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Publication numberUS2573362 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 30, 1951
Filing dateJun 6, 1947
Priority dateJun 6, 1947
Publication numberUS 2573362 A, US 2573362A, US-A-2573362, US2573362 A, US2573362A
InventorsRouse Ardie A
Original AssigneeRouse Ardie A
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Shotgun projectile
US 2573362 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

1951 A. A. ROUSE 2,573,362



This invention relates to a shotgun projectile, and more particularly to a shotgun projectile that contains a noxious powder.

An object of the invention is to provide a shotgun projectile that can be charged with powder or other comminuted material. In hunting small animals in their hiding places, the use of such a projectile has been found 'adantageous in marking th quarry. The powder used may be vesicatory or olfactory, or may be just plain face powder or flour.

To this end, the invention contemplates a cartridge comprising a powder-containing projectile in its forward portion, and a propellent charge in its rear portion. After being fired, the cartridge case is of course retained in the gun and subsequently ejected, and the projectile proceeds on its course. On impact, the projectile bursts, and scatters the powder. The projectile is not rifled, but on the contrary is provided with a plurality of fins to prevent it from spinning and to keep it on its course.

The invention will be more clearly understood with the aid of the accompanying drawings, which illustrate a, preferred embodiment of the invention.

Figure 1 is a longitudinal section through a cartridge containing the propellent and the projectile.

Figure 2 is an enlarged elevation of the pro- Jectile.

Figure 3 is a rear end view of the projectile.

The device comprises a cylindrical cartridge shell which contains a projectile 13 in its forward portion and a propellent charge H1 in its rear portion. The projectile 13 contains the powder or other comminuted material 15 hereinbefore mentioned. The projectile I 3 has a boat tail, and is provided with four guiding fins 16.

The rear of the projectile I3 is provided with a central opening for the purpose of filling the projectile 13 with the powder I5, and the aperture is closed with a screw plug 18.

The nose of the projectile I3 is aligned with a central opening 2| in the front portion of th cartridge case ID, to facilitate travel of the projectile 13 through the gun barrel after the propellent charge l4 has been exploded. A cushion wad 22 may be positioned between the propellent charge l4 and the tail of the projectile 13 to prevent the jar of the explosion of the propellent charge l4 from bursting the projectile 13 before the latter has reached its target.

The cartridge Ill may be provided with the usual band 24 and firing cap 26.

The operation of the device is briefly as follows: Detonation of the firing cap 26 will explode the propellent charge I4, and the force of the latter will immediately propel the projectile l3 through the cartridge case In and through the gun barrel. On impact, the projectile 13 will burst, and will scatter its contained powder on such objects as are within range.

I claim:

In a cartridge for a smooth bore gun, a tubular cartridge case having a closed rear end and a forward end, a wad positioned intermediate the rear and forward ends of said case, a propelling charge in said case between said rear end and said wad, a projectile positioned in the case between said wad and the forward end of the case, means in the forward end of the case defining a relatively small central opening axially aligned with said case, and a projectile confined within said case between said Wad and said means, said projectile having a forward end tapered forwardly to a point, said point being positioned in said central opening whereby the projectile is initially guided in its travel from said case into the gun barrel as said propelling charge is exploded.


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