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Publication numberUS2581141 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 1, 1952
Filing dateMay 22, 1947
Priority dateMay 22, 1947
Publication numberUS 2581141 A, US 2581141A, US-A-2581141, US2581141 A, US2581141A
InventorsNicholas J Raptis
Original AssigneeNicholas J Raptis
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Adjustable brush and brush handle
US 2581141 A
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Jan. 1, 1952d N) J. RAPT|S 2,581,141

ADJUSTABLE BRUSH AND BRUSH HANDLE Filed May 22, 1947 2 sf-IEETs-sI-IET 1 Jan. 1, 1952 N, J, RAP-ns 2,581,141

ADJUSTABLE BRUSH AND BRUSH HANDLE Filed May 22, 1947 2 SHEETS-SHEET 2 56:3' .IIN ,MII 30 30 Patented `1an. 1, 1952 .UNITEDA STATES -f PATENT OFF-ICE t j A'2,581,141 l, v f

ADJUSTABLEv BRsH AND nntfrsnl HANDLE v1-nc1m1m...munis, camina.`l v l applicati@ May 22, 1941, serial Np. 149,841-, A

L sclaims. (c1. 1'5-1-248) My invention vrelates to improvemei'its'A in adjustable brushes and brush handlesf'` t My invention relates more particularlyto an improved brush handle and brush of the typenormally used for painting and is so constructed that practically universal angular adjustment of the brush on the handle may be obtained, thus facilitating painting operations in inaccessible or inconvenient locations where it is notpractical to use a paint brush having a straight handle.

The principal object of the present invention is to provide an improved brush and brush handle so arranged that universal angular' adjustment may be obtained between the handle andthe brush. Y Y

A further object of 'the'invention is to provide an improved brush and brush "handle so'constructed that excessive paint which would normally ow to the handleV and upon the hands of the user, is received'in a fountain or magazine in the end of the brush handle. Y

A further object of the' invention is to provide a brush handle construction of the type described with the fountain arrangement' previously mentioned, which is adapted tot various sizes of brushes which'may be removably fastened thereto, so that with the .same brush handle avariety of sizesl of brushes may be' used.

A further object of the invention is to provide a construction of the type described which is comparatively simple and easy to-operate, yet sufficiently strong and sturdy so that lit may be used for a long time without becoming broken or out of order.

`ther objects and advantages will be more apparent from the following description wherein reference is had to the accompanying two sheets of drawings, upon which t Fig. lis a front elevational Vview of a brush handle and brush constructedinaccordancev with my invention, with the brush and brush handle shown in dotted line in a changed angular position;

Fig. 2 is a side elevational view of the same, with a portion of the brush holder and brush shown in dotted lines in diiferent angular positions;

Fig. 3 is a vertical cross-sectional view through the brush and brush holder taken generally on the line 3-3 of Fig. 2;

Fig. 4 is a cross-sectional view of the same parts taken generally on the line 4-4 of Fig. 1;

Fig. 5 is a fragmentary sectional view taken generally on the line 5 5 of Fig. 1;

Fig. 6 is a side elevational view of one of the clamping elements which I employ, and

Fig. 7 is a fragmentary side elevational view showing a brush of a different size tted to my improved brush handle.

In the embodiment of the invention which I have illustrated'in"theldrawings, I provide a handle l0 which Amay'beo anysuitable or desirable'length.y For reachingupto corners and ceilings and other similar Work, this handle isV normally three 4feet or longer, and for other ordinary work it may be aboutrsix inches long, depending upon the size of the brushitowhich the handle is to be attached. The handle I0 may be 'provided at its upper end with arbracket member l2 provided with a socket I4 into which the end of the handle is tted and secured theretoibyV a rivet Ui.` The bracket member is further provided with' an upright'leg portion I8 forminga slotvthroughthe top of the bracket to receivej'a clamp member 20 which may be held inposition therein by'mea-ns of a bolt 22 and thumb screw 24; j The clamp 20 is provided with a band portion 26 which encircles a hollow' cylindrical vreservoir 28 to vwhich the paint brush 30 'is attachedr in a manner which will be presently described; n y

The clamp'ZD, as previously mentioned, gis formed with the serrated'face 28a tocooperate i with ridges upon the'inner faceof the bracket l2, so that when thethumb screw is tightened, the clamp is rigidlyheld in a xedjposition. However, if it is desired to-rotate theiclamp, reservoir 28 and paint brush 30 about the, bolt 22, this canl be doney by looseningthe 'thumb screw 24 suciently to permit" the turning ofthebrush to the desiredangular position where it can be rigidlyfastened again by tightening the thumb screw.` To secure angular adjustment of the brush and reservoir at right-angles Yto the plane of the bolt 22, this is also accomplished by loosening the wing nut 24 and-then rotating the reservoir and brush in the band 26, which will normally have been loosened so that this may be easily done. The reservoir Vand brush Aare then held in a'xed--position'to which they'have been rotated by fastening the wing nut 24.

The reservoir 28, which may be in the form of a. hollow tube, is provided adjacent its opposite ends with the threaded portions 32 and 34 which receive the cap members 36 and 38 respectively. I provide the screw members 40 and 42 axially of the cap members previously mentioned, extending outwardly from the same and adapted to carry knurled n-ut members 44 and 46. The nut member 44 in the form of the invention shown in Figs. 1 and 3, carries a latch 48 which is adapted to lock over a pin member 50 secured in the side of the paint brush frame 52. The paint brush 30 has a. metallic frame 52 about its lower end, the frame having the passageways 54 and 56 therein normally extending through openings 58 and 60 into the reservoir 28. The frame 52 is positioned on the reservoir and held by means of a pair of strap members 62 and 64 attached to the sides of the reservoir 28 and 4 brush, said handle having a bracket at its end, a pivotaily mounted clamp member secured to said bracket, a reservoir connected to said clamp, a pair of openingsdn said reservoir, strap members secured tethA sides of sa reservoina frame enclosing the end oi said brush, passageways extending from said frame, slots in said strap members and pins on the frame of said paint brush adaptedftovbe `|received in said slots to connect from the brush, instead of drippingy or'rth'e Shan-v dle and hands of the user, will be collectedin the Y reservoir, also acting as -a unit about which the brush may be rotated foi' angular positioning in vone plane, and the clamp between'th'e brush handle Yand reservoir acting Vvas theother means for angular adjustment of the paint 'brush in the other plane. g

In Fig. '7 I have shown aiargerbrusha secured to the strap members 62 and 'E4 by means of the pins '56 and B8 and additionally locked in position against removal by two latch members 48, the latch members in this 'instance being connected to the ends of the caps 33 and 38 by 'the knurled nut members Mand 4B.

It will be apparent from the foregoing 'description thatI have provided a paint brush and handle construction whereby practically universal angular adjustment of the brush with relation to the handle can beobtained. The provision of the reservoir previously mentioned, 'so arranged that it acts as a Ymeans for angular adjustment rotatably about the same without destroying the adaptabilityof the reservoir for the reception of excess paint, is one of the specific features of this invention.

By the use of the latch members 48, it can be seen that various size paint brushes can be attached to the handle, so that with a plurality of brushes, only one handle Vi s required The improvements set forth in the present `ap plication are improvements over .the Yinvr-:ntion shown in my previously .issued patents, No. 2,032,664, issued Maren .3, 1936, andNo. 2,273,283, issued March'31, '1942, `and are erpressly'adapted to simplify both the operation and the construction of the adjustable vbrushes Vshown therein.

I contemplate that changes and modifications may be made in the exact details shown and; do not wish to limit vmyself in any particular; rather what I desire to secure and protect by Letters Patent Aoi the United States is:

1. The combination of a handle-anda paint said reservoir and paint brush together with A'said passageways extending into said openings. 2.'The'corrxbinajton of a handle and a paint brush, said handle having a bracket at its end, a 'pivtally mounted clamp member secured to said bracket, a reservoirconnected to said clamp, `a pairoi openings in saidereservoirpstrap inembers secured tothe sides of-saidreservoir;affaine enclosing the endlof saidbrush, passage\vaysfexf tending from said frame, slots Vin saidjstr'ap members and pins on the `frame 'of said paint :brushadapted to Abefreeeived in said-slotstoucon'- neet said reservoirand paint brush togetherfvvith said passageways extending Vintr'isedd opening anda latch member connected between ione `end of said reservoir rand the -frame `of `said paint brush.

3. A paint brush and handle combination 'corn-A prising a handle, 'a bracket member secured :to the end of said handle, "a clamp vmember 'rotate ably secured in saidbracket, said clampmeniber having a band portion, ajhollow cylindrical reservoir positioned within said band portion, "`a paint'brush having a 'metallic frame about ,its end, means on said reservoir for connecting the frame of Vsaidpaintbrush thereto, said means :ircluding a latch member secured to one 'end of said reservoir and a cooperating Ipin ion said frame, said paintbrush frame having passageways projecting from the fend of 'the same and openings in the side of said vreservciir to tele-'- scopically receive said passageways.


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International ClassificationA46B5/00
Cooperative ClassificationA46B5/0083, A46B2200/202, A46B5/0075
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