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Publication numberUS2570504 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 9, 1951
Filing dateJun 24, 1949
Priority dateJun 24, 1949
Publication numberUS 2570504 A, US 2570504A, US-A-2570504, US2570504 A, US2570504A
InventorsKenneth J Van House
Original AssigneeKenneth J Van House
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Golf club buggy
US 2570504 A
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Oct. 9, 1951 K. J. VAN HOUSE GOLF CLUB BUGGY 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed June 24, 1949 Inventor Knnefh ,1. Van House and Oct. 9, 1951 K. J. VAN HOUSE GOLF CLUB BUGGY 2 Sheets-Shet 2 Filed June 24, 1949 Inventor Kenneth J. Van House a 3-3 of Figure 2; and

Patented Oct. 9, 1951 UNITED STATES PATENT QFFICE GOLF CLUB BUGGY Kenneth Van House, Burton, Wash. Application June 24, 1949, Serial No. 101,136

3 Claims.

This invention comprises novel and useful im provements in a golf club buggy and more specifically pertains to a wheeled stand for conveniently displaying, supporting and retaining golf clubs, golf balls and golf tees.

The principal object of thisinvention is to providea portable golf club stand for supporting golf clubs in a more convenient manner; for supporting the same in an arrangement wherein be removed or replaced as desired; and wherein provision is made for securely retaining in a readily available manner a supply of golf balls and golf tees.

A further object of the invention is to provide an improved manner for supporting, displaying and retaining golf clubs and equipment, and which may be more conveniently transported by the player upon a golf course.

A still further object of the invention is to pro-v vide an improved wheeled golf club stand which embodiment of which has been illustrated by' way of example only in the accompanying drawings, wherein: v

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a golf club stand embodying the principles of the invention;

Figure 2 is a side elevational view of the same; 35

Figure 3 is a horizontal sectional view taken substantially upon the plane of the section line Figure 4 is a bottom plan view taken substantially upon the plane of the section line 4-4 of re 2. a

Referring now more specifically to the accompanying drawings, wherein like numerals designate similar parts throughout the various views, it will be seen that the device indicatedgenerally by the numeral I comprises a frame 12 which may be formed of a single tubular rod folded upon itself to provide parallel sections 14 and [6, which have angularly disposed terminal portions l8 and 20 respectively at their open ends. These end or terminal portions l8 and 20 are preferably substantially perpendicularly disposed relative to the sections l4 and I6.

Adjacent their closed ends, the sections l4 and they are more readily visible and may more easily versely extending reinforcing plate or brace 22 of any suitable character, and intermediate their ends these sections are furtherprovided with a second reinforcing plate 24 to which may be attached in any suitable manner an angularly disposed, inclined, panel or sheet 26 of stiff rubber or any other suitable flexible material, this sheet being perforate or apertured for conveniently receiving a plurality of golf tees 28 therein.

Rigidly attached to the sections 14 andv l6 adjacent their junction with the angulated terminal portions I8 and 20, is an axle 30 rigidly secured as by suitable clamps 32, and provided with rubber tired wheels 34 whereby the frame is rendered portable. Resting upon and supported by the terminal portions 18 and 20, is a tray of any suitable shape comprising a fiat base 36 of metal or any other suitable material, and provided with an upstanding marginal rim 38, the tray illustrated being of substantially semicircular configuration. Upon its lower surface, the base 36 of the tray has'secured thereto clips 48 for slidably receiving the terminal portions l8 and 20 and guiding the tray thereon for sliding 5 movement towards and fromthe sections 14 and A pair of straps 42 which are slotted as at 44 longitudinally thereof and intermediate their ends, have their extremities clamped or otherwise suitably rigidly attached to the axle 3B, and depending bolts or other equivalent fasteners 46 .are secured to the tray 36 and are slidably disposed in the slots 44, being adjustably secured and clamped as by wing nuts 48.

7 It will thus be seen that the tray may be moved longitudinally of the terminal portions I8 and 20, and may be clamped or locked in adjusted position, thereby enabling the user to vary the center of gravity of the weight carried by the tray relative to the axle 3!! so that the balance of the apparatus may be easily and accurately adjusted and varied as desired.

In order to enable the device to securely stand in a position slightly inclined to the vertical when at rest, the undersurface of the tray may be conveniently provided With a depending angulated bracket 58 comprising a leg.

Intermediate their ends, the sections 14 and iii are provided with arcuate strips 52 and 54 which have a substantially semi-circular contour as shown in Figures 1 and 3, these strips being fixedly clamped to the sections and spaced longitudinally thereof.

The lowermost support 52 is intended to merely l6 may be conveniently provided with a trans- 55 provide a rest against which the handles of golf clubs may lean when the heads of the clubs are received in the semi-circular tray, the exterior surface of the support 52 serving this function. It will of course be seen that if desired the handles of clubs may be received within either or both of the guards 52 and 3 as an alternative to or in addition to the arrangement of the golf club handles about the exterior surface of the arcuate supports.

Preferably up guard -:or support 54; i1p or1 its exterior surface provided with a plurality of rows of fasteners, the fasteners of the lower row indicated at 56 being staggered with respect" to the fasteners of the upper row which aKfiin;

dicated at 58, so that a greater number ofhandles may be readily received and secured 'to the'su'pport 54. These fasteners maybeiiof any'suitable i construction but preferably consist of .resilient, metallic strips which are secured as by rivets ine r termediate their ends to the exterior surface of the supportfi l, andha vetheirends arcuately 'ucur'ved-and'thenb nt ack-upon themselves to I'p'roy'ide resilient sockets into which the han'd les "of'- golffc1ubs-may be thrust and 'yieldingly re- A pl'ate er uap 0 is atta'ched to the sections l4 andy'lfi above th'e support 5 3, although'in' so'me -i-i1santgthe same may be attachedbetween the .two suppor'ts if desired, this strap having a leather ;belt{ orthe like 62 secured thereto whereby the arms extending through suitable clamps 92 whereby the bifurcated portion of the handle may be adjustably clamped to the sections [4 and I6 as desired. I

From the foregoing, the construction and operation of the device Will be readily understood and further explanation is believed to be unnecessary. However, since numerous modifications and changes will readily occur to those skilled in the art'jafter a consideration of the foregoing ramme-en and accompanying drawings, it is not desired to limit the invention to the exact onstruction shown and described, but all suitable i' modifications and equivalents may be resorted to,

falling within the scope of the appended claims.

Having'thus' disclosed and described the inventionlwhatiselaimed as new is as follows:

' f1. Afg'olf'club' bag stand comprising a wheeled 'framej'spaced arcuate supports thereon for engagement by the handles of golf clubs, a tray on -s aid' frame for receivingethe ;heads of golf clubs,

clamps slidably and adjustably' retaining gollf clubs when positioned and retained by the troughs toprovide a support or seat for the lowermost of the'golf balls "32, and a similar transverse" bar 14 is seated in notches in the upper edges-of the troughs to'retain the balls therein. As will beapparent from Figures 1 and-3, the vertical edge 7 Rand -l8 "of; the-sheet metal member "form- 12: th troughs'termina'te's'dn sp'aced 'rlation to the 'ldedportionL-ifid,'to.enable the hand of a golfen'to grip {the ball for-raisingthe-same; but are eumcinu closely related to 'Ieaehr'other to prevent the passage of a golf ball'there between' This golf ball container is mounted as by a -s itable s upporting bracket 80 between the sec- 1o 14-" nd'" Wand disposed partially within the 'c onfiries -.6f thesupport 52 to make the device i bt I ees-aw; a sheet 1, maybe disposed upon the'tray iiii toyieldingl'y receive and cushion the heads of golf clubs'di'sposed inthe tray.

handle 84' of any suitable construction and cushioni'rig material 432 frame, spaceda'rcuate support there'ohl -forensaid framefor receiving the heaasormu com-prising a rod folded apart itself to fastener an the supporti esiliently "arid {frictionally r taining geir club handles, arcua r ball receiving frames mounted on sa'id frameand extending within one'of said supports, a handle, said han'dle'onsaid frame. 2;;A- golf club stand comprising a'wh'eled gagement'by the handles ofgolf clubs,"

fastenerslon one support -resilient1y {and* 1cti'onally retaining golf club "handles,- arcuate 'ball receiving frames mounted on said frame mi -ex.- tending within one of said supports, -s'a-i I parallel sections, said sections-having angulat'ed ends, saidtray being mounted on said endsgan axle secured to said sectionsadjacent-said ends, said tray being slidable on said ends; slotted strapsjon aid axle, and means extending through saidslots and secured to said tray.

3. A' 'golf -club stand comprising a ivaeid frame} spaced arcuate supports'thereon for en'- gagement by the handlesv of golf clubs, a tray on said fframe for receiving the head of golf clubs,

fasteners oni 'on'e; support: resiliently and j fric- 'tionally retaining golf club-handles arc'uate ball receiving frames mounted onsaidfrarnei andextending within one of said supports, 'saidfasteners being disposed in'spaced peripheral rows onsaid support, the fasteners of one row being staggered with respect to those of anadjacent row,

YKENNE'TH Li. VAN geese.

REFERENCES CITED The following references are of record in the file of this patent;

eluding a'shank 86 having bifurcated arms 88 .tatfiextending therefrom is provided, these June tri

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