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Publication numberUS2579131 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 18, 1951
Filing dateDec 10, 1948
Priority dateDec 10, 1948
Publication numberUS 2579131 A, US 2579131A, US-A-2579131, US2579131 A, US2579131A
InventorsTinsley George C
Original AssigneePrec Steel Warehouse Inc
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Dispensing container for coiled wire
US 2579131 A
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Dec. '18, 1951 G. c. TINSLEY DISPENSING CONTAINER FOR comma WIRE Filed D80. 10, 1948 INVENTOR. 6607'- e Cff nsley fi I fl d Q'f/yg;

Patented Dec. 18, 1951 DIS ENSING Con'rmNEafnoii-ooiinn were? j wa m-n 10, i9.

[ Y i-z-Claims. (elm-52 My invention consists in new and useful 1m movements in a dispensing container for coiled wire'and relates more particularly to containers for tension-coiled wire such-as music -wife, the

primary object'of the invention being memos/ice"- a container which will 'facil-itate the handlingof the coil during the'dis'pensing operatioiiand 'at' the same time protect-the coil and retain it firmlyin position to ing. I ,zIn n i c of i eir t cular h h y resilient wire such as music; wire, considerable prevent it uncontrolled unwind difiiculty has been encountered due to the when ent tendency of the tension-coiled'convolutions' of wire-to unwind and to spring outwardly ini'a'll direction from the coil. Thisis hot onlylikely to cause damage to the wire ina subsequent".at-

tempt to rewind it forstoringgb'ut constitutesia decided inconvenience to the person handling: the wire. Furthermore, especially in cases of relatively strong resilient wire, there is an attendant danger of injury to the handler, due to the uncontrolled spring action of the wire.

I am familiar with various attempts heretofore made to provide dispensing containers for coiled products such as wire, string, thread and the like, but most of these have been concerned with material of a flexible nature which does not present the problem of a highly resilient wire. Furthermore, most of the previous containers with which I am familiar have included a relatively small centrally disposed opening in one wall of the container through which the end of the wire or thread to be dispensed is projected. The wire or thread was pulled through this central opening, unwound from the coil and a selected length severed, leaving the projecting end in position for further dispensing. However, a container of this type is not satisfactory for use in connection with resilient music wire and the like, for the reason that in uncoiling such wire through a small central opening, the coil within the container must rotate as the wire is unwound or the wire is likely to become twisted.

It is therefore an object of my invention to provide in one wall of the container, a relatively large central opening substantially of the diameter of the inner convolutions of the coil, whereby the convolutions may be easily uncoiled without twisting and without the necessity of rotating the coil within the container.

A further object of my invention is to provide a series of radially disposed notches spaced at intervals around the central opening and adapted to receive the projecting end of the succeeding ill " er a 0164- 5 convolution of wire to be dispensed andretainthe same in readiness'for further uncoilingi I r A still'further object of my invention isto provide 'a dispensing wall for a'tensi'on-coiled' wire dispensing carton whichis prestamped or di'e'cut to" 'provide ='a readily removable central section which; wh'en removed provides the dispensing opening and radial-wire retaining notches."

With; the-above and other obj ects in view which will appear a's the description proceeds, my inventionconsi'sts-infthe novel features herein set birth, illustrated in the accompanying drawing and moreparticula-rl'y pointed out in th'eappended claims. V

' Referring'to' the drawing in which'numerals' of" like character designate similarparts through the several views;

c-Figure-l is arper'spec'tive view showing .one form of containerembodying. my improved dispensing Figure 2 is a similar view with the central portion of the wall removed, showing the dispensing opening and radial notches; and

" Figure 3 is a plan view of the container, on a reduced scale, showing the position of the projecting end of the wire disposed in one of the retaining notches.

Although the box or container per se, may take various forms, I have illustrated in the drawing the preferred embodiment of my invention which consists of a rectangular box having top and bottom walls I and 2, side walls 3, and end walls 4. The latter are preferably adapted to act as closures and are provided with conventional retaining tabs 5 which are integral with bottom wall 2 and when bent, fit into suitable slots 6 adjacent the edge of the top wall I.

The top wall I of the container forms the dispensing wall and is weakened as shown in the path of a circle as by the provision of a plurality of concentric parti-circular openings or slots 1, annularly spaced from one another by webs 8 which are integral with the body of the top wall I. The diameter of the circle defining the outer boundaries of the collective openings 1, is substantially the same as the inner diameter of a coil of wire to be inserted in the container. Adjacent the outer edge of each of the openings 1 and centrally disposed with respect thereto, I provide a radially extending notch which is cut into the edge of the top Wall I. as will later appear, serve to receive and retain the projecting end of a coil of wire in the container.

The central portion of the dispensing wall I These notches sired to dispense the initial length of wire, the?! webs 8 are respectively severed alonglines .1!

and the central disc I0 is removed. The inner end [4 of a coil of wire [3 withdrawn through the opening l2 and'afitera sumoieirt length has been uncoiled and snipped oif, the end appropriate notch 9 located the proper distance 4 being borne in mind that numerous changes may be made in the details disclosed, without departing from the spirit of the invention as set forth in the following claims. I For example, the boxes or cartons may be cylindrical in shape, and instead of the closure arrangement illustrated, they may be of the type wherein one part of the box telescopes into the other. 'In all instances however, the dispensing wall should lie perpendicular to the axis of the coil of wirewithin the container.

; Ilclaim;

L A package comprising a container having "substantially parallel flat wallsand connecting walls therefor, a coil of wire housed in said container; one ot-said first-mentioned walls being of the succeeding convolution is inserted the J from the end of the wire. The normal tendency of the resilient wire to'iuncoil, forces the pro- .iectingend 14 to seek the outermost limit of the selected notch 9 as shown in Figure- 3, and thus in effect retains-itself in place for future dispensing and prevents the uncontrolled uncoiling of thewirep v p v The-openings PI and their respective notches 9 may, be stamped or die cut in the blank forming the container by conventional methods, during the-original manufacture of the container.

It will thus be seen that .I have provided a convenient carton for coils of resilient wire which not only greatly simplifies the handling of the wire but serves as protection against damage by twisting and bending. Furthermore, these.con-. tainers may be attractively designed and embellished 'withlvarious ornamental and adventising features. I From the foregoing; it is believed that my invention may be readily understood .la'y those skilled in the art without further description, it

weakened in the path of a circle thereby to define a portion removable to provide a central dispensins opening, said one wall having a plurality of generally radially outwardly extending notches leaxiingfrom said circle, said wire being dispensiblethroug h said central opening, and the end thereof being selectively retained in said notches.

2. A package according to claim 1 wherein said-one wall has a plurality of annularly spaced arcuateopenings effecting the said weakening of of a circle.

such wall in the path GEORGE C. TINSLEY.

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European ClassificationB65H49/08, B21C47/16