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Publication numberUS2582575 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 15, 1952
Filing dateSep 20, 1950
Priority dateSep 20, 1950
Publication numberUS 2582575 A, US 2582575A, US-A-2582575, US2582575 A, US2582575A
InventorsYoung Israel
Original AssigneeYoung Israel
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Toy chest
US 2582575 A
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I. YOUNG TOY CHEST Jan; 15, 1952 2 SHEETS-SHEET 1 Filed Sept. 20, 1950 R m m mm w Y I e a r B ATTORNEY l. YOUNG Jan. 15, 1952 TOY CHEST Filed Sept 20, 1950 2 SHEETS-SHEET 2 BY 542% MM ATTORNEY Patented Jan. 15, 1952 mas'zsi" l TOY QH IsraeLYoung,BiookIyn NUY- Application :8 ptemben-20, 350 iseiial -.-,135, 07::

3 Claims.

The present invention-relates toa toy-chest and more particularlyto a chest adapted- 110- contairr'various=toys-and-games and fto provide '-a foldable playing surfaee.- Y

An object of the invention is to provide a novel chest enclosed on all sides except one and in the form of a cube having partitions providing compartments receiving drawers or boxes in the open side or front, and having a hinged top adapted to be raised and held in upright position and four extra sides to close against the front sides and the hinged top when lowered and all fastened, but which when opened out to present various instructive, educational or like devices or games, a desk or portfolio, and the device made in a variety of sizes and the contents varied to meet the interests and capabilities of different children at different ages so as to be both instructive and amusing.

In the drawings:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of the chest closed in full lines and partially open in dotted lines.

Figure 2 is a section on the line 22 of Figure l with the top raised.

Figure 3 is a section taken on the line 33 of Figure 2, and

Figure 4 is a detail fragmentary elevation showing a fastener.

Referring to the drawings in detail, the chest 5 is shown rectangular and in the form of a cube having a bottom 6, Vertical sides I and back 8, and a top 9 forming an open front I 0. The interior of the chest or cabinet is divided by vertical and horizontal partitions II and I2 in conjunction with the walls 6, I, 8 and 9 to provide a plurality of compartments to receive slidable drawers, trays or boxes I3 having pulls or knobs IQ for opening and closing the same. The fronts of the drawers I3 bear labels I 5 of different colors designating the contents of different toys, games or the like which may be listed, and bearing numbers and shown as 1 to 9 inclusive to be used in educating children to recognize same.

The device may be considered as an interior chest enclosing the boxes or drawers and over the inner top or cover 9 is an outer top or cover I6 which may be hinged to the top edge of the back 8 as at IT if desired to open to upright position as seen in Figure 2 and held by suitable means, such as flexible connections, cords, chains or the like I8 connected to the side edges of the inner top 9 and sides I or outer top or cover I6. The top 9 and cover I6 may bear suitable matter, such as alphabets and numbers or otherwise as seen in Figure 3.

e'ichest;z roperrmayzberenclcsedrinzamoute 9 LE- ma cbe g-hingedz toathegfrontzedgez ofqthee:

foldahleewall structure-sshowmas. con istin walls inclndingrazfront mover-won wa.

bottom 5 as at 29, to which an outer wall or. cover 2| is ted as at 22 to close over the cover I6 when closed against the top 9 and the cover or Wall is aised against the open front of the Cabinet and drawer fronts as seen in dotted lines in Figure The walls I9 and 2I when extended lowered 35 m Figure 1 may have a blackboard Covering 23 ch may have a frame or border 24. Side extension walls 25 and 26 may be hinged as at 21 to the side edges of the wall I9 to fold against sides 1. Wall 25 may have a desk blotter 28 with corner retainers 29 and wall 26 may have a file, portfolio or pocket 30 to receive stationery, correspondence, pictures, etc.

When the foldable four walls are folded about the interior chest, they may be fastened by suitable means or fasteners such as strings, metal ps, hasps or as shown, hooks 3| pivotedto sides I and top or cover l6 engaging ye 32 carried sides I and top 9 and extending through slots 33 in folding Walls or sections 2| and 26.

The device may be designated My Game Chest thereon at the top or on pocket 39 which may be provided with a list of contents of the drawers numbered 1 to 9 and listed, such as marbles, crayons, clay, dominoes, jacks, pencils and pads, anagrams, jig-saw puzzle, chalk, eraser etc. The chest proper or interior chest consists of five sides permanently attached and immovable leaving one side, the sixth, of the cube open. The open interior space serves as a container for a nest of drawers or boxes, each of which receives a different type of toy or game. The chest proper is enclosed in the extra walls attached to the chest and when opened and dropped form a series of play units, or fiat surfaces used as a game or some educational device. The device can be made in a variety of sizes and the contents varied to meet the interests and abilities of children at various ages for their education and, amusement.

What I claim is:

l. A toy chest comprising a rectangular cabinet closed at the top, bottom, back and sides and open at the front, drawers in said cabinet, a foldable wall structure including hinged sections respectively closable against the front and foldable over the sides and top of the cabinet, and means to detachably secure the sections of said foldable wall structure in place when so closed and folded, said foldable wall structure to limit upward and rearward swinging of said 10 cover to a slightly forwardly inclined position, said cover being adapted to occupy a position under a section of the foldable wall structure when the latter is so closed and folded.

3. A toy cabinet comprising a cabinet closed ,1"

The following references are of record in the on the top, back and sides and open atthe front,

partitions vertically and horizontally of the cab- .7 inet forming compartments, drawers in said compartments, a cover hinged at the juncture i of the top and back to fold against the 190F5 means tosupport the cover when raised, a front section hinged to the front edge of the bottom, a section hinged to the front edge of thefront section, said front section adapted to close the front of the cabinet over the drawers with the section hinged to the front edge thereof extending over "the top and cover, side sections hinged to the side edges of said front section and adapted to close against the sides of the cabinet, said drawers, cover and sections bearing suitable indicia, including a chart of the drawer contents suitably identified, and means arri d by the sides andcover and engageable through slots in the section hinged to the front section and in the side sections to hold the same closed.


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