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Publication numberUS2577577 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 4, 1951
Filing dateSep 21, 1948
Priority dateSep 21, 1948
Publication numberUS 2577577 A, US 2577577A, US-A-2577577, US2577577 A, US2577577A
InventorsHenry Groh
Original AssigneeHarry W Cron
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Holder for cosmetics
US 2577577 A
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Dec. 4, 1951 GROH -Z,577,577

HOLDER FOR COSMETICS Filed Sept. 21, 1948 INVENTOR em roh BY l ATTORN EY Patented Dec. 4, 1.951


Henry, Groh, Glen Spey, N. Y.,'asslgnor of onehalf to Harry. W. ,Cron, Port Jervis, N. Y.

Application September 21, 1948,-Serial No. 50,300 1 Claim. (01. 206-56)- This invention relates to holders for such cosmetics as lipsticks cheek sticks and the like.

It has for an object to provide a lipstick holder which is simple to manufacture, employs few working parts and is formed from a minimum amount of metal.

A further object of the invention is to provide a new and useful holder for lipsticks and the like which is constructed ina simple manner and thus avoids jamming or like disadvantages in use.

Generally, in practicing the present invention, there is provided a holder for lipstick or kindred goods having a single shell base with a slot therein, the lipstick being carried in a conventional cup within the shell and being raised or lowered by an elevation arranged outside the shell and connectedto the cup through the slot, the connection between elevator and cup being such that a frictional gripping of the shell will be maintained until the elevator is pressed inwardly when the frictional grip will berelieved to permit raising and lowering of the lipstick. Thus, the lipstick will be frictionally held at any position it is elevated to. A suitable cap is provided of conventional form, if desired, whereby a simple, economical'but sturdy complete lipstick holder or case is attained using a minimum of metal for the parts andv simple practically fool-proof elevating means.

Reference will now be made to the accompanying drawings illustrating the invention.

In the drawings:

Figure 1 is a cross-sectional elevation of a holder according to the invention on a somewhat elongated scale, but without any cap being shown;

Figure 2 is a plan view of the holder of Fig. 1 but with the lipstick removed therefrom for clarity;

Figure 3 is a breakdown view of the component parts of the holder of Fig. 1;

Figure 4 is an elevation of a modification of the holder of the present invention, with parts shown in section;

Figure 5 is a side elevation of a holder according to the invention shown closed with a cap in position;

Figure 6 is a front elevation of the holder of Fig. 5; and

Figure 7 is an elevation of another modification of the present invention using two holders with a common enclosure member.

Referring to the drawings, in Figs. 1, 2 and 3 there is shown the holder for lipstick or the like without a cap thereon. An outer tubular shell I0 formed preferably of a single piece of metal and having one end closed is provided in its wall with a longitudinal slot I I. A cup I2 for holding a lipstick or like cosmetic stick I3 (Fig. 1) has a diameter such that it can fit within the interior of shell I0.

. Cup I2 is elevated and lowered within shell I0, in order to raise the lipstick for use and thereafter lower same for safe storage, by means of an elevator I4 formed as a long narrow bar of metal or plastic material, and fastened to said cup through slot II. In accordance with one feature of the present invention this fastening is in the form of a metal member I5,having at least one section which is resilient in the form of a U-shaped spring I6 one leaf of which is at.

tached to elevator I4, as at IT. At the extremity of member I5 there is a small upturned portion I8 which is adapted to enter a cut-out I9 in the. base of cup I2 to permit the fastening of the cup to elevator I4. The fastening comprising por-- tions I5, I6, and I8 may be formed in one piece if desired, for instance, of metal, or it may be formed of separate pieces attached together and made of any material serving the purpose described. In order to assemble the holder parts together, the elevator I4 with member I5 attached is placed in position on shell I0 with the elevator outside the shell and the member I5 protruding through slot II into the interior of the shell. The cup I2 can now be quickly fastened in position by inserting portion I8 into cut-out I9 and crimping the metal of portion I8 over. Because of the U-shaped spring I6, cup I2 will be in resilient frictional contact normally on one side with the interior wall of shell I0, this contact being at the side where slot I I appears, and upon pressure of the fingers or thumb on elevator I4 or movement thereof, the frictional contact will be relieved to permit free raising or lowering of the lipstick I3 within shell I0. However, upon release of pressure on elevator I4, the frictional contact will be again existent so that any position of the lipstick can be preserved without danger of the lipstick falling back into the shell or being pushed back by pressure exerted in use. The dimensions of slot II and of elevator I4 are so related that slot II is completely covered by elevator I4, thus keeping the slot isolated from dust or other contaminating particles which would be picked up by the ,lipstick. Any suitable cap or cover may be applied to the holder illustrated in Figs. 1, 2 and 3.

In Fig. 4 there is shown another form of holder according to the present invention which particularly could be used for stick base make-up, shaving sticks or like products.

A casing 20 is provided with a lid 2| hinged at 22. A cup 23 carries the stick 24.

An elevator 25 accommodated in a slot 29 in the body of casing 26 is attached to cup 23 by a U-shaped spring 26, a leg of the spring being attached, for, example by solderinggto the inside faceof" elevator 25 and the outside wall of cup 23, respectively.

Thus again, by pressing inwardly on elevator- 25 the frictional contact, normally maintained between the cup on one side near the slot and the inside face of the casing, will; be relieved and, upon removal of such pressure, the frictional engagement will hold; the cupin, the. posie tion thus set. w

Figs. 5 and 6 are two views of a holder-similar to the holder of Figs. 1, Ziand 3 but with a special capin. position. Upon. shell Hithere: is. aflixed. a capmember 39 with a sliding fit onthe outer surface of-the. shell. In. order to accommodate the elevator Hand at the same. time cause an. amount of locking thereof against displacement, for in.- stance in. a womans handbag, cap 301s cut" away to form a long slot 3| which is contoured-teembrace. theside faces 32 and one. end face. 33- of elevator M.

The fit. of slot 3.1 about elevator It isa smooth sliding contact of theadjacent contact surfaces, whereby raisingv of the elevator M. with position is rendered difficult and: thus, accidental displacement of the elevator is inhibited. If the thicknessv of the. elevator I4, namely, the. height of sides 32, is the same as. thethickness of metal forming cap 3i), a further feature of. the invention-is accomplished, as clearly shown inrFig; 5, of presenting. a smooth continuous. surface. of cap 30.and shell H], with noupjutting pieces to catch lint. or the like, for instance in a handbag or like receptacle. However, the. elevator I4: may be formed of greater thickness and. may be also serrated or otherwise patterned on. the. front face 3 1 (Fig. 6) for improving thegripof afinger or thumb thereon.

In Fig. 7 thereisillustrated-a further modifica-e tion of theinvention in which two holders according to Figs. 1, 2 and3 are united'with acornmonclosure means. sembled: as. shown in Fig. l with their elevators l4 andcups for containing sticks of cosmeticsor the like. A hollow tube- 3.5 is slidinglyengaged with each shell H1 on its outer surface to form a common closure to the two holders whichmay A pair of. shells: [0 are. as-

contain different shades of lipstick, for instance, or different types of cosmetics. Obviously, tube 35 may be provided with slots at each end similar to slot 3| of Figs. 5 and 6, if it is desired to ensure greater safety from accidental elevating of either elevator I4.

I claim:

A holder for a lipstick or the like, comprising a cylindrical baseshell closed at one end thereof, a vertical slot in the wall of the shell, the slot extending from adjacent the lower end of the shell to a point above the transverse medial line, a cup for supporting a lipstick in a vertically upright position and disposed for vertical movement within, the shell; the cup having a diameter slightly less than the internal diameter of the shell, the cup: having; a. closedbottom, the bottom having an opening disposed therein at a point diametrically opposite to the slot, means for resiliently and releasably holding the cup against the inside of theshell adjacent the slot comprising a. U-shaped fiat spring having legs of unequal length, the longer leg having a supporting arm at right angles thereto engaging the bottom of the cup and supporting the same, the free end of the supporting arm having an upturned portion at right angles thereto, the upturned: portion extending through the openingin the bottom of the cup and fastened tothecup, the short' leg of the U-shaped flat spring extending through thevertical slot ofthe shell, an elevator attached to the short leg, the elevator being longer and wider than the vertical slot so as to entirely'cover the same when the cup is withdrawn intothe shell, the U-shaped spring normallyurging the cup against the inside wall of the shell adjacent the vertical slot so as tofrictionally engage the same and upon inward and upward pressure onthe elevator the frictional pressure is relieved and the cup may be elevated-and lowered.


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