be appreciated that the tube can have two or more layers of material therein, with the materials medicated or with the materials chemically or structurally having ingredient or other variations.

While I have herein shown and described only certain specific embodiments of myapparatus and have set forth only certain possible steps of procedure in the method, and have disclosed a single example as an article of manufacture, it will be appreciated that many changes and variations can be made in the form and construction and arrangement and operation of the apparatus, and in the procedures in carrying out the method, as well as in the article of manufacture, without departing from the spirit and scope of my invention.

I claim:

1. Apparatus for filling tubular receptacles with plural materials in layered arrangement comprising a filling cylinder having an. outlet nozzle at one end, a piston movable into said cylinder from the opposite end, at least two paste material injection tubes opening laterally into said cylinder intermediate the discharge end and the piston when at its outer stroke, gate means and a connection between the gate means and the piston closing the supply of material from said injection tubes when the piston is moving inwardly to discharge a column of material through the discharge end.

2. Apparatus for filling tubular receptacles with plural materials comprising a supporting frame structure, a material receiving and filling cylinder carried by said supporting structure with one end open for discharge, a piston movably-mounted in'the opposite end of'said cyllni- H BEFERENCESCITEDf der,jia"p1ura1ity1of\ material injection tubes open- T rfolldwmgieffhcs ar ofrrecdrd in th ring laterally into. said cylinder in spaced-apart ofithis patent? series intermediate the discharge end and the 3 N TED STATES PATENTS piston when-inits withdrawn relation, gate valve 5 l l means movable to close the openings from said Num'ber Name 7 Date 3 material injection tubes, and power-actuated 163,828 Wenzel 7.--- May 25, 1875 means operating said gatevalve means and sub- 245,270 Barker Aug. 9, 1881 eequently moving said piston into1 the cylinder 2,477,290 1 Penny uly 2 9 9 tqiorce material accumulated in layered relal0 H r tion within the cylinder out of the discharge end.


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