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Publication numberUS2579701 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 25, 1951
Filing dateFeb 1, 1949
Priority dateFeb 1, 1949
Publication numberUS 2579701 A, US 2579701A, US-A-2579701, US2579701 A, US2579701A
InventorsDerr Ridey Emily, Ridey Paul G
Original AssigneeDerr Ridey Emily, Ridey Paul G
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Infant's bottle holder
US 2579701 A
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Dec. 25, 1951 p, G, RIDEY ETAL 2,579,701

INFANT'S BOTTLE HOLDER Filed Feb. 1, 1949 20 f6 za J6 ./2' 1.4'


, holder I is formed (see Figure 3).

Patented Dec. 25, 1951 INFANTS BOTTLE HOLDER Paul G. Ridey and Emily Derr Ridey, Cincinnati, Ohio Application February 1, 1949, Serial No. 74,006

This invention pertains to new and improved bottle holders for infants.

It is an object of this invention to provide a bottle holder which may be used 1in connection with strap elements to support a babys bottle from a crib or the like.

It is a further obj ect of this invention to provide a bottle holder which will serve to keep the bottle warm both when used in connection with strap elements to support the bottle from a crib and also when used without said straps, such as When it is desired to transport the babys bottle from one place to another.

A further object of this invention is to provide a bottle holder and tape arrangement which will be light on the babys lips and permit milk or other liquid food products to be Withdrawn evenly.

A still further object is to provide la nursing bottle holder which is inexpensive and simple to manufacture and operate.

Other objects and advantages of this invention 'will be apparent during the course of the following description.

In the accompanying drawings, forming a part of this application, and in which like numerals are employed to designate like parts throughout the same,

Figure'l is a plan view of the bottle holder element 'in spread out condition, inner face up.

4 claims. (ci. 248-102) Figure 1 at I2 and I4, the seam-like ridge extends from an end Illa of the rectangular holder I0 along one edge to substantially near the other end IIJb.

The holder IU, at the edge opposite that hav- I ing the seam-like ridge I4 formed thereon, is

provided with a plurality of interengageable flaps Figure 2 is an end View of the structure shown in Figure 1.

Figure 3 is a section taken on the line 3-3 of Figure 1.

Figure 4 is a perspective view of the bottle hold- Figure 5 and looking toward the right.

Figure 7 is a perspective view of the strap or tape element, and

Figure 8 is a perspective view showing the bottle holder and tape element when in use.

As best seen in Figure 1, the bottle holder, indicated generally by the reference numeral IB, is substantially rectangular in shape. It' is preferred that the holder I0 be formed of relatively stiff sheet material, such as felt or the like, which can be made to conform to a bottle but which Will not stretch. As indicated by the dotted line at II in Figure 1, the holder IIJ is formed with `a rectangular projection i2. This projection I2 is folded as illustrated in Figure 3 and stitched together as at I3. ridge I4 is formed along a substantial portion of one of the edges of the holder I0 and on the inner surface thereof. This ridge I 4 is twice the thickness of the material from which `the bottle As seen `in In this manner a seam-like I5, I6, II and I8. A plurality of male and female snap fastener elements is also provided for the holder IIJ, and these are designated by the numerals I9 land 20 respectively. As best seen in Figure 2, the ilap elements I5 and I'I are provided with male snap fastener means projecting outwardly from the main body of the bottle holder I0. The flaps I6 and I8 are provided with female snap fastener elements, the sockets of said fasteners facing inwardly of the bottle holder I0. A plurality of additional male snap fastener elements I9 is pro-vided along the end IIla of the bottle holder lll and a plurality of female snap fastener elements 20 is provided along the end Ib of the holder I0, both sets of elements being arranged similarly to those described for the sets of ilaps I5 and Il, and I6 and I8 respectively. It is to be understood, of course, that these snap elements may be arranged in any other suitable manner Without departing from the spirit of my invention. I

As best seen in Figure 4, the holder I0 is conveniently arranged, prior to the insertion of the bottle 2 I, by rst folding the flap I 6 over the ilap I5 and securing the two by means of the snap elements iQ and 25. This having been done, the bottle 2I may be placed within the confines of the holder I0, the bottom of the bottle resting on 'the bridge formed by the flaps I5 and I6. With the bottle in this position the snap` elements positioned along the ends Illa and IIJb of the bottle holder I0 may be conveniently snapped together using the bottle 2| as a base against which the snapping operation may be easily performed. If it is desired only to use the holder I 0 as a means of keeping the contents of the bottle ZI Warm, or cool as the case may be, the flaps I'l and I 8 may then be fastened together, and the holder insulator and renders the holder quite effective I for use in this manner.

If, however, it is desired to use the holder I0 so as to support a bottle 2I from a crib 22 or the like, a strap or tape 23 is first placed across the outermost side of the bridge formed by the .joining of the flaps I5 and I6, and then the flaps I'I and I8 are placed thereover and snapped together. The strap 23 is preferably made of some elastic material such as a common rubber composition or the like. One end of the strap 23 is provided with a pair of snap elements I IB and 20 in order that this end of the tape may be quickly engaged or disengaged with a rail 24 of the crib a crib.

22 or the like. Towards the other end of the strap or tape 23, a buckle or fastener 25 is provided. '.This endof the tape may be'engaged with the rail'26 'opposite the-rail 24 of the crib 22. By means of the fastener or buckle 25, the length of the tape 23 across the crib 22 may be varied in order to bring the bottle 2I nearer or closer to the mouth of the baby 2l as desired, as seen in Figure 8.

After the bottle holder has been brought to the position as shown in Figure 4, the .bottle fis then inserted and the edges Illa and Ib of the holder are snapped together by the fasteningelements I9 and 20. As above mentioned the holder Tis ithen either fastened to `thestrap :23 .ffor use within the .cradle Y22 or the aps -lI-'I and I8 `are vlsimply fastened rtogether without rst inserting the strap 23 and the holder used simply as a warmer.

When .used in connection with .the tape 'A2-3,

however, .itis extremely importantlof course, that 1the;;bottle `-2I rbe securely held within the holder I0. ,This isaccomplished by means of the shoullike ridgeilll is Ybest vseen `in/ligurefi. In this iigure it :is clearly shown .that the bottleLZI having .a tapered neck 12Ia is securely held ywithin `:the

-connes of 'the holder II! rby the action of the lshoulder I4 against the tapered neck Zia. lAs

vherein noted before, the ,holder I should vbe 'formedof stiff material whichwillnot stretch, so

.that the holder -IU will always present the'shoulder I4 in abutting relation with `the 'neck 2Ia. The :seam-like ridge I4, being formed .of two thicknesses ofthe material of the holder I0, provides a firm brace which, acting against 'the ta- Apered'neck 2'Ia ,of the bottle 2l, serves to main- `'tain :the bottle 2.I 'Within the cohnes of the holder l0. It should also be notedthat in addition :to .the fact that a light pressure only of the bottle .on

the babys lips Vis desired, .another .reasonffor Lhaving :the tape '.2'3 .made of `some :elastic material is 'that such arrangement *serves 'to Ytransfer' the .pressure .or .force between .the shoulder :I9 and the '.neck 2-Ia .to the tape23, i. e., any sudden 'jerk Aor :pulling vof the Lbottle 2I will tend to Abe ren lievedby Ythe action of the 1tapei23, rather than Jcentering :such force right at the lpoint .of con'- 'tact between theshoulder i4 and bottle -neck12Ia as Would :be-the case zwere ftherezno give `in `the tape 23.

Thus wehave provided :a .bottle holder 'for nf'a-nts `nursing'bottles and the like 'whichsmayibe v`used `both Vto keepthe babys bottle :Warm and :strap or tape 23 `to suspend the:babyslbottle'from In this latter connection -`it should be` noted that we have provided a vnovel yway lof 4maintaining vthe bottlewithinrthe holder.

-ln operation the bottle holder is used 1as -follows (when it is to be used to -suspend abottle Vfrom a babys-cribY orthe like) The flaps I5 and 116 are first fastened as above described `-and yas best seen in Figure 4. Following this the bottle 2i fis inserted 'in the 'holder 'I0 so -that'its bottom 4rests against the `bridge formed by vthe flaps `I5 'and I6. The-fasteningelements along the edges {Ia and ib of the holder I9 are then snapped together. The strap 23 is then laid across the `member I6 and secured in position by the yflaps 'I'I and lxvhich are 'snapped together. '-In `daily A.use the buckled end of the tape 23 will probably have already been fastened to the rail 26 ofthe Y23 may then be made.

.holder Iii, any sudden jerks of the bottle 2| being .relieved ,by Vthe springiness of the tape 23, the

tape thus serving as an added safety factor against any possibility of the bo-ttle 2l being pulled loose from the holder I0.

.Itisto be .understood that the form of our invention herewith shown and described is to be taken as a preferred example of the same, and that various changes in the shape, sizes and arrangementof parts zmay :be resorted to, .without departing from the spirit'of our invention or the .scope of the -subjoined claims.

Having thus described our invention, wel-claim: l. In a nursing bottle holder or the like, a substantially rectangular, Irelatively stiipanellike body member having a seam-like ridge along one edge thereof vand fastening elemen-ts :along :other vedges thereof, 'said body member 'being adaptable to conform to a nursing bottle, and said ridge 'being located so as to engage A.the tapered neck of said bottle whensaidbody member is placed about said bottleand saidele'ments fastened, whereby said bottle is prevented from pulling out of said body member.

2. The article of claim 1 including interen- Vgageable naps located along Ianother edge ofsaid body member, said flaps being provided vWith fastening elements, said flaps in fastened -condition forming a closure for one end of "said holder.

3. In a holder 'for nursing bottles or lthe like, a substantially rectangular body memberof sufficient length and width to substantially surround a sa'id bottle, la seam-like ridge provided along one yedge of said body member and 'adapted to engage the tapered neck 4of said bottle 4when said body member surrounds said bo-ttle, and interengageable vbottom-'forming flaps Yprovided along `the edge of said body member opposite said ridge.

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