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Publication numberUS2574601 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 13, 1951
Filing dateNov 28, 1949
Priority dateNov 28, 1949
Publication numberUS 2574601 A, US 2574601A, US-A-2574601, US2574601 A, US2574601A
InventorsSwanson Hugo R
Original AssigneeSwanson Hugo R
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Therapeutic massager
US 2574601 A
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Nov. 13, 1951 H. R. SWANSON THERAPEUTIC MASSAGER Filed Nov. 28, 1949 INVENTOR HUGO R. SWANSON ATTORNEY S' Patented Nov. 13,1951

UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE A THERAPEUTIC MASSAGER Hugo R. Swanson, Binghamton, N. Y. Application November 28, 1949, Serial No. 1 29,760

This invention relates to a massager, and more f'particularly a therapeutic massager' for use in massaging and stimulating the human body.

' An object of this invention is to provide in a practical and efficient form a massaging implement utilizing friction augmented by suction.

A further object of this invention is to provide a massaging implement of simplified construction facilitating manipulation thereof to effect massaging .of parts of the human body.

A further object of the invention is to provide a mechanical massaging implement adapted to be connected to a vacuum source to provide an improved means for utilizing the suction effect in such devices.

. A further object of the invention is to provide vide in a mechanical massaging device utilizing suction action, rolling elements for working the flesh by rolling action.

Other and more detailed objects of the invention will be apparent fromthe following description of the embodiment thereof illustrated in the attached drawings.

In the accompanying drawings,

Figure 1 is a vertical, central, cross-sectional view somewhat in perspective, of a massaging implement in accordance with this invention;

Figure 2 is an end view of the upper end of the device;

Figure 3 is a plan view of the large end of the device; and

Figure 4 is an elevational perspective view of the device with one part of the casing broken away.

More particularly the device illustrated herein to show the nature of the invention consists of a housing, cylindrical in cross section, composed of a pair of tubular sections 2 and 3 of circular cross-section connected by an intermediate frusto-conical section I. The terminal end of the tubular section 2 is beaded over, as shown at 4, and similarly as to the terminal end 5 of thesection 3. The conical section is provided with a laterally extending tube 6 having a bayonet pin! or other suitable fastening device on the interior thereof. A handle structure consists of a hand piece 9 mounted on a tube 8 which is pro- 4 Claims. (01. 12867) 2 vided with an integral collar ll abutting one end of the hand piece 9 andwith a bayonet slot cooperating with the fastening pin 1. The tube 8 forms a snug sliding fit within the tube 6 and a gasket 4' is interposed between the'other end of the hand piece 9 and the tube 6 to form an airtight seal when the bayonet joint is drawn up tight. The collar II has a tubular extension [2 to receive a flexible'hose [3 adapted to be connected to any suitable kind of vacuum source.

At the inner end of the tubular section 2 is a perforated wall 14 upon which is rotatably mounted a perforated damper or valvemember [5 having a peripheral flange l6 and a finger piece ll. The valve member I5 is rotatably mounted on the perforated wall l4 by means of a pivot shaft l8; Mounted below the perforated wall I4 is a fine mesh screen I 9. At the inner end 'of the tubular portion 3 is another fine mesh screen 23 positioned on lugs 22. Extending diametrically of the beaded end of the section 2 is a massaging roller 20 journaled on a shaft 2|. This roller may be made of any suitable material, and for example may be of rubber. Similarly journaled at the beaded end of the tubular section 3 are a pair of similar rollers 24 rotatably mounted on shafts 25 mounted in the wall of the section 3. The rollers 20 and 24 are positioned perpendicular to the axis of sections 2 and 3 so as to be just below the plane of the extreme end surface of the beads 4 and 5.

A series of perforate and imperforate caps oi. suitable material such as rubber for example are provided. Thus as shown in Figure l, the small end of the device can be closed by means of a rubber cap 30 having a series of perforations extending therethrough. Several of these caps may be provided having perforations of dilferent diameter. The caps are flanged as shown and have a snug lit with the bead 4. Similarly the other end of the implement may be provided with large imperforate flanged caps 3|. Thus in the combination shown in Figure 1, the large end of the implement is sealed by the imperforate cap 3| and the small end is provided with the perforated cap 30.

Conversely, as shown in Figure 4, the small end may be sealed by an imperforate flanged cap 32 and the large end by a perforated flanged cap 33.

With the construction shown various types of massaging action can be effected. Assuming that the implement is connected to the vacuum source by the tube I3, it will be seen that with the construction shown in Figure l, relatively small areas of the body may be treated by sliding the perforated cap 30 over the portion of the body to be massaged. The suction action can be controlled in two ways. The cap 30 may have holes of different sizes and thevalve Hi can be rotatably adjusted to control the amount of air flow through its perforations and those of the plate 14. With this use of the device the roller 20 is ineffective. However, the cap 30 can be removed, the cap 3| being in place as before, whereupon the entire end of the tubular portion 2 is opened and the body parts may be massaged by sliding the implement thereover under suitable pressure. In addition to the kneading action of the beaded edge 4 there is the revolving action of the roller 4 and the effect of the suction on that end. The force of suction can be attained as stated before by rotating the valve member I 5 by the finger piece II.

In a similar way, as illustrated in Figure 4, the small end may be closed by the imperforate cap 32 and the large end by the perforated cap 33. Likewise the cap 33 may be removed, leaving cap 32 in place, whereupon the rolling. action of rollers. 24 may be taken advantage of.

The screens 49 and 23 are provided to prevent entry of small particles into the vacuum system.

From. the above description it will be seen that the device provides highly useful means for producing massaging action. for use in the therapeutic massaging of the human body by using suction. in combination with mechanical manipulation. In addition the large and small vacuo-applierends of the device provide means for massaging relatively large and small areas of the body, as desired. By adjusting the valve 15 and using caps with perforations of different sizes the suction action maybe readily controlled as required.

This application is a continuation in part of my copending application Serial No. 89,703, filed April 26, 1949, which has since become abandoned.

Those skilled in the art will understand that the details of this invention are capable of variation without departure from the novel subject matter thereof. I prefer, therefore, to be limited only as required by the claims.

What is claimed is:

l. A massaging implement of the type described, comprising in combination a housing open at opposite ends, means for drawing air through said housing, a valve for controlling the rate of movement of air through said housing, and massaging. rollers rotatably mounted in at least one of the open ends of said housing.

2. In the combination of claim 1, a removable cap for sealing one end of said housing, and a removable perforated cap for the other end of said housing.

3. In the combination of claim 1, said valve for controlling the rate of movement of air through said housing comprising fixed and movable superposed perforated members.

4. In the combination of claim 1, the housing being constructed to provide open ends of different areas.


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