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Publication numberUS2582934 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 15, 1952
Filing dateJul 12, 1949
Priority dateJul 12, 1949
Publication numberUS 2582934 A, US 2582934A, US-A-2582934, US2582934 A, US2582934A
InventorsParsons John B
Original AssigneeParsons John B
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Auxiliary drinking cup
US 2582934 A
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` Jam.` 15, 1952 .1. B. PARSONS AUXILIARY DRINKING CUP Filed July 12, 1949 v Srwentor :f/f4.5. Pansa/1s lll! Patented Jan. 15, 1952 UNITED v.sf-'lATEs PATENT nUXnirAaY DRINKING CUP .,JohnB.- Parsons, Spokane, Wash. Application-Jilin 12, 1949, SerialNo. t104;]69

The lpresent dinvention #relates 'to yan `auxiliary drinkingcup or drinking vessel, whichrwhile well ladapted for various purposes and Ameals-especialily designed vforquick and-easy attachment to :and use With-a typical bottle of aicarbonatedbeveraga -fdispensing'part of the bottle;Y and which -vents the interior of the bottleduringa drinkinglaction, `therebyfacilitating'the-outflow of the liquid and releasing escaping gases, Yas from a carbonated @beverages Y The drinkingcupor -vessel includes a minimum number of parts -vvhich maybemanufactured with facilityand W cost of production, and the parts `may' beV assembled With vconvenience to :provide a durable, sanitary, and noneleaking auxiliary drinking device that may readily be attached to and detached from the bottle or other container.

In the accompanying drawings I have illustrated several complete examples of physical embodiments of my invention in which the parts of the cup or vessel are combined and arranged in accord with modes I have devised for the application of the principles of my invention. It Will however be understood that other changes and alterations may be made in these exemplifying drawings and structures, Within the scope of my claims, Without departing from the principles of the invention.

Figure l is a View in side elevation showing a cup constructed in accordance with my invention attached to the upper portion of a bottle.

Figure 2 is an enlarged sectional view taken vertically through the cup and its nipple.

Figure 2A is a View showing the cup and the nipple in vertical section and tted upon a bottle shown in elevation.

Figure 3 is a vertical sectional View of a modified form of the drinking cup or vessel equipped with a holder.

Figure 4 is a vertical sectional view of a further modied form of the drinking vessel embodied in a bottle-holder, or carrier.

In order that the general arrangement and utility of parts may readily be understood I have depicted a typical bottle B, usually employed for carbonated beverages and other soft drinks,

2 Claims. (Cl. 5215-100) mrfmoutlfifof. the head :4 fof thev cup fthereby. formvwhich fisf fashioned N'With l #head-H yand mouth, and the annular rib =or-1fim lthe customaryfneck N,

R that is lemployedfin `attaching a closurefcap in Figs.- l `and -2A the auxiliary -dririkingcup il, having a-Ven'turi shape -and fashioned -of Ma molded plastic, or -othersuitable material, is provided-with a reduced neck-12 `that'fis formed Awith Ian interior `annular'V shoulder -'3, `and the neck terminates in a hollow attaching headwl'v having 4an out-spreading lor' ar'ing Y inner Wall `5.

:within :the attaching -head=is Kencased arid 'coniinedan ex-pansble vand Ldeformable nipple '76, `ina-fle i of rubber, or other -resilient'and elastic .material, that is vemployed to t-over-and-fric -tionally gripItheihead-and mouth of the-bottle. 'Initiallyyandwvhennot-in use, fthe wall yof the ldeformable nippleis `of substantially -cylindrical shape with the outer circularend ofthe-fnipple `pressedfwzar seated against the annular shoulder oftheup;andthis fend of the nipple lis `fashioned With an interior annular lip 1.

The ISinner -or vlower iend-0f "the nipple is vfashioned With-anexterior. annular flange 8 'which :frictionally engages the Wall-5 at'the openend ing an initial annular space between the outer surface of the cylindrical nipple and the inner surface of the flaring Wall 5 of the head, as seen in Fig. 2.

When the cup is slipped over the bottle head and attached in drinking position, as seen in Fig. 2A, the elastic or resilient nipple is deformed or reformed to rigidly grip the cup on the bottle head. Thus the rim R, head H, and a portion of the neck N of the bottle spread the nipple outwardly, under the annular shoulder 3 of the cup, to ll the annular space and form interior annular grooves in the nipple that securely retain the cup in place, and seal the cup against leak or Waste of the beverage.

In the modified form of the invention shown in Fig. 3, the drinking vessel of Venturi shape, includes a cup holder 9, preferably of hardened plastic material, which is equipped with the previously described neck 2 and shoulder 3, and the hollow head 4 with its inner aring wall 5. The deformable nipple 6, with its annular lip 'l and flange 8 is permanently secured Within the hollow head, and the nipple performs the functions referred to in the description of Fig. 2.

The holder 9 in Fig. 3 is adapted to receive and retain a dispensible or throw-away drinking cup I0, of paper or other similar material, and this conical cup, at its apex or inner end is fashioned or designed with an exterior annular crimp or 3 roll II that lits neatly within an inner annular seat I2 of the holder, to seal the joint between the cup and holder against leakage or waste of the liquid beverage flowing from the bottle.

In the further modified form of the invention illustrated in Fig. 4, an elastic and deformable nipple I3 is expanded and thereby retained within Vthe hollow head I4 of the Venturi shaped drinking vessel or cup I5.

This metallic and demountable drinking cup forms part of a tubular, open-bottom bottleholder I6, to the upper circular edge of which the cup is permanently attached by the exterior flange or crimp I1 of the cup.

The open bottom tubular bottle-holder is provided with a handle I8, and an annular series of interior vertical or upright friction strips I9, of rubber or similar elastic material, which are annular shoulder, of an elastic nipple seated against the shoulder, an inner annular lip about the upper end of the nipple, an exterior annular flange about the lower end of the nipple in frictional engagement with the aring wall.

2. In a drinking attachment for a bottle, a cupshaped body open at its bottom and having a depending annular head formed internally with a downwardly aring annular wall and. with a circumferentially extending shoulder about the upper edge of the said wall, an elastic nipple adapted to frictionally engage the bottle and retain the holder in position.

At 20, one of two notches are shown in the holder to permit a finger and thumb to grasp the bottle as it is being inserted upwardly through the open bottom of the holder, and the head or mouth of the bottle is thus pushed into the expansible nipple I3, so that the Ibottle is safely retained within the holder by means of the friction strips and the suspending head and nipple of the cup I5.

The bottle holder is made up in standard sizes for use with different sizes or shapes of bottles, and the bottle may readily be inserted within the holderv after the sealing cap has been removed from the bottle. After the contents have been emptied from the bottle, the bottle may be grasped by a :ringer and thumb and the empty bottle may be forcibly withdrawn through the open bottom of the holder.

Having thus fully described my invention what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. In an auxiliary and portable drinking attachment for a bottle, a cup-shaped body having a reduced neck portion terminating in a hollow head having an outwardly aring wall and an interior tting into said head and having its upper end bearing against said shoulder and formed internally with a circumferentially extending lip, the lower end of the nipple being formed with an external circumferentially extending ange having tight tting engagement with the inner wall of the head, and portions of the nipple about said flange being spaced from the said wall of the head whereby the portions of the nipple spaced from the said wall and the ilanged lower end of the nipple may be distorted laterally when a bottle neck formed with a head surrounded by a bead is thrust upwardly into the nipple and the nipple have close fitting sealing engagement with the bead of the bottle neck. y,


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