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Publication numberUS2572486 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 23, 1951
Filing dateSep 16, 1949
Priority dateSep 16, 1949
Publication numberUS 2572486 A, US 2572486A, US-A-2572486, US2572486 A, US2572486A
InventorsIsaac Bailey L
Original AssigneeIsaac Bailey L
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Container and cover therefor
US 2572486 A
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06L 1951 B. 1.. ISAAC CONTAINER AND COVER THEREFQR Filed Sept. 16, 1949 Elma/Mm BAIL/FY- l. [5414C Z I I] Patented Oct. 23,4951 I 3' UNITED STATES PATENT I OFFICE CONTAINER AND COVER THEREFOR Bailey L. Isaac, Norton, Va. Application scptember 16, 1949, Serial No. 116,189

1 Claim. 1

' This invention relates to an improved ash and garbage can of the wheeled and covered type, the primary object of the invention being to provide a more practical and efiicient device of this kind which can be filled and emptied and moved from one place to another with greater ease and safety.

Another important object of the invention is to provide a device of the above-indicated character which is especially constructed to render safe and easy the trundling thereof up and down steps and along other uneven surfaces without requiring special strength or skill or any lifting or carrying of the device, and which can be used efficiently on other than concrete pavements.

- A further important object of the invention is to provide a device of the character indicated above having cover structure which is readily manipulated between closed and open positions and is adapted to remain in open position, if desired, when moved from a closed position without being held therein by the operator and without the use of props.

A still further important object of the invention is the provision of a device of the character indicated above having simplified and mechanicallyad'equate construction, enabling manufacduring the device in a serviceable, rugged and light-weight form at relatively low cost.

Other important objects and advantageous features of the invention will be apparent from the following description and the accompanying drawings, wherein, for purposes of illustration only, a specific embodiment of the invention is set forth in detail.

In the drawings:

Figure 1 is a rear perspective view, the cover being in the closed position;

Figure 2 is a side elevation, showing the cover in open position;

Figure 3 is an enlarged fragmentary vertical longitudinal section taken through the upper part of the device, showing the cover removed from the receptacle in full lines and in assembled, closed position in dotted lines;

Figure 4 is a similar view taken through the lower part of the device.

Referring in detail to the drawings, the illustrated device comprises a preferably square, vertically-elongated, metal or other suitable material receptacle 5 formed of a square cross-section tube 6 having front and rear walls I and 8, respectively, and side walls 9, 9.

The receptacle bottom is constituted by a square plate It) inserted in the lower end of the 2 tube 6 and having 2; depending marginal flange II secured to the tube walls, with its lower edge l2 'flush with the lower edge l3 of the tube 6. In the front corners of the bottom structure are located feet l4 depending below the receptacle bottom 8 consisting of bars bent to provide forward perpendicular portions l5 and rearwardly inclined portions IS, the upper ends of both portions having horizontal lugs l'l secured in suit-' able manner to the under side of the bottom plate II].

A square reinforcing lower frame I8 is fixed to surround the lower end of the tube 6 with its lower edge I9 flush with the lower edge l3 of the tube 6. A lower handle 20 in the form of a Ushaped metal strap is secured at its ends to the rear side of the frame I8 for dumping the receptacle.

A transverse axle 2| is journaled through opposite sides of the reinforcing frame I8, the tube 6, and the flange H, immediately in front of the rear member of the flange I I, and has wheels 22 on its opposite ends outside of the receptacle 5, the wheels 22 being of such diameter that'with the feet M the receptacle can be supported on the ground 23 in a perpendicular position, the wheels and the feet I 4 providing widely-spaced support points at the four corners of the device which prevent tipping over of the device under ordinary conditions. The wheels 22 project far enough to the rear of and below the receptacle 5 to enable the device to be easily trundled, like an ordinary hand truck, up and down steps and over uneven ground without contact of any other part of the device with the steps.

An inverted U-shaped upper handle 24 inclined rearwardly and having the lower ends of the legs secured, as indicated at 25, to the upper part of the rear receptacle wall 8, has a bight portion 26 serving as a hand grip which reaches across substantially the entire width of the receptacle, so as to provide for a two-hand grip thereon and thereby assure controlled and easy trundling of the device. The bight portion 26 is located at a level slightly above the upper end of the receptacle 5.

The upper end of the tube 6 is surrounded by a reinforcing frame 21 similar to the lower reinforcing frame l8 and formed in its sides near the rearward ends thereof with depressions forming grooves each composed of a forward perpendicular component 28 and a rearwardlyinclined component 29 leading from the lower end of the perpendicular component 28. As shown in Figure 3, the upper end 30 of the inend of the cover.

clined component 29 is closed, while the upper end 3| of the perpendicular component 28 opens through the upper edge 32 of the reinforcin frame 21.

A rectangular cover 33 formed of a plate 34 and a depending marginal flange 35 closely fits the sides of the upper receptacle reinforcing frame 21, but is somewhat elongated from front to rear so that the cover can be tilted upwardly and rearwardly from closed position. 1

The cover 35 is removably and tiltably secured in place by projections 36 on the inward surfaces of sides 31 of its marginal flange engaging the depressions in the reinforcing frame 21, As indicated in Figure 3, the cover 33 can be assembled to the upper end of the receptacle 5 by lowering the cover thereonto with the projections 1 36 positioned to enter the open upper ends 3| of the perpendicular components 28 of the grooves, so that the cover plate 34 will rest upon the upper edge of the frame 21.

The cover has a transverse U-shaped strap handle 38 secured at its ends to the center of the top of the cover plate 34, as indicated at 39, and another such handle 40 on the front By, pulling rearwardly and upwardly on the handle 38 or 40, the cover 33 will rise and move rearwardly and downwardly, With the projections 36 following the inclined components 29 of the grooves until the rear of the cover supportably rests upon the trundling handle 24, as shown in Figure 2, in which position the projections 36 are at the closed upper ends of the inclined groove components 29 and the cover is held against falling toward closed position and from becoming separated from the receptacle. The cover 33 can be restored to closed position by grasping the cover handle 38 and pushing the cover forwardly. To remove the cover 33, the cover being in the closed position shown in Figure 3, the handle 38 is grasped and the cover lifted straight up so as to bring the projections 36 through the open upper ends 3! of the perpendicular groove components 28.

The receptacle 5 is herein disclosed as of square cross-section which is the shape that provides maximum capacity and maneuverability for the device. However, other rectangular cross-sections may be used for the receptacle, as well as other shapes and cross-sections where desirable 4 and feasible without undue sacrifice of the mechanical operation and structural advantages herein disclosed. A

I claim: i

In an ash and garbage can, a vertically elon gated receptacle having an open upper end, a handle on the back of the receptacle at the upper end thereof and projecting away from the back at an upward angle, the opposite sides of the [upper end of the receptacle being formed with grooves at the ends thereof adjacent tothe back of the receptacle, said grooves having vertically extending components joined at their lower ends by portions of the grooves, and a cover for the open upper end of the receptacle having depending side flanges having projections pivotally and slidably engaging said grooves, one of said groove components being inclined in the direction of the back of the receptacle and closed at its upper end, said cover thereby being adapted to be tilted upwardly and toward the-back of the receptacle from a closed position so as to move said projections along the grooves to the closed upper ends of the inclined groove components wherein the cover is frictionally held in an open position in which the back end of the cover supportably rests upon said handle.


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