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Publication numberUS2579150 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 18, 1951
Filing dateJun 4, 1948
Priority dateJun 4, 1948
Publication numberUS 2579150 A, US 2579150A, US-A-2579150, US2579150 A, US2579150A
InventorsAnthony Breau, Robert Leopold
Original AssigneeThermoscopic Spray Sales
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Thermometer combined with spray head
US 2579150 A
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Patented Dec. 18,1951

UNITED sTATEs PATENT oEFlcE THERMOMETER WITH SPRAY Robert Leopold, Philadelphia, Y. and Anthony Breau, Yeadon, Pa., assignors to Thermoscopic Spray Sales, a partnership Application June 4, 1948, Serial No. 31,093 'Y 7 claims. (ci. 'z3- 343) This invention relates to spray heads and more particularly to a spray head having a temperature indicator incorporated therein.

The testing of the temperature of water from spray heads by the reaction of the temperature on the skin is wholly unreliable as the estimate of water temperature varies greatly among different people. Serious diiculties can arise, particularly in spray apparatus used for bathing infants where resort is had merely Ato skin reaction temperature tests on the part of the mother. Difculties also arise in other uses of spray heads, such as in beauty parlors, for shampooing and the like. Y

It is the principal object of the present invention, therefore, to provide a spray head in which the temperature of the fluid being delivered in the form of a spray is indicated to the( user so that the proper adjustment may be made of the water supply to bring the temperature to the desiredA level.

It is a further object of the present invention to .provide a spray head which may be readily constructed from transparent synthetic resinous plastic material and having a temperature indicator combined therewith.

It is a further object of the present invention to provide a spray head having athermometer combined therewith and in which the thermometer is mounted in a manner so as to be protected from shocks and the like.

It is a further object of the present invention .to provide a spray head constructed in an improved manner so as to be light in weight while retaining adequate strength and rigidity.

Other objects and advantageous features of the invention will be apparent from the specification and claims. v

The nature and characteristic features of the invention will be more readily understood from the following description, taken in connection with the accompanying drawings forming part hereof, in which:

Figure l is a top plan view of a spray head in accordance with the present invention;

Fig. 2 is an underneath plan view thereof;

Fig. 3 is a central sectional view taken approximately on the line 3-3 of Fig. 1; and

Fig. e is a transverse sectional view taken approximately on the line '3-4 of Fig. l.

It should, of course, be understood that the description and drawings herein are illustrative merely, and that various modifications and changes may be made in the structure'dis-closed zvithout departing from the spirit of the invenion.

Like numerals refer tolike parts throughout the several views.

Referring now more particularly to the drawings, the spray head, in accordance with the present invention, preferably includes a body por: tion I0 having a nipple II formed thereon or connected thereto for the attachment of a flexible hose I2 through which the liquid forthe spray is supplied. The body portion I0 is preferably dished or hood shaped and has, on the exterior thereof, a iiattened' portion I3 for the mounting of the nipple I2 by suitable cement. The body portion luis preferably of transparent synthetic .resinous material, acrylic resins being suitable for this purpose. The body portion has an opening I4 in communication with the central opening I5in the nipple II. The interior of the body portion I0 above the lower rim portion theref` of is preferably provided with acircular groove or slot having a well portion It parallel to the central longitudinal axisof the body portion Ill and the nipple Il, and a wall portion I'I per--4 pendicular to the wallportion I6 and accordingly normal ,to the, central longitudinal axis. The groove or slot defined by the Walls I6 and lII is adapted for the reception of'the complemental peripheral edge I8 of a spray plate I9. The vspray plate I9 may be dished oppositely to the body portionIII) and is provided with a pluralityfof sprayv openingsI 20 for the delivery of the liquid in spray form. The spray plate Ilis preferablyof the same material as the body portion I9 and secured in position in the slot defined by the walls It and Il by suitable cement. A liquid chamber 2| is thus provided in the interior of the body portion IU and insidethve spray plate I9.

In the linterior chamber 2|, a mounting block 22 is provided, for the support'of a thermometer 23. The block 22 is preferably secured to the interior of the body portion Il) and may also, if desired, be secured to the spray plate I9 at the time of assembly.

The fthermometer 23l is preferably of the ex-i pansible liquid type vwith a bulb 24 from which a straight stem portion 25 extends. The straight stem portion 25 preferably extends through an opening 26 in the mounting block 22, the portion of the stem at the block 22 being enclosed within a short tubular sleeve 2l of resilient material resistant to the temperatures encountered. One suitable material for the sleeve 21 is synthetic rubber of the type sold under the name of Neoprene.

'I'he thermometer 23 has, extending from the straight stem portion 25, a curved indicating stem portion 28 which is in substantial aline- 3i ment with the slot defined by the Walls i6 and IT. The stem portion 28, at its terminal end, has an expansion chamber 28a to accommodate excessive temperatures. The bulb 24 of the thermometer 23 is preferably disposed substantially in .alinement with the .central opening l in the nipple 5H.

The body portion IIJ, on the exterior thereof contiguous to the indicating portion 21 of the stem of the thermometer, is preferably provided with suitable temperature indicia l'29, l preferably in the range from 50 F. to 160 F., and if desired, special temperature levels maybe marked.

The temperature of the waterdelivered'through the hose l2 to the chamberfZl effective on the thermometer 24 may be readily observed and the supply adjusted to provide the desiredftemperature level of the water delivered through the spray openings 20.

The likelihood of breakage is reduced andlow thermal conductividsyis'provicledby Athe use of acrylic resinous material.


*1. A spray head comprising `-a bodyportion vof transparentm'aterial and Ma perforate spray plate Asecured 'thereto to provide an Yinterior liquid chamber, an expanding ,liquid thermometer. having a bulb portion mounted in said chamber and having an arcuate stem portion visible .through the body, and ytemperature indicia arcuately disposed on said ibofdy contiguous to said arcuate stemportion.

.'2. .A spray .head .comprising a vtransparent dished v.body portion .having .a Vgroove inthe .interior `spaced [from .the Vperipheral edge, .a Vperiorate spray .plate having :complemental `edge portions .in .engagement ,in said groove y and providing with .said .body pontonan interior liquid chamber, failuid inlet member in .communication with .said chamber, a supporting .block mounted in -said chamber, .a thermometer havingastem mounted. in `said supporting block, v.said stem hav-ing .an indicating portion visiblethrough the wall of said ,body,and thebodyportion ,having .indicia .thereon alined r4with v.said nindicating stem portion. l

.3. ,A spray :head .comprising a .transparent dished .body member, a `spray plate member .oppositely .dished 1with ,-respect to said body member and .having edge yportions in Y,engagementvvith said body member Land providing with said body member ;an interior liquid-chamber, `alfluid inlet member in communication with said chamber, a support mounted sin said chamber and .secured to one vof said members, a thermometer fhaving a stem .mounted ,in-said support, eand :said stem Ahaving an `.arcuate visible .-indicatinggportion.

4. ,A spr-ayhead-comprising adished body portion :of transparent :synthetic ,plastic .material having ia groove .-the ,interior spaced from :the peripheral edge, a spray plate..having.- comple mental edge portions ;in rengagement in `said `groove `.and providing withsaid vbody-an .interior peripheral edge, a perforate spray plate having "complemental Aedge'portions in engagement in said groove and providing with said body an interior liquid chamber, a duid inlet member in communicationwth ysaid chamber, a supporting block mounted jinsaid chamber, a thermometer having a stem mounted in said supporting block,

.saidfstem 'having an indicating portion visible through the wall of said body, and the body portion"having indicia thereon alined with said indicating portion.

-'6. -Afspray head comprising 'a body member of transparent material and a transparent 'perforate ys pray plate `member secured thereto 'to provide 'an interior liquid chamber, an' expanding liquid thermometer Ysecured to one of said members having la bulb portion mounted in said chamber and having an arcuate stemportion in said chamber visible'through vatleast one o'f said members and temperature vindicia arcuately disposed on one of said members contiguous lto said arcuate stem portion.

7. A spray head comprising a transparent dished body 4member having a fluid inlet, a -perforate spray plate member having edge Vportions in engagement Withand providing with saidbody member an interior liquid chamber, a support in said chamber carried by one of said members, and a thermometerV interposed between said members and disposed wholly .withinpsaid chamber, said thermometer having an arcuate indicating portion visible through the Wall of said body.


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