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Publication numberUS2572703 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 23, 1951
Filing dateMar 14, 1950
Priority dateMar 14, 1950
Publication numberUS 2572703 A, US 2572703A, US-A-2572703, US2572703 A, US2572703A
InventorsDennis Wallace L
Original AssigneeDennis Wallace L
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Key chain with religious reminder attached thereto
US 2572703 A
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Patented Oct. 23, i951 KEY CHAIN WITH RELIGIOUS REMINDER ATTACHED THERETO Wallace L. Dennis, Gadsden, Ala.

Application March 14, 1950, Serial No. 149,617

2 Claims. 1

This invention relates broadly to key rings, chains, and the like but has more particular reference to those which are used for carrying and linking so-called car keys, for instance, ignition and trunk keys.

An object of the invention is to utilize the keyring, or chain, as the case may be, as a carrier for an amulet which functions not only as a charm but is primarily instrumental as a constant reminder to drive carefully and with due obedience and consideration for others at all times. Automobile drivers, for the most part, exercise due diligence and caution. However, and no matter how observing they are, the toll of accidents mounts from year to year. More likely than not, many such accidents are traceable to carelessness notwithstanding the admonitions of the National Safety Council that all must obey accepted regulations and strive to be law and order respecting individuals.

Key chain charms and religious medals and keepsakes of many and varied kinds are used by innumerable drivers to assist in hopefully carrying out their daily driving requirements. Perhaps, too, there are those who habitually carry the holy Bible, this for the common good of all concerned. If, however, the latter is out of sight in the glove compartment or elsewhere, it is often likely to be out of mind.

In carrying out the principles of the present invention I combine a flexible element, such as a chain, keys, and a Worthy talisman, the Bible, to provide a more reliable ways and means to promote respect for traffic rules and regulations.

To this end, I employ a miniature, but nevertheless effective, Bible. The latter is normally encased in a transparent sheath and the two are chained or otherwise hingedly joined to provide a unique but effective assemblage functioning as a reliable and constant reminder to drive as they would have others drive.

'In keeping with my inventive ideas the Bible, with its inscribed title thereon, is visible through the transparent cover portions of the companion sheath. Then, too, the Bible is a further reminder in that it may be swung out of the sheath and significant messages referred to and read from time to time. Therefore, the over-all adaptation is one in which manufacturers and users will find their needs fully met, contained and effectively available.

Objects and advantages in addition to those above set forth will become apparent from the following detailed description and claims.

In the accompanying sheet of drawings where- 2 in like numerals are employed to designate like' parts throughout the views:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of the aforementioned reminder with a chain and key attached thereto;

ing the illustration in Figure 2 looking from.

bottom to top and showing the Bible swung to its fully open position and, in addition, completely removed, except for the chain, to a readily openable and readable position in phantom lines.

Referring now to the illustrative drawings with the assistance of reference numerals and accompanying lead lines it Will be seen that the miniature Bible (book or the like) is denoted by the numeral 6. In practice this will be a genuine Bible of appropriate size for pocket and car use and the leaves 8 thereof will be printed to carry the ten commandments and such other prayers and messages as are thought to be significantly appropriate by the publisher. The front cover 10 will display, as usual, the title Holy Bible. The back cover l2 (see Figure 3) will be provided with a card or label I4 in the nature of a printed blank form corresponding to an identification card hav ing places for the name, address, and telephone number of the owner. The leaves and cover members are integrated with the usual binding or so-called back. [6. The covers and leaves will be pierced to provide a, passage for a key chain [8. The expression chain is obviously intended to comprehend an endless flexible element, ring or other equivalent holder for one or more car keys. For simplification I have shown a single key 20 attached to the chain in Figure l.

The protecting and enclosing sheath is denoted by the numeral 22. This is preferably made from transparent commercial plastic material and comprises cover members 24 and 26 joined by a hinging web 28. Since the sheath is substantially U-shaped in cross-section the part 28 could, of course, be referred to as the bight. The corner portions 30-30 are also apertured and the apertures are reinforced by grommets 32-32. These grommet-equipped holes or apertures are lined up, obviously, with the passage through the corresponding corner portion of the Bible and the chain passes slidably therethrough. In practice the chain will be of sufiicient length to provide the desired slack so that the cover members 24 and 26 may be spread slightly apart to facilitate swinging the Bible 6 from its enclosed position shown in Fig. l to the partly open positions shown in Figures 2' and '3or "the wholly projectedpositron shown in dotted lines in Fig. 4; The parts, when in the'position shown in Figure 3, will serve to bring the identification card I4 into play if nec essaryor desired. The parts as sno'wnin Figure 2 render the Bible partly accessible for use, and,

as stated, the Bible may be bodily withdrawn from the sheath, due to the slack provided in the chain and may then be opened up for reading, if so desired and brought out in Fig. 4.

It will be noted in thedrawing that the Bible has a definite relationship to the sheath. That is to" say; the binding orback'lt faces outwardly whereas the turnable edge portions'ot the leaves Bare opposed to the bight or web portion 28' '0f said" sheath. This insures against undue wear and tear of the Bible in its normally enclosed position. Then too, the cover members 26- and 26 of the-sheath'will be of sufli'cient resiliency as to lightly clamp the Bible in its enclosedpositio'n. Thus, by having the back I 6 lined up with the open marginal edge portion of the sheath-it is aneasy matter'to catchhold of the Bible with the fingers and-swing it out to its usable position; Furthen'byhaving the chain connection situated at corresponding corner portions of the sheath and Bible, the latter may be swung in and out with requisite freedom and may bemore easily opened'up for reference and reading purposes. Furthermore, since the sheath is of transparent material, the Bible and accompanying title or otherindicia, even though encased therein, will be at all times visible to serve as the aforementtioned constant safe driving reminder. Finally, inactual practice, there'Wil-Ibe inscribed on; the sheath, at a suitable place, the inscription,xThou shalt not kill. 7

His thought that persons skilled in the art to which the invention relates will be'able to obtain a clear understanding of the invention afterconsideri'ng the description in connection with the drawings. Therefore, a more lengthy descrip tion'is regardedas unnecessary."

Minor changes in the shape, size-and arrange-- ment of details coming within the field of invention claimed may be resorted to in-- actual pram time; if desired.

Havingdescri-bed the=invention, what is claimed 'as'new is:

1 A constant reminder-comprising a sheath;- U sha'ped in cross-section and embodyinga,v pair of spaced parallel cover members joined together along-corresponding longitudinal fed'ges by a re silient bight portion, said cover members being transparent and the free longitudinal edge portions of said cover members remote from said bight portion being spreadable and providing an intervening variable space, a bound book slightly smaller than and fitted within the confines of said sheath, the bound edge portion of said book being remote from said bight portion and situated in andc aligned with said space andthe openable edge portion being contiguous with and parallel to said bight portion, at least one surface of said book having printed indicia which is clearly visible through the adjacent cover member of said sheath, 'a'nd an endless flexible element situated adjacent said bound edge portion and having a portion thereof passing through opening means provided therefor in corresponding corner portions of said cover members and the intervening corresponding corner of-said book, the length of said element being such as to permit said book to be rotated through said space and, if desired, bodily'dislodged and moved through said space'to a position outside of the bounds of said sheath.-

2. A constant reminder comprising 'a'subs'tan' tially rectangular transparent u-sh'apea-sheath embodying a pair of resilient spaced parallel cover members joined together along corresponding longitudinal edges through the medium of an intervening resilient bight portion, the'reinaini'ng longitudinal edges defining an intervening" space, corresponding corner portions of said'cover mem= b'ersbeing provided With'holes, said holes being situated-at one transverse end of-th'e sheath ad: jac'ent tosaid space and remotefrom-saiu bight portion, a bound booknormally enclosed-within theconfine's of said sheath, said book having printed indicia thereon visible through-saidtrans= parent cover members, one corner portion-of said book adjacent to the bound edge portion having a passage aligned with said holes; and eloh= gated flexible element slidably laced through the respective holes-and passage; said flexible element being endless, being located adjacent said bound edge portion; and being of a length to allow use book'to be swungoutwardly through said space from its positionwi thi-n theconfines of thes'l iea't-h to a position Wholly beyond the aforementioned m p r i ns and the respective-holes-and p sage in the latter.


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