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Publication numberUS2575030 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 13, 1951
Filing dateApr 22, 1949
Priority dateApr 22, 1949
Publication numberUS 2575030 A, US 2575030A, US-A-2575030, US2575030 A, US2575030A
InventorsSmallman Samuel J
Original AssigneeSmallman And Sons Co I
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Wallet device with money holding clip
US 2575030 A
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Nov. 13, 1951 s. J. SMALLMAN WALLET DEVICE WITH MONEY HOLDING CLIP Filed April 22, 1949 m f m m 5 5 n wv/ n2 f 2 w n 5 2 MIL /L T m E. 4 /JL 4 4/2 QZ/ i INVENTOR Imue/J Sma/Z an ATTORNEY Patented Nov. 13,Y 1951 WALLET vDEVICE WITH MONEY HOLDING CLIP Samuel J. Smallman, Passaic, N. J., assigner to I. Smal-Iman ,and Sons Co., New York, N. Y., a corporation of New Jersey Application Apr-il 22, 1949, Serial No. 89,101

.2 Claims. 1

This invention relates to Ypocket devices for removably holding papers, .cards and the like and, more particularly to an improved, simple, reinforced pocket compact carrying case or Wallet having clip means for removably holding papers, banknotes and the like.

Devices, such as Wallets, have been proposed comprising two or more nexible leaves acting as closure walls, and having a clip associated therewith whereby paper or banknotes may be removably secured Within the device. The flexible Walls or leaves :are adapted to overlie or match each `other ywhereby the contents are enclosed therebetween. Generally speaking, such devices have not been entirely satisfactory in practice due to lack of reinforcement for the exible leaves, limitation of utility, `and .malefunctioning .of .the paper holding clip means.

In use, the flexible .leaves have tended to wrinkle, crack, or otherwise deform, thus losing their protective value for the `enclosed contents. Such deformation is the result of continual removal of the device from :and insertion thereof into a suit `pocket or the like. Additionally, such prior art devices were limited solely to the carrying of banknotes or papers, thereby necessitating the use of other similar devices for lcarrying identification cards and the like. Naturally, it is bothersome for a `user to have to ycarry a multiplicity of wallet devices, each having a separate function. Consequently, such single use devices have not found wide acceptance.

A further disadvantage lof such devices the insecure fastening of lthe holding clip means thereto. Generally, such clip means have been frictionally engaged, only, with one or more leaves or other parts of the device. When it is attempted to engage banknotes or papers with the clip means, theresultant for-ce frequently disengages the clip means from the device. Consequently, the frictional securernent of the clip means has been detrimental to proper functioning of the device.

In oontradistinction, the present invention ob viate's such disadvantages of the prior art by providing a multi-purpose wallet or billfold having reinforced leaf sections and paper holding clip means firmly anchored in place. Additionally, one or more pockets are provided for holding identification papers, cards and the like. Despite these advantageous features, the manufacturing cost of the invention wallet remains of the same order as that of prior art wallets not incorporating these features.

A typical constructional embodiment of the invention device comprises a pair of leaves or Walls of flexible material, such as leather, each having an additional smaller piece sewn, cemented or otherwise secured thereto adjacent one end to form a pocket. One of the pockets may advantageously have a transparent window therein to `display identification data. rl`he ropposite ends of the leaves are juxtaposed and engaged in a longitudinal slit of a tubular metal member, preferably resilient. Such metal Vmember acts as a hinge element to grip the leaves at one end so that they .may be opened and closed during use.

The reinforcing of the leaves is provided by a pair -of U-shape, channel cross-section metal members arranged to receive the sides Vand free ends of the leaves therein. The reinforcing members are crimped or pressed into tight engagement with the leaf side edges and ends. Before such crimping or pressing is effected, a thin flat metal strip is slid into the open end of `one reinforcing member, overlying the inner surface of one leaf adjacent the hinge of the device. This metal strip has a tongue partly struck therefrom and suitably curved to form, with the body of the strip a paper or banknote holding clip. When the reinforcing vmembers are crimped or clamped against the leaves, they fold around the metal strip to firmly lock the same against movement in any direction.

With the foregoing in mind, it is an object of the present invention to provide an improved, multi-purpose, wallet device having a paper holding clip incorporated therewith vand firmly anchored against displacement.

Another object is to provide such a wallet device having relatively rigid reinforcing means along its edges and serving to clamp such clip in position.

A further object is to provide such a wallet device which is simple to assemble and inexpensive .in construction.

These, and other objects, advantages and novel features of the invention will be apparent from the following description and the accompanying drawing. In the drawing:

Fig. 1 is an inside elevation view of the invention wallet device in the open position.

Figs. 2, 4 and 5 are transverse sectional views on the correspondingly numbered lines of Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a top edge view of the device in the folded or closed position.

Referring to the drawing, the wallet device of the invention comprises, in the example shown, a pair of flexible, wall-forming leaves 2li, 30 of 'are substantially rectangular in shape and their at surfaces may be either plain or suitably embossed for decorative purposes. The outer corners of the leaves may be suitably rounded, if desired.

Near its outer edge, leaf 20 may have secured thereto, in overlying relation, a piece 2| of similar material having a central opening 22, which is preferably rectangular. A piece of transparent material 23, such as a suitable synthetic resin, or the like, is cemented, -sewed or otherwise secured to the inner-surface of piece 2| and closing the aperture 22. When piece 2| is sewn or cemented to leaf 2B, a window pocket for identification papers or the like is thus formed.

Another piece f flexible material 3| is sewn or cemented to leaf 30 adjacent its outer end to form a second pocket for cards, stamps or other small items, The inner edge of piece 3| is concave, as at 32, to provide for ready removal of cards from beneath piece 3 Leaves 20, 30 are secured in hinge relation by having their inner ends 26, 36 juxtaposed and clamped within a longitudinal slit 4| (Fig. 3) of a tubular member 40. Member 40 is preferably of resilient or springy metal or other material, so that the edges of slit 4| firmly grip ends 26, 36 and hold them clamped together. A hinge structure for the wallet is thus provided. l

The sides and outer edges of leaves 2D, 30 are reinforced by identical U-shaped members 25, 35, each having an inwardly facing, substantially channel-shaped cross-section as may be seen in Figs. 2, 4 and 5. Members 25, 35 may be some suitable relatively rigid material, such as brass, for example, Member 25 is slid inwardly over leaf 20 so as to embrace within its channel the sides and outer edge of leaf 20. The reinforcing member is then crimped or press-ed to clamp firmly against leaf 20 and pocket piece 2|.

Member 35 is similarly slid inwardly over leaf 30, but is not immediately clamped thereagainst. After member 30 is engaged with leaf 30 and pocket piece 3|, a paper or banknote clip 50 is slid into member 35, lying against the inner surface of leaf 30. Clip 50 is a thin, substantially fiat rectangular strip of spring metal, such as brass or the like, having a length equal to the width of leaf 39. A tongue 5| is partly struck out from the strip and given a suitable curvature, as best seen in Figs. 1 and 2. Tongue 5| cooperates with the rest of clip 50 to provide a nat spring clip for holding papers, folded banknotes or the like.

After clip 50 is properly positioned, inwardly of piece 3|, member 35 is crimped or pressed to clamp leaf 30 and piece 3|. This clamping forms a pair of slight offsets or bulges 52 overlying the ends of clip 50 and locking the latter 'against displacement along leaf 30. The clip is thus effectively locked in place against any movement.

The described arrangement provides a simple, attractive, sturdy and long-lived multi-purpose wallet device. The reinforcements prevent folding, cracking or tearing of leaves 20, 30, and also lock clip firmly in place. Either or both of the pockets may have windows, or `both may be opaque. These pockets add to the all-around utility of the device.

While a specic embodiment of the invention has been shown and described in detail to illustrate the application of the principles thereto, it should be understood that the invention may be otherwise embodied without departing from such principles.

What is claimed is:

1. A Wallet device comprising, in combination, hingedly interrelated leaves; relatively rigid reinforcing means secured to the free longitudinal and end edges of one of said leaves; and paper holding clip means lying against the inner surface of said one leaf, said clip means extending transversely of'said one leaf and having its opposite ends engaged with the opposite longitudinal portions of said reinforcing means; said reinforcing means being deformed around the opposite ends of said clip means to anchor the latter against movement longitudinally of said one leaf.

2. A wallet device comprising, in combination, a pair of hingedly interrelated leaves juxtaposed on each other to form an operable closure; a pair of U-shape reinforcing members having inwardly opening grooves to receive the free longitudinal and end edges of said leaves, whereby said members may be secured to said free edges to reinforce the same against cracking, bending, tearing and the like; and paper holding clip means lying against the inner surface of said one leaf, said clip means extending transversely of said one leaf and extending into such grooves at each of its ends; said reinforcing means being deformed around the opposite ends of said clip means to anchor the latter against movement longitudinally of said one leaf.


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